Key Points in Republican Debate in Iowa

Terry Moran discusses the most important moments of the debate.
15:28 | 12/11/11

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Transcript for Key Points in Republican Debate in Iowa
-- got a sense of of what people are already talking about our colleagues that. The human aspect of this debate that 101000 dollar offer of the bat from Mitt Romney which. Struck a lot of people in fact that was the biggest spike in social media people were quite depressing factors -- hash tag now on Twitter what 101000 dollars bonds. Because it is an -- comical some of that for most Americans Bill -- -- to others maybe not. But at one of the other aspects of this debate that is getting a lot of attention is. Where. Are the other candidates were not named Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich what where's the opening for them and we want to go out to Iowa right now. The Yahoo! Washington bureau chief Dave challenge and our good friend is up there with the governor -- Terry brands that it got yet to hit. Thank you very much Terry were here in the spin -- all the activity is starting behind us right now we are joined by governor Terry Branstad of Iowa. Governor you got a big shot up from leaking hydrogen -- debate does that solidified. He. Well first of all I think all the candidates did very well. I appreciate what new -- to say I appreciated. What Governor Perry had to say -- the average -- talk about our goal be the healthiest state in the country get people take ownership of their own health. Not a government imposed system but something -- encourages people. To you to do what they can in terms of exercise nutrition and all those kinds of things in and also I think the real loser here tonight. Was Barack Obama his policies have driven -- deeply into debt. And he spends his time attacking the very people who were counting on to create jobs the entrepreneurs in the business people at. And so I think that the voters of -- we're gonna decide who they -- the strongest in the best and clearly we need a new present you have. You have looked at many a Republican contest governor over the years here. Republican presidential contest did you see the dynamic of the Republican nomination race change tonight on that debate stage. You know what I find encouraging is. I think we've got. A talented group of candidates I think they've really gotten more focused on the issues that are critically important. Rebuilding the middle class reducing detection regulatory burden so that business can create jobs and reducing its massive. Federal spending and regulatory scheme which is just settling our company our country would too much debt in putting it's -- non competitive situation. So no endorsement we can't get entertainment personality and I now know all but I'm very appreciative of all the candidates all the good things -- had to say about me and Iowa. And we -- -- this continue to work hard to. -- -- support of the caucus goers we wanna see a great turnout now call. Senator Terry -- thank you very much appreciate it thank you. Back to you Jerry I -- thank you very much well. Newt Gingrich came into this the front runner. And expected quite a few attacks he got them as did Mitt Romney one of the things that's been interesting -- -- measuring the responses they Yahoo!. People have been asking questions throughout the debate when things they asked was at the end of the debate where you satisfied with Mitt Romney's answers and. -- What do you think. I would -- -- -- -- -- -- -- touched upon before the answer would be no. And at Mitt Romney he still hasn't closed the deal with conservative voters how much -- he actually expects to. That he has been running that sort of general election campaign up and up until this moment he has not been contesting Iowa. Two hotly he did that back and added 2008 election and he lost badly and obviously we -- Mike Huckabee won Iowa. But still. Conservatives Spain -- -- they just they don't view him as a conservative -- he's not to close the deal. And in fact back to the war. At least for Yahoo! viewers who voted and said. -- -- -- You know look at that the countries and an economic crisis in the central issue is that almost half the mortgages in the country or either near underwater. People essentially -- desperate -- not spending money that's a lot of houses a lot of -- not spending. Romney's chance was to address that he says look on the guy and -- economics had to get the country moving again he didn't do it. Beyond that he didn't get to the core issues of entitlement reform which is the other part of the big equation here. So I think Romney's chance was to show on the grown up on economics. And do -- in a way that that taps into people's anger and -- -- he's the guy is gonna bring some fire to the knicks. He doesn't do any of those things and that's that was his great shot here to get. In a way into a separate place not a Bowden neutered Newt says this -- that the -- on the grown up who can move the economy forward. That was his big failure tonight. Act says central challenge -- me at around me is that he's Bennett 25% 26% 27% for six years in and he -- never broken scenario because Republicans matters and it is. Sad statement that everyone has climbed. To first place over the course of this except for hand there's never been amendment where he's in the first choice when he did nothing today. Add to ensure -- he would be in fact he probably really hurt himself -- -- 101000 dollar bet because that's ending their resonates with everybody. I can tell you in these debates it's a personal issue it's a personal thing. Lab whether he's saying with in this kind of little asides that can really hurt -- hurt candidates for years ago and taken her -- -- -- Let's look ahead but let's get this Romney at this forward three weeks yet is playing in Iowa and is likely gonna -- in. And New Hampshire is back yard where he was banking on is now behind -- by simple measures as well behind Gingrich. What are we looking at here we looking at Gingrich sweep are we looking -- A campaign goes on for months are we looking at somebody else gets him. Well you know -- if are advising that Iran which I am not. I I would -- him to actually try to turn out those Ron Paul supporters when he was on -- and he was applauding Ron Paul part of that is because Ron Paul is doing well in Iowa and if he can take away some of those votes from Newt Gingrich slow that momentum. -- it Newt Gingrich does when I love but it's a disappointing win. That could take a lot of wind out of new sales so I think that Mitt Romney's best chance is for new not to do as -- he appears to be doing so -- -- -- What's gonna happen is for the other candidates the good news now. They're gonna smell death on Romney a little bit they're gonna they're gonna pile on. -- on these one shot here and correct me if I'm wrong but is to turn on the right -- here which is Wall Street. They all talked a little doubt -- mr. Romney cannot have a long and I'm telling you I think was that the what you do like Richard Clarke you step up and say we made mistakes I was part of -- -- and use what I know to make his right. That's what that's what often works in American politics turning in your community on behalf -- the greater good. That it's exciting move for family to him you're being -- Allen and analytical and -- -- -- Iowa usually the -- Iowa it's a big move right now at the heart that bloody well let's go to one of the contenders. David jolly and out there with Rick Santorum and thank you very much Jerry we're here with senator Santorum Pennsylvania's big endorsement today secretary of -- -- -- here in Iowa. Senator did you sense. The dynamic of the Republican nomination he's shifting on that speech tonight now I feel very get immunized I think we have them. We -- ourselves that -- the trustworthy candidate where the candidate. They can make the race about Barack Obama and his record. Not about the record of the Republican nominee. And or the character the Republican nominee. -- -- someone who has -- knows someone who is trustworthy someone who. Has a consistent strong conservative record that contrasts well with Barack Obama. They won't be able to. To undermine our message at all because we've we've been that consistent conservative and we've also had a strong you know strong character. And and again. There's no holes -- that -- -- do you think that you're consistent conservative appeal -- -- -- there is also contrasts with the Republican front runners in the race I absolutely do I mean you saw for about half the debate seemed like they were arguing between each other is to veto which one was more inconsistent than the other. And Michelle and I argued about. Well who was more effective as a conservative. I'll take that argument. I'll take the argument as -- you know that she'll concede the fact that was conservative as she is except. You know I would make the difference that I was I was successful and and and did so even when I was in the minority I was able to make a difference and and and win. American public wants a win. They want someone who can bring the people together in this country. Can get things done in Washington DC not just stand out -- -- criticized but actually make things happen and -- done you obviously got a nice compliment from Newt Gingrich in there about your. Record on Iran -- all all through your career an issue that he really respect you for being so focused on. This man to be this race that was Romney. Actually fallen to a place where he's not good. That sort of guy you need to be that was Gingrich and -- your site. Thank -- would tell you the same thing is he talks a lot violence this race is why don't. I mean people have just not made up their mind yet and that's I was so happy to have -- endorsement you know he's taken look at the field he's he's he's measured the candidates he's met with a -- And he came decided to add to support us I think but I hear this over and over and over violence it is still wide open -- they may. You know beyond some bandwagon right now. -- they're perfectly willing to continue to look at other candidates to the one that they feel the most comfortable with and I think after that debate. Can't fill up more comfortable with Rick Santorum as they -- it's gonna make Barack Obama raised the issue in this race. Senator Rick Santorum Republican from Pennsylvania thank you very much for being here secretaries think -- speaking. Thank you -- It would. Rick Santorum out there are guy who has doggedly. Campaigned -- -- he said one thing which composers are sword bearing out. He's is the race is wide open and one of the things that you -- is that 60% of violence. Still not made up their mind and they love that if you've been out there are obvious and got -- they love not made up their minds and we've seen in previous caucuses. Big movements to -- him. -- respect them. I think it's actually possible I mean from banks through his four years -- -- A month is a length of time when Greg Brown Larry alleged -- Saleh satellite that the one month and a -- -- and that I think we should recognize that Iowa has and. Big role in New Hampshire -- was ever moving. In Iowa will moving -- and it -- he should not expect that he has some fire line Hampshire. Larry -- -- and Hillary last I left. She liked -- she moved to behind in minutes in New Hampshire and it was only. What happened in this 23 days into -- ever come back so I expect a long process here in -- Piling New Hampshire we can -- lying to -- -- -- primary going forward this is not get wrapped up into or through. And certainly -- managing expectations that. As we discussed -- Mike Huckabee winning and I was a huge surprise to you GOP voters that he was he was the choice -- -- during Christmas. When he put -- that add that he within crop cross in the back he said it was a bookshelf I think we're. White cross average your way as so there's the possibility of that one of these other candidates could happen rant or make you can actually Iowa voters a big surprise to you. The other folks who seem to be -- right now but in reference to New Hampshire. Do you remember that again back into that the name Huckabee -- Iowa. But he didn't win the nomination and John McCain who was not really a movement guy he wasn't the conservative Scott conservative guy he put together a good strategy and did when an Allentown picking up an island and he did really well on that -- he'd beat expectations and where he expected to be on land in the island practices and -- -- -- New Hampshire. It's a very dynamic situation here I I think we've got a long way to go men and interestingly presidential campaign folks it's all about peaking at the right time. And I think the key question here is how -- new will move forward when he will peak and whether or not someone also be ready when maybe he tips. I want to ask about -- him have -- let's go back to what are. Colleagues over at bluefin have done they've they've put it -- -- real time map of the social media commentary on the debate from the beginning. Until the end take a look at. The peak near the very top. Of that is discussion Newt Gingrich is infidelity. Which was very wrong really in them all because of what Rick Perry the way Rick Perry and Michelle Bachmann and others put it. And it was put very much on the spot. And responded but I want. Open up the discussion or Washington DC so let's talk about what a lot of washingtonians are talking about which is. People who know Gingrich who worked with Gingrich people very high of people were once very close to him. Are really beginning to worry that he could be the Republican presidential nominee because they know and they think. Better than voters do anything to be disaster. It's a bit of double vision -- people who work with Newt Gingrich have very strong and very negative feelings I don't like they don't. But -- is most comfortable on the stage she's been on stages for thirty some people -- like that. The light comes up this is where I'm at home and it's part of -- hubris he he believes he's one of history's giants and it's a you've got this -- double vision people watching the kindness and are -- I don't like him he did bad things but the public says I don't know he seems like an -- guy. Look at him today you look at them tonight. What -- already -- we're seeing a little bit of the Republican establishment. Weighing in they've been holding back. But for example senator Tom Coburn he's come out opposing Newt Gingrich who worked with Newt Gingrich and as -- as a house member. We saw that -- Mitt Romney is trying to harness this. I guess fear of a -- candidacy -- -- having John -- avenue and Jim Talent. Former Republican. Politicians on conference calls to discuss their experiences of working with Newt Gingrich. I think it'll be tough however for Mitt -- to you this two frontal. That it will seem that it's -- -- -- too personal of an attack on making -- but I do wonder if there are folks who in the Republican establishment. Who will be doing this behind the scenes and talking to governors and other terror operatives of people who organize this kind of stuff because -- -- does not have. And organization right and that's not. I think this is I think this is a big risk because of irony Gingrich and not these -- these. Members of congrats to senators came out against me how -- say yeah you're right I was -- district or destructive to Washington and into my take tip and the establishment and people didn't like it and I ruffled feathers and I think that would also if he could use that the -- you know people don't like the fact that Romney is -- traditional politician and having all these traditional politicians. Come at a grand line up behind him enter the tax and Gingrich it helps make the narrative for -- My good -- Washington's strategy they -- in Washington great read write and add that is where that. That Republicans are this year in a very anti Washington -- I want to thank our guests Amy Holmes. On -- near Camden Dave -- and out in Iowa. Thanks very much Jeff for your hard repertory -- work out there thank you for watching. And and will be doing this again. As the campaign continues.

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