Huma Abedin Stands by Anthony Weiner

New York mayoral candidate's wife publicly supports her husband as sexting scandal re-emerges.
9:41 | 07/24/13

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Transcript for Huma Abedin Stands by Anthony Weiner
This is a special report from ABC news. Hello everyone -- Hernandez in New York with his ABC news digital special report. -- sexting scandal for disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner who is now running for mayor of New York City. But this time the candidate is standing firm refusing calls from two leading newspapers to drop out of the mayoral race. The bigger headline may -- Weiner -- wife and her personnel. Yet public stand by her man in his -- NASDAQ is live in -- with these developments -- hello of that last. -- -- You know we're had been -- actually in the polls before this happened but -- -- early lead withstand this barrage of negative news. Already back on the campaign trail for mayor -- -- -- -- Stop this finding for them that yeah. When it comes to that other things sending sexually explicit messages to women other than his wife. Will that he says is finally done that is behind me. And we're trying to move forward and -- -- -- he's referring to his wife whom Aberdeen and -- him. I have forgiven him had believed -- him famously quiet she looked uncomfortable in the spotlight. It was not an easy choice. And in any way. But I made the decision. That it was worth staying in this for their marriage and young son -- the foundation I don't redemptive campaign ads for -- But if true these new improprieties took place six months after his baby was born well after he resigned from congress in disgrace and apologized the first time. Leading to major newspapers and many New Yorkers to ask -- to bow out of the campaign or expect questions like -- -- the winner in an alien and aliens. We'll continue to haunt him. The one group not calling on -- to drop count those late night comedians. But what really matters is how New Yorkers react the Big Apple can be forgiving of scoundrels. And as long as winner still thinks he can win this don't expect him to pull out time. All right thank ABC's -- NASDAQ. Reporting and we have some new sound and picture from Anthony -- campaigning this morning in New York City just moments ago and he was questioned. By a barrage of reports. There -- a lot of -- editorial. Thank you believe -- he added his -- out. At the moment I got in the great. -- on Iraq the very beginning you know. A lot of people have been crying over someone -- price point and. And a lot of savings weren't present running the first song you get out including my opponents lecture anyone in -- -- in the first -- video cameras indicated that. In this campaign has been seen. -- I things in my in my background let's talk about that are legitimate critique yeah. They're behind me and I think trying to talk about it he -- the middle -- -- -- strong -- people who -- on the campaign -- -- lots of people responded -- Just about me just about fifty. In about the aspirations of people. -- -- candidate for mayor campaigning just a short while ago. In New York City -- like to bring an ABC's caricatures Q who's been following this story Aaron you were there. During the announcement but let's all catch up with everybody else -- let's listen to -- Very strongly believe that that is between us. And our marriage. We discussed all of those before -- he decided for the from -- So really what I want to say -- the love him. I have forgiven him had been given him. All right Aaron you were -- just a few feet away from the net and whom advocate meters wife. What was their demeanor like she said she was uncomfortable -- she did seem uncomfortable what is it -- If she did say she was here uncomfortable because she had never spoken publicly about this at a press conference before she'd been rather of this silent partner on the campaign trail. And when Weiner introduced journalists a really stunning moment and I think it served to defuse what could have otherwise been a rather rambunctious and perhaps testy encounter with the press corps who wanted to ask him. About this latest in discretion horrible mistake as some of whom -- called it. Because it had occurred fourteen months after he resigned from congress in disgrace. That was but the real problem -- for many here including those editorial writers at the New York Times in the New York Daily News who have called on him to abandon his mayoral campaign. That's interesting because -- couple says you know they talked about this they had been -- therapy but obviously this happened. After. You know after they talked about it presumably after they had -- that there. And he says that he sent his last explicit text message and photo. At the end of last summer the woman the 22 year old who says she had a six month -- relationship with Weiner says it may have gone on. Bit longer than that either way it's been less than a year so in that time he wants New York voters to believe. That he has stopped the sexting made up with his wife raised his kid decided to rehabilitate his political career fund raise run for mayor. -- that's a lot of things in less than a year's time. But voters so far at least according -- the latest polls have been willing to give -- a second chance we'll see if they gave him a third chance now. Now about the woman who he was exchanging -- not much she went to the gossip web -- the dirty. And she gave them all of these messages and photos and there are now published for everybody to read and to see. And she says that she was in a bad place that Weiner had promised to get her an apartment in Chicago Hillary even here in New York -- that they could eventually be together -- she was led to believe she says. That she was an important person in winner's life more important than -- Aberdeen. We now know that that probably wasn't the case -- that Weiner was carrying on these relationships -- different points -- a few different women that he had never really -- but had a virtual. And rather X rated relationship with -- -- to say we haven't seen all of their exchange jet and there could be more account. There may be -- Anthony Weiner said he said from the start that there may be more to come out he said frankly he was surprised a month and a half before the primary that this hadn't come out sooner. But he says there may yet be more maybe we haven't seen all of it but apparently he has disclosed that all to his wife whom Aberdeen who said that whatever is left and whatever has come before. Is just between -- and she says it has taken a lot of work. And a lot of therapy and to get her to the point where she has -- given him she says she still loves him and I think implicit in that message yesterday was New York voters should too. You know she's a very interesting person she is a close aide to Hillary Clinton she's very successful in her own right. Let's talk a little bit about -- -- herself. Well and that's why make no mistake that she knew exactly the implications of what it is that she was doing she had to she has been Hillary Clinton's closest -- threw her senate career her presidential campaign. Secretary of state she -- travel the world and in -- -- a new piece for Harper's bizarre that. She says that she had been a workaholic and she was traveling the world and that finally she found a life partner and Anthony Weiner. And like any relationship it's had its ups and downs clearly and she said has made some horrible mistakes. But she has finally found a way to two. Move forward that she loves him forgives him wants to move forward -- is staying in the marriage for the sake of of their songs for for one. But privately we've heard from some friends of the couple that they were nervous -- Anthony Weiner getting back into politics and specifically getting into the mayor's race arguably the most high profile job after the presidency. Simply because all of this was going to come up again. But if anybody she could make the case best that he could be forgiven should be forgiven and that's why he deserves a shot at the mayor's office. Interesting we -- two newspapers come out asking for him to step out of the mayor's race he says he has no intentions of doing so. We don't have a snap poll we can't know immediately if this has had an impact on history certainly didn't the first time around. You know what is the sense that his chances going forward. You know why should he resign now the -- the primary or resign or sort of stop his candidacy now the primaries -- a month and a half away. And he has time to see how people are actually going to react to this if they're willing to give them that second chance on a second chance and they may yet New Yorkers have been willing to forgive. Anthony -- is running for mayor. Eliot Spitzer who also resigned in disgrace after a sex related scandal is running for New York City controller. And doing well according to the polls will way -- will get an indication from pollsters after this latest revelation -- -- whether it's affected his chances. That really interesting out time to cover New York City politics right now you did mention Eliot Spitzer running for city controller. And Anthony Weiner with this latest revelation Aaron and thank you so much for joining us thanks to his -- her -- Congress and get a complete recap right here on eighteen news dot -- A -- Hernandez -- New York this has been an ABC news digital special report. This has been a special report from me.

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{"id":19763823,"title":"Huma Abedin Stands by Anthony Weiner","duration":"9:41","description":"New York mayoral candidate's wife publicly supports her husband as sexting scandal re-emerges.","url":"/Politics/video/huma-abedin-stands-anthony-weiner-19763823","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}