Joe Biden Blasts Mitt Romney's Jeep Ad

Vice president calls ad playing in Ohio "flagrantly dishonest."
3:00 | 10/31/12

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Transcript for Joe Biden Blasts Mitt Romney's Jeep Ad
Residents say America has developed a culture of dependence. -- -- We rescued -- State one million jobs. -- is there. Xbox. The earth but hey. Baby I'm slowly this. -- While. Yeah. All. -- -- -- -- And it's. -- Good offshore Jeep that time. And cynical part. There probably upper midwest from ice age Delaware which was on the biggest audible real news happens -- After all those guys those fans and -- Artwork evokes work the old -- through go although the policy lessons provisional last year before we elect. 400000. Poem applause -- won't work. 400000. People -- 400000. And all insular old suspicions cedar -- -- My dad only had moved its hear -- -- And we can solve. Refrain address them. Our lives we -- her sister. Our yours. There. A job as -- -- -- working vacation. It's not your dignity. It's about respect the spotlight excluded. All these people he operated -- it gets me. -- A lot of people would -- -- -- -- -- They're back at work. They're able camp. -- -- -- -- -- That are running those actual graves are running. Asbury place. These people just -- back he. I'm just here. -- -- -- -- Ladies -- the fact of the matter is. Was out personal outrage. That blue back I don't I don't think action. Back all of -- holy. Cleveland plain dealer and major newspapers in this -- -- -- masterpiece. In this direction. The response in the auto companies -- -- -- -- -- I don't ever remember a major corporate entity. Insert yourself from them directly to the level of presidential campaign. Prices quote. It was all the ahead of -- that will be difficult even for professional circus acrobat. -- -- -- Okay activist. Said quote they're operate from alternate parallel universe. And here's the thing they got it exactly right they called -- quote. Can't hate politics. And it -- works as popular political party. That's up from the candidate that's up from newspaper -- applaud -- in his -- spokesperson for John Malone. Basic element and after -- made this -- Earlier today shares. They'd rush congress why the sheriff's. Aren't -- If state held a press conference. And -- -- the facts. -- by the way. The ultimate irony in this. Ultimate -- needs remember the president. -- This is contagious. Right past months chronic. Yes but that congress. -- -- -- He says he's artifacts. He asserted that he had actually issued an easy let me actually. The facts -- congress. One million people -- work wouldn't 200000. -- It couldn't let it go back. -- -- -- -- What it will vote. No matter I'll ask him. He not supposed to do it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's hard. --

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{"id":17612213,"title":"Joe Biden Blasts Mitt Romney's Jeep Ad","duration":"3:00","description":"Vice president calls ad playing in Ohio \"flagrantly dishonest.\"","url":"/Politics/video/joe-biden-blasts-mitt-romneys-jeep-ad-17612213","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}