Inauguration 2013: New York State Wines Make Way to Celebration

Inaugural committee chair Charles Schumer helped local merchant's products make it to DC event.
2:40 | 01/21/13

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Transcript for Inauguration 2013: New York State Wines Make Way to Celebration
-- -- -- You're out -- Long -- -- and -- and all of a sudden get a phone call from the Secret Service -- send us down 200 bottle. Well the saying goes if things don't just happen in Washington right. Senator -- this year's. Share of the inaugural committee. There was a conversation I believe last. -- New York -- -- which is an event in Washington about consumers' desires you have New York State agricultural products. And New York State lines served in -- and at some point last fall sent in samples of violence. -- sellers lines. Washington. I got a phone call. I believe was last Monday. From one of definitions. It's saying to quietly -- selected sellers. The service you know. -- packed it up and in a ground FedEx box. And and shifted to Washington you don't get any kind of special instructions from the Secret Service you can't divulge a little. About the secret well we. We had a special address OK to send the -- tape I don't know anything up about. After a year -- Even exist. Right. -- in this plant has as you'll see here and beautiful room beautiful mountains and beautiful -- structural repairs. The pair is really well actually with the main course at the inauguration because -- vice. And the response from our customers and the public has been really overwhelming and we've received orders -- the line. So far 35 states around the probably -- He sat on the spot about the fact that you've got this bipartisan group all three branches of the government coming together sitting down literally breaking -- right. And posting. I'm your hard work everytime I hear it phrases like you just that I actually -- -- -- it's the wind just. We salute you mr. -- it is. Really our nation's leaders sit down and say okay what we've all -- -- -- had an election and then we're trying to pass legislation that would probably disagree on in many ways. But at this moment. We're all sitting down to put all that aside and coast -- to the success. Of our nation. And it's a -- it's a really incredible honor. And every time I think about it I still can't sell -- well said it certainly well deserved credit Pressler Bedell cellars thank continued success.

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{"id":18272534,"title":"Inauguration 2013: New York State Wines Make Way to Celebration","duration":"2:40","description":"Inaugural committee chair Charles Schumer helped local merchant's products make it to DC event.","url":"/Politics/video/inauguration-2013-york-state-wines-make-celebration-18272534","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}