Love at the RNC: Couple's Big Engagement

Cecilia Vega talks about the young couple who got engaged at the Republican National Convention.
3:00 | 08/29/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Love at the RNC: Couple's Big Engagement
Cecilia Vega joins that you've been greeted the elements outside -- side you've been out there you know. About it so what is what is -- -- about from your perspective that you've been talking doesn't really of the characters. It's about these characters it's about the people worse in out here really needs of the people that are going to be voting is the people that are gonna take this message home and talk to their friends and this is another story -- -- about -- these stories so. Every day I think any crazier. Story. -- -- Here's -- think about it down on the stage and it doesn't really screen romance -- to -- The thing that. We heard last night it's all there it's like it's like -- made -- Republicans haven't Islam -- so. On that stage early this morning there was a young couple there from New York. There it turns out their -- -- police for the RNC. He gets up on the stage -- -- his girl before you know it. Pop the question of it's all caught on camera. -- -- -- can't talk about it. -- -- it waiting for it. -- -- One. Yeah. He's yes. -- Get hockey -- This here's the deal -- -- dating like three years she's that. That he -- the -- she knew he was gonna pop the question at some point that they've been here for three months working on this and -- that -- -- talk about -- experience. Is his staffers are working around the clock and they were behind the scenes production. So he gets up on the stage -- she had an idea but she didn't know is actually gonna happen this time it. And other Dicey again it's just completely dumbfounded she looks up it's easy this picture there are -- in the picture them to kissing. And before you know it. He popped the question is not again so there's an interesting detail about their back -- listen to them talk about. I thought yeah. Not -- answer that. Would look like most voters how easy -- and -- things. Thank you and welcome to -- Difficult with the that questions are goodness thank. -- -- Clinton didn't. So little unclear the reporter's question but the very first question the reporters asked her are you both Republicans that they said were not -- -- How how about that says it was about. -- -- -- -- -- -- by some of them you know we've waited delegate -- game -- I tried some of them on but it is just having 2012. Now you see the guy dresses neatly. He -- -- bit quieter now. Why must ask you off at. -- was that can't delegates at their -- ruby slippers on those Mercury it's not a guy a few minutes ago addressed in the like the most canary yellow -- you've ever seen from Georgia. Spot tickets -- Joking -- want to get noticed and for a look at -- me it's that they're ready it's not that might accidentally let there they've got seriously think about. Their candidate that night. -- -- sports but. They -- it. You know ethnic question out there right now that -- this big mystery guest column that -- -- -- about it -- with a little speculation we'll find out now that Zito another. Dynamic team tomorrow at -- Cecilia -- get back out there on the floor light opera -- it all right thanks so much.

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{"id":17110557,"title":"Love at the RNC: Couple's Big Engagement","duration":"3:00","description":"Cecilia Vega talks about the young couple who got engaged at the Republican National Convention. ","url":"/Politics/video/love-rnc-couples-big-engagement-17110557","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}