Joe Donnelly Defeats Richard Mourdock for Indiana Senate

Conservative Democrat replaces Republican Sen. Richard Lugar.
3:00 | 11/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Joe Donnelly Defeats Richard Mourdock for Indiana Senate
Thank you not much -- Do. Any all -- phone calls and you are not -- -- and you. Cold weather going from house to house and that's why. I'm -- The next United States senator from -- But it is and it's not about made. My dear friend senator Evan buying. -- -- And time again to travel -- me to go all over the state. To spend time calling people. Dan Parker the entire state party when an incredible job all the county chairs. -- organization. Most of all. And voters. That you gave us a chance. And what we said was we think the most important thing is Hoosier common sense thought -- watching did. I want to thank. Mr. Murdoch and his family. Mr. -- And his family for a spirited campaign thank you very much -- applauding them. I want to thank. The most patients bounced in the state of Indiana. -- -- -- -- Okay. And the rest of my family is -- right. Very much. It'll look older and more -- -- nowadays that. But this -- about. Our future. -- ads for jobs. To see our economy grow. To work together in Washington. We can solve these problems. Weekends of the budget deficit problem. We can solve the problem. Making sure our men and women Kabul Afghanistan let me tell you quit that -- -- -- Died. In the world. We can never read. And you know. We have a tradition in Indiana in the United States -- that tradition. Are people like Richard Lugar. And Evan Bayh who worked to get. Only focus. Is on what's right for our country and so -- state all of my fellow -- out there. This isn't about politics. This isn't about one party or the other our tradition of men and women. Tremendous servants everywhere people like Richard Lugar. Who gave his heart -- to this country in the navy as mayor of Indianapolis. As a senator for our state that's the model that we have. Senator -- Who served as governor and senator. It's everywhere now. I'm not going there as one -- senator the other party senator. -- as your senator to work for your family on the hired help. And I can't wait to get to work they -- so --

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{"id":17659413,"title":"Joe Donnelly Defeats Richard Mourdock for Indiana Senate","duration":"3:00","description":"Conservative Democrat replaces Republican Sen. Richard Lugar.","url":"/Politics/video/election-2012-joe-donnelly-defeats-richard-mourdock-indiana-17659413","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}