Fussy Toddler Interrupts Eric Holder's Testimony

Democratic congressman Mel Watt (N.C.) holds his grandson while questioning U.S. attorney general.
1:26 | 05/15/13

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Transcript for Fussy Toddler Interrupts Eric Holder's Testimony
Thank you missed him. So what you're only supposed to be that -- confirmation hearing that's. That's when you roll out the kids. I'm I'm just trying to get my line of course I've been in the back to listening in. Nikos -- -- done a good job books at this point so. According to world customs organization. And the international sale of counterfeit goods -- a multi billion dollar. Industry. Any sales are increasingly made over the union and there. Where criminals. Can hide there. Identities. Where where criminals can hide the identities. -- And elude capture. What steps says the department made to educate the public on the safety and security risk. Posed -- these illicit sales thank you -- chairman you come. And -- -- you also. I yield back that we -- we yield back the balance about time. And very effective line of questioning particularly on the part of -- We're glad to have both here and says mr. chairman of -- -- asked what the relationship is so. Just just for everybody is informational this micro --

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{"id":19186255,"title":"Fussy Toddler Interrupts Eric Holder's Testimony","duration":"1:26","description":"Democratic congressman Mel Watt (N.C.) holds his grandson while questioning U.S. attorney general.","url":"/Politics/video/fussy-toddler-interrupts-eric-holders-testimony-19186255","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}