McCain: SuperPACs Will 'Destroy Political Process'

2008 GOP candidate supports Romney, but has crusaded against shadowy groups.
1:04 | 01/13/12

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Transcript for McCain: SuperPACs Will 'Destroy Political Process'
But about the super pacs that spend a lot of money -- have been very negative already and and we haven't even had the New Hampshire primary. The super pacs as I predicted it will distort the political process there will be scandals you can put being -- cause of the problem at the doorstep. The United States Supreme Court which made one the most. Disgraceful decisions in recent history called Citizens United where they basically unleashed. -- -- Open the floodgates to unlimited amounts of money and -- attributed -- non transparent money political campaigns United States Supreme Court that it. Now these candidates -- playing by the rules. But couldn't you were Mitt Romney stand up and say let's let's stop a negative tone try to -- wants -- Because it wants I mean as long as unlimited amounts money in there and they're not attributable -- the candidate it's gonna happen. -- just it is the way it is we had campaign contribution limitations for a reason. And the United States Supreme Court basically did away with all that and now we gonna pay a heavy price for and I also guarantee that there will be scandal sooner or later.

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{"id":15354058,"title":"McCain: SuperPACs Will 'Destroy Political Process'","duration":"1:04","description":"2008 GOP candidate supports Romney, but has crusaded against shadowy groups.","url":"/Politics/video/john-mccain-says-superpacs-will-destroy-political-process-15354058","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}