Tim Kaine Wins Virginia Senate Seat

Democrat defeats Republican George Allen to replace retiring Democrat Jim Webb.
3:00 | 11/07/12

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Transcript for Tim Kaine Wins Virginia Senate Seat
This road. This road and star -- Months ago. 181. Days ago when day when I kicked off the campaign -- percent from the steps. -- just a few miles from -- Over overnight. We traveled more than 60000 miles we were -- By an unprecedented. 50000. Grassroots supporters. We faced were negative ads. From secretly funded outside groups. Overcome -- into the negative ads. And prove once again. The -- of people -- draft. So here's what. Here's what it -- Our victory tonight proves that -- the number of people who stand with you. Number of zeros -- We also prove the Virginians -- -- To help straight then. Our nation. Just take a moment to recognize my opponent George yeah. For his years more than -- plus years of elected service to Virginia. George's wife Susan who has every -- is vigorous. I disagreed on many issues beat the former governor's clobbered Virginia. It's kind of a small one. And we both share a deep deep love for this commonwealth and this country. I. -- is. Now is the hard -- it's time. All of us who love this commonwealth in the country to come together to find common ground. Solutions. To our nation's top. Optimistic that we can't because that's the Virginia way. Working together we will make fiscally responsible choices to reduce our deficit. While he. Shredding our nation's safety net. -- we make the key investments that we need to make to grow the F. -- -- -- -- Working together will invest in our small businesses and infrastructure to strengthen the middle class and create jobs. Entrepreneurs and are small businesses are the engines of job growth in Virginia in the nation. And we have to do more to support those true job creators. And the global race for -- -- got to continue making those critical investments from early childhood to higher education. Don't work force training. Have all of our global. The most of all. Most of all. We will remind -- is -- all Americans. That our institutions of government. Can actually function again. And as a country. We've been through tough time. Our friends and neighbors and family members are still struggling. But you know life unlike some of the doom and gloom that you see perpetrated out there -- Pessimistic because we'd been through tough times -- floor and we come out stronger.

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{"id":17660814,"title":"Tim Kaine Wins Virginia Senate Seat","duration":"3:00","description":"Democrat defeats Republican George Allen to replace retiring Democrat Jim Webb.","url":"/Politics/video/election-2012-tim-kaine-wins-virginia-senate-seat-17660814","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}