Nov. 22, 1963: JFK pronounced dead in Dallas

The president was pronounced dead at Parkland Hospital in Dallas.
3:30 | 10/11/13

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Transcript for Nov. 22, 1963: JFK pronounced dead in Dallas
We have another photograph of mr. Kennedy in the motorcade. Which was taken minutes before the assassination attempt. This is a still photograph. The president in the motorcade you see he's writing in an open car. And we're informed that the time that they shot struck him he was standing in that car. Unfortunately apparently making a good target for the sniper who was hiding somewhere. And may have fired from a considerable distance. Probably with a high powered rifle considering the accuracy with which he shot. We have this from Washington government sources now confirm that president candidate is dead. So that apparently is the final word and an incredible. Event that I am sure. No one except the assassin himself. Could've possibly imagined would occur on this neck. The president and mrs. Kennedy had gone to taxes. In a speaking -- -- which was to be in effect. More or less the beginning of the presence 1964. Campaign. It was. -- a trip which in which would have been hoped he would bring me various dissident forces in the Democratic Party in Texas together. And -- up some of the we have no word as to the condition of governor -- -- -- of Texas who was also shot. Although evidently he was not as seriously wounded. And apparently is still alive. The president was shot in the head -- -- Fed Silberman do you have further word. There -- a report live from Dallas one of the TV newsman coming via motorcade says that he has looked up just -- in the -- was fired. And saw rifles being withdrawn from the fifth or sixth floor window the nearby buildings. So apparently it was. Caused by a rifle fire as another hour from just -- -- -- Us when says senator -- -- role of Texas a Democrat talking only a few minutes before. We are now going to it. Bring you an audio report that is a voice recorder from reporter bill large. In Dallas. -- Laurie. -- -- -- -- -- -- blazed a large. The bill was at the other end to this phone a moment ago -- has been at the sheriff's office apparently he had to leave the phone for some urgent announcement. We had hoped to bring to you now that apparently is bill -- As leftists we will bring you until -- as soon as he comes back to the -- not thank you Ron. Thank you had. Senator Ralph Yarborough taxes talking only a few minutes before two newsman collapsed in sobs as he told of witnessing the -- of the president. Senator Yarborough said he was in the third car behind the president he said it seemed to me that at least two of the shots came from our right rear. I cannot say about the -- It seems today impossible at their could've been more than one sniper. But it seemed impossible to me that there could be even -- considering -- security precautions that are usually taken.

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{"id":20539634,"title":"Nov. 22, 1963: JFK pronounced dead in Dallas","duration":"3:30","description":"The president was pronounced dead at Parkland Hospital in Dallas.","url":"/Politics/video/jfk-death-confirmed-20539634","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}