How Does Bill Clinton Sell Obama's Message at DNC?

ABC's Matthew Dowd explains how former president will tie his legacy to President Obama's.
3:00 | 09/05/12

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Transcript for How Does Bill Clinton Sell Obama's Message at DNC?
Dad and dad -- not now that's for on ABC it is okay. Last night was all about Michelle Obama that energy and enthusiasm she -- here is that what the job Bill Clinton is. I think it's -- Clinton sexy to present some history. And to put Barack Obama in the context of some history which he's actually the best person to do that he's gonna talk about his years. Balancing the budget growth in the economy. All of those things. And they need to I think he's gonna talk about what happened in the bush years and then -- can say here's where we are today you could choose the path that Barack Obama it's going to be much more like. What I did. The -- -- -- Mitt -- -- -- be much more like George W. Bush of -- he's gonna get a bit of history lesson and then say here's where Barack Obama fault that. I suspect as Sam Donaldson earlier this witness in the -- -- -- sixty speculates it is better for Hillary Clinton what he sixteenth yet easy to see you re elected Barack Obama. Or 81 -- I think it's much better -- be reelected Barack Obama Friday thinking that -- interesting thing about bill and Hillary Clinton. Is actually her loss has -- propelled them to be to the most popular figure and become US citizens of the world her lost dog that. Connected so I think he's better off having him -- if she wants to run and you all three of us now there's all the speculation that he doesn't water run from -- that we. A lot of these exit the -- can just transferred there are reflected -- -- -- someone else built. Well these these very popular among these white working class voters shortly is -- direct this doesn't work like that haven't -- Eyewitnesses say look I know you guys like me but like that guy at least for now. All of -- send kids to me. This is like conventions and politics and surrogate is like Lincoln logs -- tinker toys and every one of minutes apart to -- that built up things. To something more poll and I think Bill Clinton -- Michelle Obama's speech all the things that happen in the course of the campaign all add up on their own they don't make it. But all add up to something bigger and if you do it consistently which actually I think. They could've done that speech last night the speech tonight the president's -- could build that up to a hold its bigger than each cart and that's what you wanna do in the campaign. To that speech I does Bill Clinton did I'm not so much about what. Happened in the past but what rob Obama's gonna -- -- specifically. That's gonna make it look. Like it lines during the Clinton and many voters believed that we're gonna wake up in twenty -- -- and it suddenly going to be 99 cent again right yeah I think it has. Most of his speech has to be inspirational and looking forward and that just like -- Obama's speech is there an eternity he can do -- -- -- -- all of -- -- -- -- Going forward have to have a future oriented have a more so I think his speeches have much from the biggest part of it has to be -- -- It really might mean that the heart thing that gets to sell. -- -- idea that it what if you elect. Barack Obama again we're gonna go back to the -- -- -- -- gonna look a lot like it like that good old days when we had that we -- the England job. I think that he's you know -- among the most astute politicians have anybody we've ever seen he's got -- -- that he's gonna talk about it but in the context. But I think he's going to be measured and that he's gonna basically say here are too few to be present to futures -- This one it's going to be hard but we can do it this other one is gonna take us -- it's not gonna solve the problems but he's not -- overplayed -- he's much better. -- overplaying insane -- another another big speaker gonna see tonight Elizabeth Warren. Democrats very proud of her that this is she's great -- you think she plays -- to a crowd. Keep it out when investors it's a day when investors is heavily democratic statement. What -- what is that message -- I think her message is much more about the people on this call and the democratic base. I think for her she is more of a traditional what you think as a traditional stereotypical. Many people -- to Democrat I think -- helps at all -- swing voters in many ways I think sometimes are. Tone and the way she -- can be off putting if you think about somebody. In Ohio or in Wisconsin and her speech may not be the kind of thing they -- here. But I think it's fully about this crowd -- about the Democrats in motivating base and it's not about the undecided voters. And -- current cubs are built the national front got erased a little bit more money can't run against Scott Brown is very very well -- -- -- -- race yet keeping the senate.

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{"id":17165896,"title":"How Does Bill Clinton Sell Obama's Message at DNC?","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's Matthew Dowd explains how former president will tie his legacy to President Obama's.","url":"/Politics/video/democratic-national-convention-bill-clinton-sell-obamas-message-17165896","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}