Hillary Clinton Delivers Remarks on 'Super Saturday'

The Democratic candidate continues to lead her opponent Bernie Sanders in delegates.
20:16 | 03/06/16

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Transcript for Hillary Clinton Delivers Remarks on 'Super Saturday'
I. I thank you thank you. When Michigan Democrats. There are so many people here that I've had a chance to work went I so appreciate. Jim Blanchard. Entered Dotson he's one of them. But I also want to thank. Brandon. Island for his leadership. My good friend Debbie stab and dairy herds. John Conyers Brenda warrants. And yelled ache. The mayor of Flint who spent so courageous Karen Weaver and Warren Evans. And all of you you know. It's exciting. To be here and I want to thank you for support in building the Democratic Party right here in Michigan. We need to elect Democrats up and down the ticket it now vampire. I want you to know if I'm fortunate enough to be our party's nominee and be elected president. Now work hard every day to bring back the Michigan Democratic Party and parties across our country. Now I believe we can't rise to gather. Unless we have in Lucent economics in an inclusive society. And inclusive politics where all voices are heard. And that starts with supporting President Obama in nominating a nose up rained hard just. We've got to continue to put pressure on the Republicans in the senate to do their it. But here's what I want it now even if the president get someone nominated. And he even have the senate confirms. That nominee. There may well be one or two bar openings. In the next four years. We need a Supreme Court. That expands voting rights not cuts back on them. One that protects workers' rights not rates yen ends. One that reverses Citizens United. Not Hank day for sale sign on the door are up American. But even that is not enough. We have allowed our politics. Debbie hi jacked by extreme ideologues. In state governments Pall over our country. They draw congressional district lines that promote paralysis. In Washington. Because Republican incumbents. Fear a primary challenge from right. More than from the sensible center. So we need to bring more people into our party keep the enthusiasm of young voters develop a pipeline for new leaders. And convince all of those who turn out and well with us in presidential years that they also have to vote ever. In every congressional and state a lax and to prevent that kind up gridlock that has long kept. Too many of president Obama's good ideas from getting a fair hearing. But first my friends we have to we in this election. And we all now. We all now the stakes keep getting higher. And I rhetoric where airing on the other side keeps sinking lower. I had tell you that debate the other night. I heard Jim Blanchard mention I know others have this well. You know how when you're an elementary school in you get graded on hiking along with people. And there's that one line plays well with others. I mean really just want to. Lawyer hair out. Win you see that insult fast that goes on among the Republicans. But I want us also to remember. We've seen the consequences. Of Republican control in Lansing to. And we can't afford to let them take the White House and keep the congress. They will ripple way all the progress we've made under President Obama. We that more than seventy straight months of private sector job growth including. More than two out of 40000. Jobs added just last month. An admission again. You're leading the way. I don't industry at its best here at error. Innovation is on the rise we see it in the car makers and suppliers and in the clean energy sector. But defense cardinal are. Hi tech firms in Ann Arbor and cutting edge design. Happens and the next generation of engineers. Being trained in how to. Look at what's happening right here in to try. New businesses are opening ham laid out well being and that's three sides ironic add up says our riding. That's why I chose to Condit strike yesterday. To give a speech about what I want to do to keep the economy moving forward. Because of course we can't be satisfied. Until economic revitalization that we're seeing. It's some neighborhoods reaches ball at Detroit's neighborhoods. Like you're already proving. An odd about why we have to keep learning this lesson. Because the Republicans like to divide us but you are proving. When we work together we can rise to gather and that's what this campaign is all about. Instead up building walls were going to be. Knocking down barriers and building ladders of opportunity and empowerment. So every American can live up to his or her potential. Because then. And only then can America live up to its full potential. Today Democrats caucus day and voted in Louisiana Kansas and Nebraska. I want to congratulate senator Sanders for running a strong campaign. I am thrilled where are adding to our pledged delegate count I'm grateful to everyone who turned out to support us. But now all eyes turned to Michigan. And and I can tell you events. We're gonna work for every about. And I hope you'll join us by going to Hillary Clinton dot. Making a donation getting involved in taxed. July JL I yen to 47246. I hope you will volunteer in in these next few days to spread the word. Because this country belongs to all of us not just those at that. Not just special interests not just of people look one way warship one way are even think one way. America prospers when we all prosper America is strong. Where girls strong. You know we've got work to do. But not to make America great again America never stopped being bring. We've got to make America whole. Diverse city is a strength not only that. If we see each other's humanity. If we lift each other up when we stumbled. We can't keep building toward that more perfect union. Instead it tried to buy American between us and them. Let's try to find a little more love and kindness in our hearts to respect one another to so Smart one and other. We should work together for a while inclusive prosperity. And an inclusive society. I believe with all my heart we can bring down barriers for hard working families. All across America. In old industrial cities and small. Appellation towns in farm country in Indian Country in every community that's been hollowed out. I lost jobs lost oh. It starts. With making very clear and I've put this at the center of my economic policy. Working families need a re ease. And more good jobs jobs that pay well. And provide dignity pride and a sense a purpose. Don't let anyone its value. We can't make things in America anymore. Because as you're proving every day here in Michigan we can't we are and we well. But it's not. It's not going to come from Reid fighting battles. From twenty years ago. We need a real strategy to invest in manufacturing small business and clean energy. I'm not clean energy to power every home in America. So when you vote in the primary on Tuesday remembered. There's only one candidate in this race who actually has a plan to do that. And whereas stand up to all those who put special interests ahead of America's interests. You know the other day I was in Boston. At the site out the whole original Tea Party. And I had to wonder what would those early American patriots make. A corporations that seem to have absolutely no loyalty. To the country that has given them so much. Look at Nabisco. Laying off 600 workers in Chicago moving it production line out of a country. Eat then all Nabisco has. Long received. Tax breaks from the state of Illinois. They have no problem taking taxpayer dollars with one hand and giving out pink slips with the other. Look at the growing number of corporations. Moving their headquarters. Overseas. Just so they can avoid paying their fair share of taxes here at home. Like Johnson Controls. Which makes car parks and Wisconsin. It actually lobby. Full. 2008. And nine. Taxpayers help save the company. Now it's turning its back on our country. Now look I'm not interested in condemning whole categories of businesses where the entire private sector of course not but I do artists and a clear message. If you cheat your employees. Exploit your customers pollute our environment or rip off the taxpayers. We will hold you accountable. Okay. We well may. We will make corporations pay. For these so called in versions with a new exit tax. And if they ship jobs overseas. We will make them give back that tax breaks they received hair and I America. I. Then we can take that money and put it to lark. And best thing in the communities being left behind. And companies like those in Detroit that are bringing jobs back to America. So when. Went businesses do the right thing will stand with them. Companies like Michigan ladder company in Ypsilanti which region recently stopped buying fiberglass from China and started making it here at home. We well. We welcome well art. And shoring innovation and investment and sharing profits with workers not just with shareholders and top management. With new tax credits that will make shared prosperity. Profitable. You know I think it's good for every one winked companies treat workers like assets to be invested in. Not costs to be caught. I also. Think it's simple economics America grows when your paycheck grows. The idea corporate patriotism might sound quaint. In an air they asked multinationals. It's the right thing to do. In the Smart thing to do all of us have to do our part to break down the economic barriers holding back our families. And then their other barriers to. Barriers that stop children from getting the quality public education. They need and deserve. Barriers that stop young people from getting out of debt and into good paying jobs. Barriers that stop women from earning equal pay for or our. And all the barriers that still stand in the way of people of Collard sharing fully in the promise of America. It. Now all of us know what happened in Flint. I was city's children were poisoned. By toxic water. Because their state government wanted to save money. And I'm glad this crisis is finally getting national attention it deserves. And tomorrow mayor Weaver will announce new ways. For people to help. But let's not forget. There are lots of fling it's out there. Places where poor people and people of color have been left out and left behind. And we don't have to look very car do wave. Right here in Detroit children are sitting and classrooms infested. With rodents and mold. Ceilings are caving in Becky is barely functioning. Just 6%. It's just 6%. Of fourth graders are proficient. You re. We are can signing those precious children. To being behind. When their 910. Year soul. That is unacceptable. In America. It is time for Governor Snyder did get Dick writes gold back to the people allowed to drive. Okay and. And it is time for every child in America. I have a great school and at great teacher no matter what zip code they live then. A pattern here is unmistakable. An undeniable. What happened in Flint. Would never happen in Grosse Pointe. As school loans and Bloomfield Hills are never gonna look like the schools in Detroit. The stories that lacked in Flint. And Detroit Ari national disgrace. But there are other stories as well there are stories of resilience and mule. Into trite UC yet. With the new businesses and the efforts black churches like Mack avenue community church on east side. Cleaning up in developing communities. In the innovative announcement that your mayor made a few days ago I helped people move back into affordable homes. Now that Renaissance net income of it yet but pull out mayor Weaver's gonna do everything she can't that makes or at. I am so happy that we're seeing in planet community. Yes it's been knocked down but it's men. Absolutely clear to anybody looking it refuses to beat down. They started digging up the first of those rusty pipes yesterday. And we add to support them. Until all the city's families have clean and safe water. The people of Flint. And Detroit. Remind me of this scripture. Saint altered regulations. Let us not grow weary in doing good. Or in due season we shall re if we do not lose heart. And that should inspire all of us. Never don't lose heart map Arctic give up. I believe deeply. That if we resist the forces trying to drive us apart. We can come together to make this country work for everyone again the struggling striving. And the successful. And if we ever start feeling we airy. We need only look at Detroit. I wanted that national press that follows a year round. They hear the stories about Detroit's comeback. Some of you may have heard about a man named James Robertson. He's a machinist. And a plant in Rochester hills. And every day and three day for the past. Years. He walked 21. Miles. To get to work and there weren't enough buses. Because of cutbacks in public transit. But his job meant everything to him. So every day he hit the pavement. Rain snow. Single digit temperatures no matter what. In ten years he never missed a day. James Robertson. Never quit. Michigan never quit and America L Wald quit eat our. Okay. I'm running for president. Next hair down all the barriers that stand in the way I've ever say how America and there is now bearing air we can't break down if we stand together and work together. That is my pledge to you. I'm asking for and hoping to receive your vote on Tuesday. It had I know. If I am your democratic nominee. I will make. Did strike a central issue in this campaign. I will make Flint a separate issue in this campaign. I will make that stick and humpback hey story out resilience and sick sad and that campaign. And I'm so fortunate enough to be elected president I will be your partner to continue it as progress I am a progressive. Likes it get things done. Now made. Spread that word. Yet everybody you know that come out and buy out onto staying. That's climactic and third yeah magic and. Okay.

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