Florida Primary 2012: Gingrich Not Conceding Race

GOP candidate vows to stay in the remaining 46 state primary races.
15:25 | 01/31/12

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Transcript for Florida Primary 2012: Gingrich Not Conceding Race
Thank you all. Very very much. And thank all of you up here -- -- gonna start by. Thanking attorney general Bill McCollum who just has been a great state wide leader. And has done so much to help us and handing -- just been tremendous house who has thank mayor Ronnie. And Alan Levine who co chaired statewide and really helped us. Put this together with remarkably short time and so we're very grateful. To all of you. -- -- is my daughter Kathy and her husband Paul who have done and he was named. And I'm. Very proud of -- because she did. A whole series of Spanish language media over the last couple weeks helping us in the Miami area -- really reaching out across all of this spending community and also. My daughter Jackie and her husband Jimmy who are here. -- and. Jack -- he's been doing speeches doing television and radio as many of you know she is the -- -- -- of the mother and father of my two. Major debate coaches. Magnate Robert so it's it's it's great to have them here. I want to thank. Floridians was -- talk about this and everybody here. Has been so. Positive in every part of the state that we just thank all of you. For the hospitality and the kindness we thank the well over a half million Floridians who voted for us. And I think Florida that did something very important coming on top of South Carolina. It is now clear that this will be a two person race between the conservative leader Newt Gingrich and the Massachusetts moderate. Okay. Yeah. The voters of Florida really made that clear now you'll notice a number of folks are holding up a sign. About 46 states ago. Okay. This in part for the elite media because. You know the same people who set I was dead in June and July and said it was gone after Iowa. We seem totally quiet the night of the South Carolina victory. Now on the backs and what's he gonna do what you gonna do what's in this Iceland reassure them tonight. We aren't -- to contest every place and we are going to win. And will be in Tampa as the nominee in office. Now you might ask in the face of a five to an onslaught how can that be true. And I -- me -- It was stated. At a historic moment. And 1863. In dedicating our first national military cemetery. By the president. Of the United States Abraham Lincoln. Who -- we have government of the people. By the people. For the people and we're gonna have people power defeat money power in the next. Okay. Okay. -- -- -- -- -- Well the same way we came back in June July and by December. We're ahead in the Gallup poll nationally by twelve or thirteen points with no money. It turned out that if you have ideas. And you have solutions. And -- positive and you can communicate a better future and you have a history of actually doing something in the past. That the combination begins to reach the American people. -- talked briefly. About what this is going to be about this this is deep most important election of your lifetime. Barack Obama gets reelected it will be a disaster. For the United States of America. Make no bones about it if he can have a record this bad on unemployment this bad deficits this bad policies this bad. Gasoline prices this high and still get reelected. You can't imagine how radical he'll be in his second term. So -- -- in putting together a people's campaign. Not a Republican campaign not an establishment campaign. Not a Wall Street funded campaign. A people's campaign and saying to every American of every background and every ethnic group in every community. We have a better future for you and your family. It's a future of jobs it's a future of lower gasoline prices. It's a future of a balanced budget is a future of a smaller Washington there's a future of more power back -- to you and your family in your neighborhood this is a future we ask you to join us in imposing. On the establishment in Washington. And imposing it on both parties. Okay. A. -- let's talk briefly about the power of ideas. In 1988 I was very honored to be able to help put together the first capitol steps of at that point. Senate and house candidates stand together with governor Reagan David Broder wrote about in the Washington Post is a very courageous decision -- Reagan. Because he didn't have to run as part of a team. And -- it's something nobody done before. Who won six US senate seats lack combined margin of 75000. Votes we picked up 33 house's. In 1994. Building on that experience. We have 350 candidates. To come. And to be part of a contract with America to stand on the capitol steps we offered a positive program. We had the largest one party increase in American history in an off year. Nine million additional Americans voted for a positive vision. And we kept our word and every item in -- contract was voted on in the first 93 days. -- the core question. Both in the primaries and the general election as simple question. If you're comfortable. With the way America's decay. Then we don't have to change much. We can just manage -- -- If you think that's a terrible thing to do your children and grandchildren. It's a terrible thing to -- your country. And if you are prepared to do what it takes to make sure that we change direction not just the presidency. But the congress the bureaucracy. The judges the policies so that the entire system gets on the right track so that America can give our children and grandchildren. A more prosperous -- for a better future. This is how big the campus -- folksonomy -- both parties who -- quite comfortable managing the decay. I am running because -- made the decision running our children ourselves joined to snap decision. Because we believe. It is cheating our grandchildren -- not insist on fundamental basic change in Washington even if the establishment doesn't like. Okay. The next few days. We're gonna develop the equivalent of the contract. From 1994. Except this is going to be a personal one between me and you. Is am asking you to make me president therefore. I have a -- as -- it's gonna come into parts. Part one is conditional. Requires your help part two I can do if I win the election. Without having to condition part want. Only works if you help me and we -- a team campaign. Which means by the way we have to replace Bill Nelson with a conservative. Yeah. But if you're -- -- in addition to winning the presidency. We elect a Republican senate and a Republican House. I will ask them on January 3 to stay in office. And -- ask them to immediately. Pass. The repeal of obamacare. And I will ask them to immediately. -- the repeal of the Dodd-Frank bill which is killing housing killing small business. And Iowa asked them to pass the repeal of sarbanes Oxley which is crippling American businesses -- no net profit. And my goal. -- to have all three bills sitting there waiting to the minute I am sworn and I can sign all three and we're off to a pretty good opening morning. Okay. Grocery promises -- congressional we have to win the senate by a big enough margin to manage it and we have to increase our strength in the house. Help me do that -- -- those images of things and we gonna put this together in a way that you'll be oversee and -- with my signature and you'll be on hold me accountable. There -- a series of executive orders I can issue that the congress can't stop as long -- -- within the law. The very first executive order will abolish. All of the White House -- as of that. We will issue immediately an executive order on the same day all this is gonna happen about two hours after inaugural address. No point in hanging out and having -- before we get to go to the various balls that night -- -- gonna have a work period. There's this is going to be a working presidency. I may not get in as much both as Obama. But I'll get in a lot more job creation. -- -- -- -- I'm not gonna compete with a Obama and singing because I'm not running for entertainer and -- I would say don't now Mr. President you cannot -- your way past a disaster of your presidency. We will immediately you know I forgot my teleprompter semi circle. I mean I'm having doing this because those staff failure. So. -- -- gonna sign on that day. The authorization. For the immediate. Deployment. Of the Keystone Pipeline has. My message -- the people of Canada is. Don't cut a deal of the Chinese help is on the way by January gonna build the right pipeline to the right place. -- give -- a couple more we're gonna put together a package you're gonna say. This is what a serious conservative president is like. Who is polled and is prepared to change Washington despite the screams of the establishment of both parties. So a couple more steps. We well on that -- signed an executive order that will instruct the State Department that day. To open the embassy in Jerusalem and recognize it. Here's -- more examples. I will sign -- -- executive order reinstating Ronald Reagan's Mexico City policy. No US money will go anywhere in the world to pay for abortion. Period. Finally. Many -- you may have noticed that the Obama administration. Has declared war on the Catholic church and other religious institutions. I want you to know. That on the very first day that. -- little sign. An executive order repealing every anti religious act of the Obama administration. The reason I'm comfortable telling all of us. Is I have been studying. -- America. Needs to do. Since the fall of 1958. -- my dad was stationed in Europe in the army. I have been working though we need to do. As congressman speaker of the house and the private sector. I believe it is possible. To get this country back on track -- commitment. He is to -- leash the spirit of the American people. To find new and innovative and positive things to do -- seven days a week. To do them relentlessly. To do them without stop. To make sure that we have fundamentally gotten America back on the right track and I pledge to each and -- one of you personally. If you'll reach out across the country -- use FaceBook and YouTube and Twitter and phone calls and even business. If -- tell all of your friends in the other 46 states. That there is a chance to nominate a conservative who knows what he's doing who has done it before and who has the courage and determination get -- -- I promise you. If I become your president. I pledge to you. My life. My fortune and -- sacred honor this is about America. Thank you. Good luck and god bless --

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{"id":15484997,"title":"Florida Primary 2012: Gingrich Not Conceding Race","duration":"15:25","description":"GOP candidate vows to stay in the remaining 46 state primary races.","url":"/Politics/video/florida-primary-2012-newt-gingrich--not-conceding-race-gop-former-house-speaker-politics-15484997","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}