GOP Debate in 60 Seconds

Highlights from the Republican showdown in Las Vegas.
1:04 | 10/19/11

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What happens in Vegas. Doesn't stay in Vegas. 84% of Americans would pay more taxes under his plan. Best simply is not true New -- home calculations. -- you spend at the state sales tax will also go away don't you make an apples -- I want to reduce taxes on middle income families every American should -- something even at that the dollar. And those people that are illegals ought to be penalized you hired illegals. In your home -- I don't think guys ever hired an illegal my life. Obama -- must be repealed because it is a disaster. What you did is exactly what Barack Obama -- It was something crafted for state and I've said time and again Obama care is bad news basically. -- okay. You have a problem with the allowing some of the tennis -- thinking and I convinced. If you want to become president David eligible people they've -- what made big.

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{"id":14766877,"title":"GOP Debate in 60 Seconds","duration":"1:04","description":"Highlights from the Republican showdown in Las Vegas.","url":"/Politics/video/gop-debate-60-seconds-14766877","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}