'The View' on the New Hampshire Primary

ABC's John Berman discusses what the results mean for GOP presidential race.
5:49 | 01/11/12

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Transcript for 'The View' on the New Hampshire Primary
-- -- -- -- A companion from ABC news ABC news correspondent John been shot does this mean that Mitt Romney is a Republican candidate. Well first of all don't Dotel Ron Paul and his supporters they have no chance else -- will explode your Twitter account immediately yeah. Blot. Is generally agreed will be very hard for him to win the nomination -- then the question is. -- Mitt Romney lose the -- would be incredibly high it would take some kind of epic event for him to lose at this point in major scandal a huge gap. In probably one or more other candidates to drop out. Almost immediately because what needs to happen for in the loses all the conservatives we need to coalesce around one candidate in that hasn't happened yet you didn't think it's. Not I think it's very likely that -- -- ground and. Vice presidential candidate would be to look like likening that right now is doing the best thing ever you know some -- the near that are not out there. I bet it's not going to be scared and they just behind. Had a town on the market ticket I that would be very difficult because he doesn't -- and -- the families. Is there not exactly very close Huntsman get mine -- -- what did it and. The names that are being kicked around right now Marco Rubio the senator from Florida Tea Party favorite Florida's a key key state Hispanic vote very very important music now. I'm not interested but -- you know that's a very possible choice. Chris Christie and out of the trail. He's been out of the trail practically campaigning -- -- Mitt Romney right now. I don't trust and -- -- He says he -- he would not say no if it were offered him some other candidates -- -- -- Zan Martinez the Republican governor of New Mexico while I was actually with Mitt Romney when he went campaigning for her a year ago that they have a relationship. I can tell you that that some of the people who will will not be. Are the guys running against Mitt Romney and Santorum was extremely consented doesn't believe in birth -- He would be right on the ticket because because rob is perceived as a moderate not a conservative -- can get this out. Coming right -- that got the election it would it's hard to see what are Rick Santorum would bring to that ticket so right now. It -- Mitt Romney was president what would that look like. With the Romney people say what that would Mitt Romney likes to present himself as it -- as a businessman he wouldn't run the White House. Like a business he's a very very successful consultant -- successful investor. And he would -- you're eating it but you something that's interstate. You know Mitt Romney hasn't had a job since he was Massachusetts governor that was six years ago he said almost seven years wasn't an accident that stretch -- he's a little bit of money in the bank account. He's doing okay. Can't wait -- He knows that the private sector doesn't necessarily discount him as being unemployed ninety that -- actually resonate with the American people. Gore also lack of jobs right now so there's a related -- I. Back 1300 did. There is disconnect. At least for me when I I listen to -- -- because. You can run certain sections of the government as this ask what you also have to deal with. International affairs is a lot more said that about Barack Obama and and his lack -- -- and. Maybe -- easily tell you this what do you tell you he's using I had executive experience. And and that's what he's running on now yeah. Policy experience that's what -- evangelical right and Angelica is going to do because they eat them don't exact date the Mormon factor is really. A bothering them. -- who will have a good chance we'll have a good sense by we from the Saturday because evangelical vote is very very big in South Carolina in the -- -- things -- -- huge outreach and for years now. Since he ran the first time. And if he can do well within the South Carolina in -- long -- -- -- -- those problems centrist think he actually won the evangelical vote yesterday in New Hampshire yeah. -- hasn't how business of his being a Mormon has not come up in the debates has not come -- if -- has I don't remember. But has not come -- as a major factor and yet we don't talk about it into elephant in the -- what supposed Huntsman can't get any anything going he's the smartest -- -- -- and what's Constance constituency in a Republican primary that that's the problem for Jon -- he what's New Hampshire were independents can -- anyone can vote -- -- Democrats independent socialist you -- they can all show up and vote in the Republican primary if they wanted Election Day. Any still came in third. They are closed primaries South Carolina Florida we have to be a Republican to vote is a conservative Republican gonna go pick Jon Huntsman. I guess not but why did they pick up Mitt Romney he's a moderate -- -- That's more that's fair. He's flip -- from Danbury moderate the flexible man and -- -- Mormon factor -- against -- in Massachusetts. Certainly didn't last season. -- -- -- Neil Young John husband just could not get the traction needed to get -- in the Republican base and wasn't able to attract enough in the the funniest thing is I I was reading that Stephen -- -- would do better in South Carolina than dot -- -- -- Jon -- was 1% in the polls that we deal is that Carolina and and -- have worked against Jon Huntsman was that he was a dedicated. I'm not -- -- and was the Barack Obama. Pointing to China as an ambassador and back -- time I went back -- Also why didn't he also worked for the -- and Renaissance anyone I can't Reagan -- only makes it. This -- this sponsoring that we're seeing you know the you know I just I still don't understand what the issues are what is the real big issue. Between candidates yeah well yeah. That need -- to pay depends who you ask because there are three different kind of -- to this Republican Party right now you have the Tea Party groups right now. Which are are in a way not as purely economically conservative as the old mainstream Wall Street Republicans and then you have social conservatives who Rick Santorum is really -- -- right now in it he they haven't come together yet -- But Mitt Romney media -- get them to come again and an extended.

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{"id":15340276,"title":"'The View' on the New Hampshire Primary","duration":"5:49","description":"ABC's John Berman discusses what the results mean for GOP presidential race.","url":"/Politics/video/john-bermans-view-new-hampshire-primary-15340276","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}