Joe Biden DNC Speech: ABC News Analysis

Diane Sawyer, George Stephanopoulos, George Will, Donna Brazile and Mathew Dowd examine the speech.
3:00 | 09/06/12

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Transcript for Joe Biden DNC Speech: ABC News Analysis
And welcome back once again here in Charlotte, North Carolina the vice president has that is his speech everyone is cheering yet again this is -- last. Night of the big Democratic National Convention countdown on. To president Barack Obama coming up. That's right and another video coming about President Obama also hear from Michelle Obama introduced a bless your little bit more when it's -- safe from our team here in the Booth George -- we just turn. Joseph Biden's bumper sticker over the years the press one word -- -- have a fantasy president comes up -- An all time brief speech one word comes out and says -- -- a -- -- for Mulligan. That's good golfers saving his life -- tough the first -- would like to do I'm like a do over. He can't of course do that because he's not conceding that progress hasn't made instead. He must ask the American people to be something they famously are not. Patient patient then -- -- gonna we've heard the word patient a lot -- but the Democrats in these first two nights. At a convention believe that Michelle Obama. And President Clinton also vice president -- incredible. -- for President Obama took a lot more about the future. Capsule at present Obama has one simple assignment tonight and that is to tell the country way he intends to go over the next four years. To do it Mitt Romney failed to do last week that is lay out a strategy for progress she cannot simply. Rekindle hope and change without giving voters a vision away exactly he will lead -- country. And Baghdad the White House talking a lot about the choice and putting put before the country and that's what -- unlikely her life Mitt Romney's name from President Obama. That's my guess it's an entirely different circumstances winner tonight -- we didn't win then he did in Denver four years ago. The country was on the run track and he was riding a big way and historic moment big wave in office now. He's got a wave against him and he's got to convince the public that they give them hope but don't make -- change -- get out ahead of that waving to calmer. Warmer waters where everything it's going to be just fine entirely -- and circumstance he wants a lot of hope. But he doesn't want a change and he is joining of the night before big jobs report comes out tomorrow morning. Absolutely and that could either would you want to think to -- but octane fuel tank get my -- -- this a big -- on this market but water on the whole parade. No question about the president got some good news today from the stock market of four year -- -- Jake Tapper is -- -- -- points out that jobs number tomorrow morning it's going to be. So critical and the White House knows how much that's gonna meet for their -- or lack of about them out of this convention. That's right in and out what's so -- important and in key about this is that. You put millions of dollars -- so much effort into a convention like this. Report could really wipe away. Any gains made or conversely. It could could do a lot more. And then all the effort you made with rhetoric and balloons and film's -- -- -- are. No I was just going to say Jake earlier this evening George said the data saying they're sitting. Relentless playing the campaign saying we don't expect a bounce out of the sky hasn't -- -- -- -- -- all the way through that they want to bounce. But they lot -- -- and I think it uses there's some hope. That they've gotten. Come to this convention so far no major glitches in the convention there was a flap in the platform over. Some issues that got resolved but so far George will this convention. Gone about as well as Democrats -- It's -- off script this model -- boots. Smoothed his -- and they've had no Kennedys Greg -- for better or worse. And and -- cents. First of all want a convention of you know -- This was not home. -- has shown them as smooth confident and excited the question that has to people who really have ears to listen. Right now when times so tough. Oh absolutely joins look I think the American people want to be inspired one means five of their leaders the special dinner. Leaders have a plan the future President Obama this is like an interview it's not going to be he's going to have to tell the American people I want -- I want you to resign -- -- -- Here -- James Taylor came out of the stage earlier. It was a chair there and he said that everybody don't get nervous that -- locked -- -- wanna go to Cokie Roberts. And we were talking about this convention and I this is my twelfth Democratic Convention and I have really never seen now woman that has been his problem. They bring out for every stupid signs which have probably been seen from the back. But you know with -- -- Vice President Biden just now was fired up ready to -- And the signs are held by everybody. So this stand. Seemed okay for the soon happen. -- -- -- -- effect. On the speakers and on the melanoma whole convention so that part of that I think -- gone very very the other like they have done. In this -- over and over and over again in the speeches that we haven't really isn't playing his bedroom -- important people. -- they have this. Thanks. Because those -- Where's the groups in the population of pain Kenya hoping to get in large numbers regardless of what the -- -- Because that's that's what they need to do nothing. We have them. Let us also also the ability seven by having these outside. In have been stating it had to be brought back inside because of the threat of thunderstorms but you believe that was actually -- lucky break. -- -- -- -- -- -- The stadium -- there is no way to -- defeated. In this that -- level but you can't repeat that. They -- 84000. People. Last year they said and then this so read them 203040. Am not sure how many -- -- did not from the rafters. Once you know we're gonna take another break and when we come back we're gonna join -- and the biographical. Video. About President Obama and again it's just minutes away and tell mrs. Obama introduces him. And he begins to speak.

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{"id":17178587,"title":"Joe Biden DNC Speech: ABC News Analysis","duration":"3:00","description":"Diane Sawyer, George Stephanopoulos, George Will, Donna Brazile and Mathew Dowd examine the speech.","url":"/Politics/video/joe-biden-dnc-speech-abc-news-analysis-17178587","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}