Final Presidential Debate 2012 Analysis: Fact Checking the Debate

Jon Karl on the truth behind many of the candidates' statements.
3:00 | 10/22/12

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Transcript for Final Presidential Debate 2012 Analysis: Fact Checking the Debate
Who was telling the truth. We've got a man on that his name is Jon -- he's in Washington DC Manning the fact check desk area is -- red. Declarative tie John biggest whopper -- -- night. All right let's start right off with -- one from Mitt Romney it's what we've heard from -- on the trail before but this is the first time we heard in a debate here it is. And then the president began what I would call that apology tour. I'm going to do various nations in the Middle East and and criticizing America I think that -- at that and -- weakness. OK so did President Obama began his presidency with an apology tour. The answer to that is mostly fiction the president. Did go on his first several foreign trips and gave a series of speeches. We're at various times he did acknowledge mistakes that have been made in the past by the United Nations by the United States. One of the ones most often cited by Republicans was the big speech he gave in Cairo. A where he said the -- the fear and anger after September 11 provoked us. A was understandable in some cases led us to act contrary to our traditions and our ideals we are taking actions to change course. That was an acknowledgment of perhaps some mistakes made by the country but no where did -- go out and apologize for America. That just is simply not correct. But the president had had a pretty big one here this is on the issue. Of troops in Iraq. Just a few weeks ago you -- you think we should have more troops in Iraq right now. And that that that challenge we have -- -- you have been a position to actually execute foreign policy. But every time we've offered an opinion. -- -- Okay now by the way I'm not fact checking the second part of that where he said every time -- offered an opinion you have been wrong but that does seem a little bit harsh. On the question though of troops to Iraq did Mitt Romney just a few weeks ago say we -- to have 20000 troops in Iraq right now. No he did not that is most of -- fiction. There is an element to -- Romney had many months ago talked about how was unfortunate. It the Obama administration did not negotiate with the Iraqis to have a follow on force. After the withdrawal of combat troops the so called status of forces agreement. It -- allowed some American troops to stay behind. Joseph Biden was trying to negotiate such an agreement the talks failed. All troops all American troops came out of Iraq. But no Mitt Romney did not in just a few weeks ago or any time really say we need to send troops back into Iraq. And in my favor one -- just one more for you. This is a this is a pretty good -- -- give you it's a little bit from Romney it's a little bit from Obama and it's on the question of the size of our -- Nicholas. Our navy is smaller now than any time since 1970. The navy said they needed 313 ships to -- at the mission went out of the 285. We're headed down to that the low two hundreds if we go through a sequestration. That's unacceptable to me. I think governor Romney may be hasn't spent enough time looking at how our military -- Q you mentioned the navy for example the we have fewer ships that we did in 1960. Well governor we also have fewer horses and bay and that's. Because the nature of our military is changed we have these things called aircraft carriers -- planes land on the we have. These ships the go underwater nuclear submarines. And so the question is not. A game of battleship -- counting -- it's it's what our capabilities. OK so much to -- your local -- was some of the just basic wants. Is the size of our navy in terms of number of ships. Actually lower than -- spent any time since 1917 -- 1916 well the answer is yes but of course those were smaller boats the president's got a good point. But you know this idea of aircraft carriers is not exactly a brand new one either. I'm fact we have had aircraft carriers since the 1930s this is not a new exactly -- new innovation. Then there's the question of -- and -- and horses nine Olivier remembers that the Afghanistan war started in part with US special forces. On horseback. In Afghanistan yes we still a force is probably not as many. But what may surprise even Dan Harris. Is to find that we actually likely have far more bay and that's now. Then we did back in 1917. And the reason is that the standard issue rifle for virtually everybody in the US military is a band that. All of these the BBM six rifles all of them are equipped for -- that's so we have a very large force of -- that's currently. In and US military. And we UN when you watch when you watch the soldiers doing that drills the dress drills where they're -- their guns around they are often have band that's on that. Absolutely so I guess Romney could have very you know been sarcastic back reasonable if you knew anything about the military you know the virtually everybody in the -- vs. Has a -- so so there you go some some pretty good ones on on both sides John proper draft and that now on I salute you thank you very much have a great night.

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{"id":17540812,"title":"Final Presidential Debate 2012 Analysis: Fact Checking the Debate","duration":"3:00","description":"Jon Karl on the truth behind many of the candidates' statements.","url":"/Politics/video/final-presidential-debate-2012-analysis-fact-checking-debate-17540812","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}