Eric Holder Sounds Sequester Alarm: Exclusive

Attorney General says automatic cuts will make Americans less safe.
0:44 | 02/27/13

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Transcript for Eric Holder Sounds Sequester Alarm: Exclusive
The Justice Department's gonna lose 9% of its budget. Between now and September the third there was one point six billion dollars. There are not going to be as many FBI agents he TF agents DEA agents prosecutors -- going to be able to do their jobs. As we would like them to do they -- going to be -- they're gonna spend time. You know out of their offices not doing their jobs. This is something -- gonna have an impact on the safety of this country if anybody who says that that's not true he is either lying. -- saying something that once contrary to the facts if you don't have prosecutors and agents doing what we expect them to do and we won't. If this thing actually takes place. We are going to be a nation that is going to be less safe and that is simple fact.

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{"id":18611849,"title":"Eric Holder Sounds Sequester Alarm: Exclusive","duration":"0:44","description":"Attorney General says automatic cuts will make Americans less safe.","url":"/Politics/video/eric-holder-sounds-sequester-alarm-exclusive-18611849","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}