Cain: This Many Whites 'Can't Pretend' to Like Me

GOP presidential candidate discusses race, his candidacy at National Press Club.
4:48 | 10/31/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cain: This Many Whites 'Can't Pretend' to Like Me
-- here says how much of the current president's political problem is caused by people not being comparable or accepting the nation's first black president and where do we stand with race and our country today. I don't think people -- -- uncomfortable with this president has -- -- whatsoever to do with his race -- bad policy. That people have a problem. Look this president. Here's where we stand. On race in America in my opinion. Instead of -- coming close to the governor. We become -- about it. Because. Selectively on -- part of this administration and its circus playing the race car. The class warfare -- The economic. In equity -- In audit that turned people against one another the million asked acts. All -- auditor class warfare card. And so as a result. There's more racial tension. That I had -- it. The fact that the Tea Party movement. The Tea -- -- citizens slash americans' prosperity it's not just one group of people vote. Every organization and as members they have mobilized their members. To get involved and be applauded his -- of this -- and giant that I talk about. They -- they do not like these policies. The Tea Party has been. Painted at the races organization. I started speaking at Tea Party is. In 2009. People it was -- April 15 2009 and it people who have attended these rallies may have only gotten bigger they've only gotten bigger. Obama on this subject -- the other things mark -- Is that some people have even made the assertion. Another reason that ambulance away -- trying to get the Republican nomination. Is because. Why Americans. The Republican Party conservatives. But trying to send a message -- that racist. Come to some of our relatives. Join us on -- -- to a you have to follow along that we don't have enough room moment all the and you will come to the cool conclusion that I have gone to come to and that we have come to. This -- -- my people can't pretend that they like me.

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{"id":14852144,"title":"Cain: This Many Whites 'Can't Pretend' to Like Me","duration":"4:48","description":"GOP presidential candidate discusses race, his candidacy at National Press Club.","url":"/Politics/video/herman-cain-gop-support-race-white-people-pretend-14852144","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}