Jon Huntsman: 'People Are Getting Screwed'

Republican presidential candidate discusses his campaign on "The View."
3:00 | 12/13/11

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Transcript for Jon Huntsman: 'People Are Getting Screwed'
It's always stuck I want to show you wonder if you're beautiful from what you've got the prettiest youngest. Most adorable wife Mary Kay not this a -- got a lot -- dot up. Now senator Dodd not something someone wanted pizza alone and yeah. I don't like. Let's get anyone barrier to your family -- -- -- without -- -- that not actually. -- they have to win you over Alitalia Geoff Livingston has won the other yeah thanks and great. The world is not and it looks like you've got everybody's got but let's talk about this. -- his Eli -- last among what was six the Republican candidates. Yet not -- you have good programs you've had great experience. What's. We're in the silly season. And it's -- silly season of politics last so long and then you know what happens. The good people of this country starting in New Hampshire with the first primary. They actually look at the ballot box and they have to say. All right the circus act is over the theatrics in the drama it's all played out now Y have to actually decide who among them can be president of the United States of America because -- not extreme -- not. Well I don't signed pledges and not to decide the silly -- yeah -- -- -- -- I don't like my hair on fire I'm not gonna do -- -- debate they're just some things I won't do you think you're gonna win in New Hampshire where -- it. We're gonna win in New Hampshire -- all I want you to do is allow me to come back so I can tell you how we get it. At a fight don't do it we'll come back and can explain why we didn't. That I didn't really chomping at the -- to ask a normal Republican which I think you are. That -- I keep hearing from us from -- Republican Party that you need to cut taxes on corporations cut taxes on multi millionaires billionaires because that would generate work. And we all concerned about the jobs in this country. And yet we've had done that for the past I don't know at least the past thirteen years us out with under bush and continued under Obama. And it hasn't worked. Why did they keep saying it's going to work it's like hitting your head against the law. Explain that -- -- listened to him. -- focused on the issues of the day that really matter. Did the issues of the day really -- two we have to deficits we have an economic data we don't have jobs in this country were divided as people because we don't have the dignity of employment in in many cases. We need to take this tax code that we have it's antiquated it's dilapidated it's in 1955 Chevy trying to travel on this -- bribery but what I shot her I'm not not not I'm doing something real. I'm phasing out all the loopholes and all the deductions I want to say to corporate welfare. No more. I want to say to subsidies. No more I want to lower the rate broaden the base and simplified. I want to say to the lobbyists on Capitol Hill if there are no more loopholes and deductions to lobby for for corporation. There is nothing to do what -- like that outcome because we corrupt that the system with crony capitalism. And people in this country no longer trust their system -- and I say the people are getting screwed. So I say we got our jobs problem on one side and we have a trust problem on the other it's called the trust deficit and -- people look at congress and they say. This congress needs term limits and they get it up that's what I'm getting campaign. When you look at all in the we need presidential administrations that you've worked for both bush administrations and the Obama administration -- -- in terms of being ambassador to China here nearly overqualified at this point to become president of the United States of America. But I actually think the biggest challenge right now and tell me if I'm wrong is actually getting. Those primary voters the actual Republicans to see you as that race horse -- an adult for the general election because she likes -- she didn't look -- Not only three Republicans so why aren't the Republicans. To you yeah. Well well well here's here's what happens sometimes you know you come into the race and people see the across the partisan -- to serve your country overseas I say across the partisan -- I believe in putting my country -- We're -- is that you except I promise I think in some cases across a partisan -- you know what I was raised to put my country first I'm sorry that's just the way that I am -- to boys in the military and what kind of example what ideas identified didn't put my country first so that's a philosophy I hold near and -- and -- -- to take that to my grave. I -- directly Vernon is in New Hampshire. If you don't come in the time with -- Losing is not an option. You know do you thank that there are too. Man me you -- debates we've had sentenced to eight. And I didn't and what all of the Hamptons hot -- out. -- Here's what -- -- will be to do Ivester to be my special envoy to the dump -- debate. -- -- -- -- Everything is to be a product -- -- a debate and you're not the only one but. We have numbers when -- come out and say you know this is total nonsense you know Donald Trump. Wants to influence this elections set he had a big candidate for the office the president -- states you know if -- if you if you have -- President out of state don't try to manipulate the process from the outside I want it to the point essentially right and that is there's a dumbing down of the debates you have so many of the nurses dilution factor. Nobody cares after a while they become entertainment oriented. I had this debate with Newt Gingrich yesterday in New Hampshire -- it was all about national security and foreign policy. There was no gotcha questions you know none of the hype and the and the drama we sat there for an hour and a half. And we talked about the world and America's role in the world and what we we would do as president and -- -- drug counseling. Well I I forgot to say that my daughter who fell asleep is also my senior foreign policy advice. Policy -- obviously does not a good thing. Since you brought up -- I wonder what you think of us this the united one point it is said he thinks of the child labor laws. Should go away and children should have to work in their schools perhaps as janitors are in a front office -- truck. I wonder if you let -- sink -- Matt. -- -- very creative man and his I was coming up a lot of creative ideas and thoughts from I'd say I'd say we have labor laws on the books and they -- but -- service just fine. They've been -- debated over the years but more than that. This country is still a beacon. Of hope and standards for the rest of the world -- I tell you that having lived overseas four times we're the -- that radiates standards whether it's human rights whether it's markets liberty democracy. And when we let ourselves. Become diluted that's not a good thing for this world and that that I would worry about more than anything else. -- a candidate you said that you would back any Republican candidate -- -- And Doris Duke -- -- hypothetical Barbara measurement and answer I also got shot the as a Republican all of of course -- Donald Trump is they can't and I don't think he's running in New Hampshire. And -- as soon as super high. I don't Donald -- like yourself important by the end of the he's not a candidate you -- -- You log on to -- in New Hampshire we have not heard -- flash to view and they're recommended -- who feel that we'd like to hit the first of your. And I thank you and I thank you for coming I went I want.

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