John Kerry Pushes Opposition to Join Syria Conference

Secretary of State urges parties fighting in Syria to attend conference aimed at ending country's civil war.
3:00 | 01/15/14

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Transcript for John Kerry Pushes Opposition to Join Syria Conference
This is a special room. Hello I'm Taina Hernandez in New York but -- ABC news digital special report more aid to Syria secretary Kent can't excuse me -- that yesterday that the US is pledging another 380 million dollars to Syria -- victims -- there isn't answers. Here now. I know that many have you been asking about some of these. Recent revisionism as to why the international community. Will be gathering in monster -- next week. So let me make it clear here today. From the very moment that we announced the goal of holding the Geneva conference on Syria. We all agreed. That the purpose was specifically. And solely. To implement the 2012 Geneva -- communicate. That purpose that sole purpose. Could not have been more clear at the time this was announced. And it could not be more clear today. It has been reiterated. In international statement after international statement. That the parties have signed up to. -- venue after venue in resolution after resolution. Including most recently in Paris last weekend. When both the London eleven and the Russian Federation. Reaffirmed their commitment. To that objective. The implementation. Of Geneva one. So for anyone seeking to re right. This history. Order muddy the waters. Let me stay one more time -- Geneva -- is about. It is about establishing a process. Essential to the formation of a transition. Government body governing body. With full executive powers. Established by mutual consent. That process it is the only way. To bring about an end of the civil war that is triggered one of the planet's most severe humanitarian disasters. And which has created the seeding rounds. For extremism. The Syrian people need to be able to determine. The future of their country their voice must be heard. And any names put forward for leadership. Of serious transition. -- according to the terms of Geneva one and every one of the reiteration ends of that being the heart and soul -- Geneva to. Those names. Must be agreed to by both the opposition. And the regime. That is the very definition. Of mutual consent. This means that any figure that is deemed unacceptable by either side. Whether president -- a member of the opposition. Cannot be a part of the future. The United Nations the United States Russia and all the countries attending. Know what this conference is about. After all that was the basis of the UN invitation. Sent individually -- each country. A restatement. Of the purpose of implementing Geneva one. And attendance by both sides of the parties. Can come only -- their acceptance. Of the goals of the conference. -- we too. Are deeply concerned about the rise of extremism. The world needs no reminder. That Syria has become the magnet. For Jihad lists and extremists. It is the strongest magnet for terror of any place today. So it defies logic to imagine that those who Bruins who whose brutality. Created this magnet. How they could ever lead Syria away from extremism -- towards a better future is beyond any kind of logic or common cents. And so on the eve of the Syrian opposition coalition. General assembly meeting tomorrow to decide whether to participate in Geneva in the peace conference. The United States for these reasons urges a positive vote. We do so knowing that the Geneva peace conference. Is not the end but rather the beginning. The launch of a process. A process that is the best opportunity for the opposition. To achieve the goals of the Syrian people and the revolution. And a political solution to this terrible conflict that has taken. Many many many too many lives. We will continue to push. In the meantime. For vital access for humanitarian assistance. I talked -- yesterday. With the Russian Federation foreign minister -- -- in an effort to push still harder for access to some areas where the regime played games with. The convoys. Taking them around the circuitous route instead of directly in the way that the opposition. Had a range four and was willing to protect the men. It is important that there be no games played with this process. We will also continue to fight for cease fires where we could achieve them. And we will continue to fight for the exchange -- release of captive. But journalists. And aid workers and others in order to try to improve the climate for negotiations. Now obviously. None of this will be easy. Ending a war and stopping the slaughter never is easy. We believe though this is the only road that can lead to the place where the civilized world. Has joined together in an effort to lead the parties to a better outcome. And then to the Syrian people let me reiterate. The United States and the international community will continue to provide help and support as we did yesterday in Kuwait. Where we pledged. -- 380 million dollars of additional assistance in order try to relieve pain and suffering of the refugees. We will continue. To stand with the people of Syria writ large all the people. In an effort to to provide. Them with the dignity -- the new Syria which there fighting for. Thank you as a as be happy to answer questions. -- All right that was. Secretary of state John Kerry giving us a briefing on new aid to Syria and we're joined now by ABC news digital reporter at State Department Chris good. Chris. Tell us a little bit give us an overview of the announcement just made by -- So Lou what we really heard from from secretary -- just -- that he hopes that. The Syrian opposition will participate in this that's been a big question mark as the planning for this peace conference for the people that's gonna take place next week. January 22. The Syrian national coalition. Which just -- elected its president appears to be divided over. Weather come the international community is waiting to see who's gonna come -- big question around here at the State Department. That reporters and asked him at the State Department has he knows and the -- -- little bit on. Is whether. The delegation that that the Syrian opposition will bring. This peace conference in Geneva will be represented it's the opposition movement militarily is very fractured and Syria have all these different groups. Some of them -- -- of al-Qaeda. Some of them. -- the US government calls the moderate opposition. That that the US wants to be there. And so there's really big question mark over who's who's going to be there and and that those questions early tied to what can come out of this conference. And whether any progress towards peace can be made. OK and and Chris -- -- experts believe ultimately brought the government to the table and is there a strong belief that they are there to make a deal. Well if people here are very cautious about that I I think everyone thinks it's unlikely that there'll really be a big deal. That comes out of this conference I don't think anybody's expecting that their -- PA. Quote -- quote peace deal what the state department's that is that they -- looking for progress towards. The implementation of a transitional government what progress looks like. You know they're not really sure at this point secretary Kerry. And his Russian counterpart foreign minister Sergey Lavrov met in Paris in the last few days and -- the things that they talked about there. Where local ceasefires. Possibly beginning -- -- -- -- where barrel bombing by the regime has been the issue something that the United States has condemned. Time and again and added access for humanitarian -- so. You know -- if you're looking at -- what's gonna happen. Win and winners incomes to Geneva. Along with that point six countries and need the opposition. Hopefully the opposition whoever whoever shows up as a delegation of the opposition. If you're looking at that and expecting. -- deal for peace in Syria to be announced I think everyone. Experts. State departments and -- officials think that that's that's not necessarily likely at this point. But they're hoping for as progress since our eyes you know you heard your carry -- -- those incremental magistrates that. Well Chris -- Allen thank you so much for joining us Chris good joining us from the State Department ABC news digital reporter. And even watching ABC news digital special report on -- -- Hernandez --

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{"id":21562269,"title":"John Kerry Pushes Opposition to Join Syria Conference","duration":"3:00","description":"Secretary of State urges parties fighting in Syria to attend conference aimed at ending country's civil war.","url":"/Politics/video/john-kerry-pushes-opposition-join-syria-conference-21562269","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}