Harry Reid Addresses the DNC

Senate majority leader hits GOP candidate Mitt Romney on his tax returns.
3:00 | 09/04/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Harry Reid Addresses the DNC
Harry -- Majority leader of the United States senate. And a senator from searchlight Nevada. It. It's been my honor to support and work the president -- Obama. A man who has but curry each and character to the presidency. Pres Obama's strength of -- leads him to do the right thing. Even when it isn't easy thing. Some said he shouldn't save Detroit. The pres Obama made the tough and right call. To save more than a million American jobs. In an important iconic industry. Okay. Some said he -- moved heaven and earth to get bin Laden. The President Obama made the tough and right call to bring the worst. Terrorists in the world to justice. Some even said he couldn't take on the big -- It's the broader economy to its knees. -- pres Obama made the top and right call. So taxpayers will never again be on the hook. For Wall Street's risky bets. Some said he couldn't take on the insurance companies that were ripping us off. The president -- -- made the tough and right call. To save lives save Medicare and ensure that no one goes broke. Just because they get sick. His whole life. They're been so many who told -- what he shouldn't or couldn't do. But America has a president who knows what we must do. -- -- -- has also faced down another group of naysayers. Admission to the crowd of that Clinton's. And should and it's. The Republican Party has become the party of the woodlands on the Wallace. They pledged on day one they wouldn't lift a finger to help. And they have a in the death of the Great Recession. As millions of Americans were struggling to find work. The Republican leader of the senate. Mitch McConnell said. Republicans number one goal. Was to make Barack Obama a one term president. They wouldn't cooperate to create jobs. They wouldn't try to turn around the economy. They wouldn't do anything but stand in the way of -- Obama. Now I had a front row seat. To watch the Tea Party take over the Republican Party. For three and a half years they wouldn't govern. They couldn't lead. And we shouldn't let them take over the senate Obama White House. We must stop the Tea Party before the United States senate. Falls into the hands of extremists and ideologues. Who leaves no room for reason. Or compromise who don't recognize common ground. Even when they're standing on. And if they won't stand up to Rush Limbaugh. Or Grover Norquist. What would make anyone think they would stand up. For you. The -- Today's Republican Party believes in two sets of rules. One for millionaires and billionaires and another for the middle class. And this year they've nominated the strongest proponent. And clearest beneficiary of this -- games. Mitt Romney. Never in modern American history has a presidential candidate. Tried so hard to hide himself from the people he hopes to serve. When you look at the one tax return he has released its obvious why. It's obvious why there's only been one. We learned that he pays a lower tax rate than middle class families. We learn each oh Swiss bank accounts and -- -- tax shelters. Over American institutions. And we can only a match. What new secrets would be revealed. If he showed the American people a dozen years of tax returns. Like his father did. Mitt Romney says. We should take his word that he paid his fair share. His word. His word. Trust comes from transparency. And Mitt Romney comes up short on bowl. City. This is about more than just a piece of paper. It isn't personal. This is about leveling with the American people and creating a level playing field for them. If we don't know how Mitt Romney would benefit from the policies he proposes. How can we know of these looking out for us or just himself. The American people are still asking. Flu is Mitt Romney. But the American people know Barack Obama. Leader who says. We should. We can we will. See he's the leader doesn't -- for the easy pass for himself. But takes the right one for us. This nation's been through hard times. But those hard times have hardened our resolve. I'm ready to do the difficult work that's ahead. But I want to do that -- put Barack Obama I'm not a Tea Party ideologue. Okay. We can move America forward. But we can only good together. We can move America board with a strong middle class. We can move America forward with a strong democratic majority in the senate. And together we can move America bored with Barack Obama. Okay.

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{"id":17154217,"title":"Harry Reid Addresses the DNC","duration":"3:00","description":"Senate majority leader hits GOP candidate Mitt Romney on his tax returns.","url":"/Politics/video/harry-reid-addresses-dnc-17154217","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}