Las Vegas Bookmaker Jimmy Vacarro Gives the Odds on the Presidential Election

ABC News' Brad Mielke asks which candidate is the better bet and why gambling on the election is illegal in the U.S.
10:06 | 10/19/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Las Vegas Bookmaker Jimmy Vacarro Gives the Odds on the Presidential Election
Well hello from BBC news I'm Fred milky and we have here at the south point hotel and casino. In Las Vegas and it's that time you guys it is debate day. Here in Las Vegas and if you look behind the of course. You'll see your standard sports book all the NFL games all the Major League Baseball games coming up college football over the weekend but they are right over my shoulder if in his bring that again. You will speed. The presidential master you're. Donald Trump. The big underdog and I actually joined right now by the odds maker for this puts sports book here Geneva Carol thanks for joining us it's my pleasure at Jenny can actually make that right up did you walk up to the window and placed placed us on. So you can look very and you could try to make that bet but you won't get it because it's illegal to federal Campbell election. It's kind of a sad situation because we can look a lot of money on the cancer question. No betting entertainment purposes on. Entertainment purposes only but we've seen now. For entertainment purposes only not just that's on on who's gonna win the election what's that one right over my shoulder but also a lot of that's on the debate tonight. We'll get into that a second first this explain to me. Can you bet on the election anywhere in the anywhere else in the world they feel like they see odds on it all the time on line. About everywhere else in the world thinks that the United States they are much more concerned about our presidency as we are. To ask about their as our height I don't think anybody cares what the president of your ways. But I've been doing interviews I didn't want from Sweden television again went for Chinese television it's a real real big think redemptive follow us and in. Europe where they had the most action on on this election. It's like a Super Bowl Sunday to them. They are selling for all right let's and they books so much money it's insane. We are the only place you can't better. And so taking advantage behind these odds here I mean you set these odds here with explained what somebody. What what these odds are telling book currently what you're seeing as I care over the last few months it's surely without being a politician here that. Mr. trump has stepped in to few potholes. Where something was about even way back in July right after his convention. I he argues he gained a lot of strength but that's quite so naive that some things that obviously it hurt him and so we're seeing now is I. Hillary is a 621 favorite meeting if you're betting illegal book around the world yet delay at least six dollars when one dollar. On Hillary she said big of a favorite. It's just like booking a footballer a baseball game he changed daily weekly power rating can actually when it was good. Is our power when he made some mistakes he ought to go off toys. Much bigger long shot now. And of course the polls are telling us very similar thing right now Genesee. Hillary Clinton with anywhere from four point lead in the polls to a twelve point applause when you take a look at those bulls that sort of what's informing your odds here. It's exactly what it is no different like he would actually Jim I can make ours on this it. It's not that hard really isn't an action now we're in the ninth inning so he better pull a few rabbits out of its hat tonight. Or he's going to be trouble but remember in the business and I and again nothing is an absolute. So don't consider it done but he has a long fight him. That's given that because there is sports book in Ireland paddy power you've heard of it. There's already hanging out Hillary Clinton win back to if you bet that Hillary Clinton was gonna win the election. Didn't pay you money why did they do that right now. Well they think that's Hillary's gonna win they're trying to save some money in other words are having insurance bet right now. But they get 500 dollars coming years you after you bet on Hillary Q a few months ago what they're telling you right now. Won't pay 250 dollars and IQ wing but get a ticket now is no good is just simply a form of insurance. They think. That Hillary is gonna win and this happened. Worries go to to a Barack Obama but he had such a big lake they were just paying our insurers are. Leak could even do that if he wanted to over here. Now. Can you draw sports metaphor forming I mean what what have you seen. A bigger comeback right now than what Donald Trump would have to pull off than what what what are those teams what was up money. A very simple I was only book American world way back when who put our stuff on Tyson vs buster Douglass reopened Tice 127 to one favorite. Thousands of dollars poured in on Mike Tyson you aren't enough of 42 to one. And after all that money or you got back event Tyson was three seat so that was a big deficit to it's like I said anything can happen nothing is that troops would put it in the machine. Now let's talk about that debate tonight because. That right Darryl my shoulder it's showing Hillary Clinton is that David has to win the election. But to win the debate have you seen any sort of debts are odds floating around that they give you an idea from what what people even betting. Yeah I talk to the people paddy power army a regular basis but a semi regular basis and we've we've conversed over the past year. They're very into it and they can book all these what you call prop bets with just it's a short. Meet for proposition bets because again they're based overseas that illegal here but it's legal and I do is is Hillary and Wear pants suit is darling this and more parents are. Aren't going to make America great. Is Hillary and it's a moratorium kind of comprehensive and you know if they were negative two all of those things will he into rock terror we'll see interrupt him and the biggest one is I'm sure they're getting all. All the money bet on two ways here will de shake hands. To me. They should just put him in a box he really see what happens from there. I was gonna say the Super Bowl the big that only seems to end up being not only who will win what's the over under on point. What's the point play because it's it's a simple thing to start at the game when interest is so high you're saying that's the. Handshake that right now is dancing we have odds on the Super Bowl already indicated that profits you can bet head details right now you know nine months before the quake this super ball. Remember Super Bowl Sunday we have at least 300 prop. Opposition bit on that game Malone. But here it is we can't have won the election Gina with a good money is right now on handshaking. Will they won't they do you know what the odds are the odds I think it's three to one they will have a handshake but I'd like to have. Both flight into a lie detector on whether they really mean this handshake or not but I believe that what magic I'd bet that if it was a little. Bristol and I think we've actually seen that's floating around now on whether they'll use the word liar as well so it is this the literally. It's endless possibility of things you could dot com. With this debate obviously I'm sure your truck a couple of times also and you know whatever it did this guy. He's on his the last leg here it's gonna be unbelievable. One where the other what he does not completely calm cool and collected glee hasn't in the past. And I think the strength of her thank. Keeping it is keeping her mouth shut go from there are suggesting her the right after the debate tonight you know go watch Turner Classic Movies next to we started to show up anywhere. I don't think it matters it is really no reason I think it matters I believe with the people that I spoke into the congress workbook and ready bases. The past year and a half 95%. Of those people. Have been there aren't ready food they're gonna bet on I think is down tonight system quite. For first for some like there but that he's got a big uphill battle. If you're just joining us right now I'm here at Geneva karaoke but as the odds maker at the south point sports vote here in Las Vegas and they always say in sports and some of the smartest guys in the room that really know what's going on day today are the odds makers' latest now Hillary Clinton that could take some advice from you. Let me let me ask though that the larger idea of betting on election. Because I mean there's got to be reason people don't do it. I know you would stand make a lot of money if they allowed it but you were telling me earlier that day. People have come up to you very enraged over the idea of betting revealing odds on. All the way back when my friend and we pressed put up this. Immediately we got calls back immediately from that Saturday and Sunday it's pursuant tourists are in town. Police rushed to the Conner looked for me because they thought you could bet on the election they were down harder when they conduct they Clinton's. So here it is again we let everybody in the country know that this is happening but if I can happen until the antiquated people in congress. My easy to say that are going in the newer generation in I think by the time you'll be able to do with this as a minimum ten years away. People would say of course that he influencing elections and so he could happen especially down ballot races for air force counselors and is that argument resonate with you know. It's absolutely false especially in in the major election what do you what you can do but he until someone before they walk in the voting Booth and say. There's a hundred dollars of that on Hillary we'll take your hundred ago when it Garcia but Hillary but you don't know work. Who they better I think it's crazy it's insane. Speaking in the mind of the antiquated people who make the laws all right we'll how do you think heightened the odds and shake out from here. Between now and November 8 ever gonna see some more fluctuations no I don't think it's anything you might see a little bit tonight when they the other but that you know what's front left. That left two he's going to be on the road every day trying to push Nevada I don't think. Barring a major a major upset or. I hate to say it's the FBI coming down an injury handing out Hillary subpoena. Still appear somewhere and you have. Had a line at one point on whether she would be indicted correct. I think that though she wouldn't be indicted 321 favorite you know what young men and this is and I hate to think it's about our country. But I would put that prop up on the arts betting she. A lot of people commitments that you know at this at this Jimmy. She should be indicted achievement and I believe. So there you go all right we'll so that is the sort of language that we're talking here in Las Vegas this week not just about polls and pundits but about. You know it's hard at actual cash not hard actual cash in the US but somewhere else in the world there's real cash being spent on the selection team in the Carl. Thank you so much for joining us give you one more look at this at this at the odds right here. As you see Hillary Clinton. 61 theaters. That's it for me we will be with you all day and throughout the evening with live coverage of tonight's presidential debate until then I'm ABC's bread milk it.

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{"id":42919282,"title":"Las Vegas Bookmaker Jimmy Vacarro Gives the Odds on the Presidential Election","duration":"10:06","description":"ABC News' Brad Mielke asks which candidate is the better bet and why gambling on the election is illegal in the U.S.","url":"/Politics/video/las-vegas-bookmaker-jimmy-vacarro-odds-presidential-election-42919282","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}