Georgia special election: Why this race matters

ABC News' Steve Osunsami, a resident of Georgia's sixth congressional district, talks about what is at stake in the special election.
12:44 | 06/19/17

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Transcript for Georgia special election: Why this race matters
I grabbed. The alleged ABC legends I'm Evelyn lived here at been covering this race since day one. Expert on what is going on so steep discount. Anything imminent potentially why this race matters any steam. It's just crazy. The dollar figures and all this national attention. And why didn't matter who. Could it hits and that you ask I think now. There are a number of voters who feel this referendum on president. A lot of people who frankly stayed home on election. I now feel this is their way sort of taking action and then you probably wouldn't have. Been more serious about it. You hear from the other side that it's about the issues but really it's more about holding on to that's. Receipt that you Gingrich and held onto that you Gingrich had for years that Tom price apparently it's inside giving that up would be. Losing. Undergone major. But I will say that. All of these outside attention and in my opinion as an observer has as a resident of this of this area. I don't think it's. I think that there isn't there has always been a general feeling the sound about northerners and outsiders are. And it just yeah. I think there's also this sense not you know through commercials you know listen. Frank I think is there have been quite effective on the other. And I've never seen it like this in to see Democrats and a ramp leading purple spots they. Not so enthusiastic about a single. Not so I live in. The way these districts are drawn to this kind of curious hands if you look at them united. It stated tracking and at the hospital. There was a state senator. He was quoted in the paper as saying that there's no way onslaught certainly in this seat because this district has not drawn. For any democratic candidate to win he said this it. Independent open forums quoted in the paper and visitors center planned launches and lastly. There's lots of print on this but he's right. When you look at how the district usually got a little bit of depends on to strike which is sort of liberal sort of middle upper middle class upscale Democrats you've got a large portion northern Fulton County not something more than talk to the mix. But leans Republican. And then you've got Cobb County Justin with the she's really come very much which is much more is pleased. Active streak in this is hard for Democrats to win. If not somewhat senior and possible. And enthusiasm that we see in this election to suggest that it's even possible and to see him in the polls. It's really downright amazing. You know it's scenes talks Democrats. Atlanta six split right on streak his son's case you're nervous here. You're gonna have already volunteers and all these passes. Thank you that there are extremely close confidant victory and that my. Tomorrow night. On the side of tax votes Tuesday no this is incredible that Oakland that plant at its connections and relationships that are gonna surface mount twenty team. What anybody leaving you are you. Talking to folks who just so much writing that it could. Upset any possible movement it can't win. I've seen in this team will be aboard demoralizing for the that's mine and I say then only be news there has been. Gradual. Inching towards purple and I think people on. On the left I would like to see happen more quickly and this perhaps could be a sign that. I no longer there in addition to this race there is governor's race coming up yeah current governor is is term limited. And there are moments of candidates so somewhat of a wide open race in their home. At least on them voters here that perhaps democratic governor elect and also lost the news. You know some good for that effort. I think that. You know if it will be a giant party. You know yeah San Francisco. And other places that enough people here like to make fun. Supporting. Sporting also if he wins. Play an ally tonight I think that the loss will be felt much more deeply on the left. In the same way behind you. What song after the election in November need it isn't. Soon I was into Planned Parenthood. Activists and organized yesterday it was saying that they spent an organization alone spent 500000. Dollars on this race. Obviously they can't spent 500000 dollars on every competitive congressional rate a year and a half from now. Yes in some ways that you gambles and this kind of money to send him. You know they say it's critical that they acceding under act but then again that kind of those kinds of resources just can't. What's your medicine Planned Parenthood. Bad news on Karen Handel and weeks. Most of the polls that I've seen. Cooling a moment. They're all songs leaving her sixty don't already know. It largely in response to her world. Furnishings would plant here. Komen. Yeah. Assad here keep. Yeah on that point because you know it's a week. He's certainly on his weekly. It is usually is. I'm not sure why do you read my house in this period. Not a live in the news. Meaning it's from about the Clayton is honest think then just an unbelievable amount of attack ads and really negative press and I instruct me here to game. How quickly. Especially at interpublic and it is willing to go on the negative talk about his lack of experience running back and thank you say doesn't live in the district. Top happy outside money. We both just you might just get real you don't tell rants. Security issues. That we both candidates have security guards with them it's sort of the night tagging of the attack ads that are whose son over the top. It really surprised home. All the recently in some ways it's really reached a fever pitch here. I'd like you I'm I've lived here for twenty years and I've never seen it like.

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{"id":48141406,"title":"Georgia special election: Why this race matters","duration":"12:44","description":"ABC News' Steve Osunsami, a resident of Georgia's sixth congressional district, talks about what is at stake in the special election. ","url":"/Politics/video/georgia-special-election-race-matters-48141406","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}