Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton Legacies Loom Over DNC 2012

Yahoo's Jeff Greenfield on how former presidents play into the 2012 Democratic National Convention.
3:00 | 09/04/12

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Transcript for Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton Legacies Loom Over DNC 2012
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's sort of obligatory. You know this isn't the Soviet Union with the unknown and I'm person. And and -- you'll -- that is not on the 10 o'clock hour. -- but it's not hear some harsh yes OK but the point is. Jimmy Carter who was for the Democrats. This may sound on Condit to close -- they have to Herbert Hoover. He suffered the worst loss of any incumbent. Democratic president. I think it's certainly in the twentieth century. Maybe -- And it's paid the way it mean that the election was when you know Ronald Reagan the union and the conservative movement. Took a giant step forward. -- analyst -- that you recorder was one of the music great candidate for the nomination. And that Kennedy for the generally you will lose their moments were not afford. Prematurely liberated Poland that -- And a pretty darn good experiences with habitat for humanity except if you ask other presidents. Who regard him as an interloper who kept in your -- and in various. So. You also have to remember the Jimmy Carter was selected 36 years ago. -- look down around this convention and -- silk. How many people think we're eligible to vote for Jimmy Carter -- convention and you know I'd be one of the my guess I don't get this right. And at present the bottom half of the eligible -- as a matter of fact precisely bully that's that was what -- -- that it. So that tells you that this -- of the kind of required tribute to a guy you know. Indeed get elected president they don't want -- completely did -- because it looks unkind. But I think it's fair to say that you record has not recorded in the democratic party's an exemplar. Of what they want as opposed to the men will be speaking tomorrow. The other quarter of course Barack Obama is gone to President Clinton is that I -- -- bill essentially I beat you to help me you've got that appealed you've got a secret sauce. -- what I eat and it's gotta be nothing better for Bill Clinton that the deal with separate that -- let up Wednesday night. You know -- we've been waiting since the Republican Convention to get. The responses I mentioned to you earlier we know the response that we build -- we make it possible okay. But now it's going to be Bill Clinton's task to sit down two things why Mitt Romney's long for the country's. And why a -- Barack Obama's first term merits a second from. And I think we'll be seen from Celine and from the -- -- selection is the second part of that. This way avoided in the first -- -- you have to overcome. The numbers which -- just not that good economic news -- on the way up and I practiced have a feeling that this convention. He more than there waiting for Barack Obama's. Is waiting for Bill Clinton to say to them and to the country. Here's the case in the first term it was that message right essentially tell us how -- -- -- talking about the economy eligible but as president yet because there is. If you if Bill Clinton were not such a great natural politician he could've been either a great strategist for a pretty darn good speechwriter at least in political. And by all evidence of the press this is when he's been doing himself. And as a retired speechwriter. Just on tactical grounds and so curious to see I -- -- these arguments I want to know what's what -- some -- from the Republican Convention. And how he -- -- that because. I'm very strong -- it would ever he says it's going to be a major theme of the Democratic Party from your -- it. Well speaking of which the one thing that we were -- on from Tampa was. -- defense that Republicans had going into -- sixteen young. Minority I -- this is very very very deep and you look at the 268. But the Democrats. And Senator Hillary Clinton it ignited -- and after that so. Give -- your thoughts on. Two benches and why we have been suspended. I need to be totally candid review I believe any First Amendment exempts them to punish people who suffer -- an equity sixty -- Well this one's done. The design and I know but I am right at you that you know I live in the heartland of America media -- -- side of Manhattan. I don't live -- I don't have been watching but I I mean honestly think at some point I'd just like to get this -- done that said because -- nothing. It is not like a second ballot question here. You're right. As it happens the Republicans partly because -- had so much success. In recent in. In the 2010 election at the gubernatorial and senatorial level so they've thrown into into play a raft of people. Relatively young. Many of them not the classic Republican you know whitening. And that's right. Now. If you think about. Hillary Clinton. And he assuming she's not tired of all this. Season than Andrew Cuomo. Then you start really. News for the people who have putting their names so. All I know is whenever there's an election. We never have a shortage of news. Somehow that works out though it. An election where the -- you know the last time except for gore and Bradley. Right to that was a two person race. They'll show what we also don't know. -- -- if we were -- -- can you know conversation another election ago Barack Obama would have been on nobody's excellent -- president. So we don't know in. When he you know fourteen what dynamic Democrat make sure elevenths. June march in the state has US and -- -- interest.

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{"id":17153826,"title":"Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton Legacies Loom Over DNC 2012","duration":"3:00","description":"Yahoo's Jeff Greenfield on how former presidents play into the 2012 Democratic National Convention.","url":"/Politics/video/democratic-national-convention-2012-jimmy-carter-bill-clinton-17153826","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}