GOP Excitement Driven Belief They Can Win Election

RNC 2012: George Stephanopoulos and Diane Sawyer on Convention highlights, Ann Romney.
3:00 | 08/28/12

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Transcript for GOP Excitement Driven Belief They Can Win Election
And an early next door but now they are right here next week. Here at C advocate Graham three got -- left. Yes coaster. George -- -- she thinks. Well out here watch in the -- work. Boisterous raw he has. -- overdo -- it's a little bit but that there's lots of enthusiasm here for Mitt Romney's Republican delegates all excited. Is critical that businesses. Don't -- that yet this is pretty good now but. -- Here's some like. Sort of Mitt Romney hunger here which is unusual given. That does that mean these -- -- -- Beginning this passes. John Kerry for the Democrats don't. And confidence -- Ron Paul. In this hall -- the delegates can vote for me. Back and no doubt about it. -- -- cut and the party is relatively unified particularly. After. -- -- Obama and. And what's getting them excited. This is -- race they believe they can. And I don't you guys think but I think. -- people who. Great interview today and he. -- -- Really got her to open -- a lot. And you don't get it seemed that. On patriots is just so hard to be. Very informal her -- With the very formal assignment to -- and the teleprompter included in cheap to me that. The governor said to her just imagine a face in each of those -- screened. But she is so much about what she's feeling at the moment and saying -- Obama at the going to I think it's gonna be startling for. However. Never underestimate. Her ability to communicate. Answer my favorite line now is when she till when you asked -- about wanting a girl yes. Can you tell that story about what she was delivering her fifth and finally I don't. There's the I'd never heard her say -- -- we all look at those five boys and wonder and she's. I'm thinking surely -- get a girl Shirley I got a girl and then suddenly the last think I'm and it's another bar right. And she couldn't. But -- she learned a lot achieve their employees and part of what she learned. You just do it straight forward no -- And that she didn't feel -- and we talked a little bit about it afterwards Stevens does feel that girls as we go. Get a little misty always. -- particularly in their teams. And her boys to sailed straight ahead the hall way and that she's been taught her something as a woman thought to split us up to the -- -- a standard youngest. I think his. A group of make it. I feel they know everything and I feel that she's going around the house she keep. One girl I just had one here this wouldn't be going that. And food fights also. Has said that she was a woman initially bush made it. And that is that he was kind of -- obviously always very accident running again but. She was the woman had a busted early on issued and she says that she really -- this is important for that country at this moment. What ever her reluctance to become -- -- public person. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In your face an electric fan and indeed and however reluctant she was to go through that. She says she overcame -- and you have to wonder -- shouldn't let him. Much. -- sure she's even gone farther than him in relaxing and opening. Credible this. I'm starting with the -- me. Bigger and bigger and we see. Any and I went to one of those -- living. He's in Iowa within Romney. -- and that made him. Best Maria and maybe -- the diagnosis. She was she was learning how to be more -- More than her own -- And we that we could see in the first run at all it was those pathetic I think definitely helped her get to the place where she keeps -- on the stage tonight just. Very very tough missions and had no no question about it as we've talked about. Mitt Romney is coming into this much -- -- to make some history becomes intimate with the lowest approval ratings favorable favorability ratings of any nominee. Basically since you can measure had this. And that's that's really what's holding him back right now there's a very big possibility that we -- we -- facing fourth wave election. It's -- The -- to the public system in. And let's change horses one more time what is holding them back right now. -- their feelings. About Mitt Romney I love what Haley Barbour the former Mississippi governor. I -- about the activities and basically after this summer while most people know about. Mitt Romney's he's a wealthy plea Pratt -- tune -- known equestrian. Really that's based -- -- -- but George is. That shows the success of the Obama campaign's decision to spend early spent more than they were taking in. Declined Mitt Romney on their terms week topic -- talk with the Romney advisors this morning for Yahoo! and ABC news that his panel. The question I have the most is irreversible damage that -- art is their summit that is irreversible some of that permanent. Will -- the -- that at all but it seems to me that you can not a race with the Obama campaign did complete them. It's not irreversible but it is big big hurdle and I'm thinking back Wright added nineteen and and what the first group President Bush did to Michael Dukakis in three weeks in August. A -- seventeen point lead the Democrat something he could. Come back from this is a very different. You've got to prove itself. -- Mitt Romney doesn't on this high hurdle to -- The President Obama without it should be thrown out the question is can he Philly. Back biography and -- and he doesn't keep talking about luck tonight I'm not so sure about that. Mitt Romney has to be -- But he does have to be respected and trusted he'd like to believe he can fix. These problems and they they didn't have a lot of work to do -- as well. Interview today pressing ahead Chris Christie on this morning. Com. He said he is going to be able to blustery write -- weekly expected to be what's your sense to about what he needs did you -- tonight. Not only for Mitt Romney but for us to keep talking about him and -- -- -- -- this exact I think he's very well aware that some clean gutters and go away forever and others get elected president -- Barack Obama. It was a very telling when I asked -- about that it's -- the first words out of his mouth were not about Mitt Romney was like it did give Renault alliance. And real -- is easy to do a lot about that could log in here a lot about the New Jersey story. You are gonna hear in contrast in the visions of the Republican and democratic quite know what I'm being guided off but who knows a lot of miss direction going -- it would be indicted often is to expect the blustery. Chris Christie they're talking much more about an adult conversations were. Republicans have -- on the power of their ideas I could talk about. Good lives if like he's going -- the heels of the traditional. Political speeches just read -- -- the ground at this crap out. Even we. The enormous. Difficulty and -- and everyone worried about what. And there are set. For him walked out there going to be within the -- sent a show that's right especially after being delayed for at Davis and but George I think you're right. Part of his mission to -- this talk of some of his aides in the -- is to get back to that -- competent actor about sort of solutions in government but not just Romney even if it means taking her husband tonight. Chris Christie has taken the party of the Republican Party is at war right now as well he's gonna fix the Republican Party -- or at least begin the process -- that George last night Diane was here and she drew almost perfect -- -- testing that he had I would. And that's really. Europe here we need to decide in. Seven. -- your home state which is Ohio's -- and a very slim down stay it's a little like Mitt Romney hello they got that side and you can drop whatever they can't run. Ross date they are you kidding -- Your -- that until morning television's on the and then we'll see who is the better. Mark -- On the night. -- -- Where he -- me yeah. I didn't let the index finger on its debt and let's -- -- fourteen others like yeah. And and now that this is president I weary Georgia fans friend -- -- and it just get it done but I. Not that of that. -- got. It demands more honest and you guys. -- their lives. The thought. That. It works for me it was no Kentucky. It it -- that commitment they must have agreed. I think tonight.

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{"id":17099848,"title":"GOP Excitement Driven Belief They Can Win Election","duration":"3:00","description":"RNC 2012: George Stephanopoulos and Diane Sawyer on Convention highlights, Ann Romney.","url":"/Politics/video/gop-excitement-driven-belief-win-election-17099848","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}