Meet the Youtube Stars That Interviewed President Obama

ABC News' Serena Marshall chats with Swoozie, Ingrid Nilsen, and Destin Sandlin.
12:28 | 01/15/16

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Transcript for Meet the Youtube Stars That Interviewed President Obama
YouTube stars. And and my. You. In the dark days inn on YouTube though life. And existence and WT chemical smarter. Unity her. Life. It's. Smarter. Departures. Now. You. It. I. Ages the name but that's not gonna happen don't get hyped up even after they tell me you're in. Europe. Here the army's actually request time off work so that was. Here. Fares. It. We writes. Like. A century ago and if they gave the green let other party got like fifty questions rated. One at somebody this government this when asked Obama this it was a lot of prep for me was just clean out talking to the got you to this but it's a delicate balance is about I talk about. You know police brutality and Bermuda when you get from I'm not it was just like clearing it would you to because it's like I want to make the platform look good. And again I represented black man everything you do whatever that a lot of different things want to make like hey you know guys that you two. It by accident this is not pushing novel to partner likes was the it here you can do what ever you want but I'll talk as a thumbs up. Oh yes I asked the Internet community asked read it passed the team followers face but people. And I a lot of really good questions and I'm not quite as come as a means test. You know allotment Kendrick Lamar and Drake one I was told the Internet the Star Wars and toll in that they had a lot more that I couldn't by the card act in. I wanted to know that state alone was what questions you want you can the car nationalism fun I want to hear that the Disney. Disney want to know the Disney employee aren't the Disney's characters who he would have related to the most. I think he was Atlanta. Nominating. Your eyes at me anything having the joint asked you to get. Now I asked Friday question I really wanted to ask the question of how well. And I got a question to ask the president and anything out even it was a big win fair and tell them act and eyes were you nervous asked that question because I don't think anybody has ever asked the president now. When his height and eye witness not I is actually not. Nervous about asking that question as nervous about the interview as awful because it's something it's really exciting. But that was something that I knew for sure I want painted touch on and now hiking in a better idea of Arlington where were it me progress in that area. You got a lot of time and when it comes down to act and Hannity yeah ports on the White House correspondents here every day. So how was there in your offices in Whitney Teamsters that you represented your audience sewer. Wizard worrying their. What does a little bit that is the president right but he's just that he's the man and he's he's granted he's the most powerful man in the world. But he is used in testing he wandered up mainly would you agree I think closely for me was like. The first words and I'm not once I got rolling acting too will be video blog it's always the beginning of the dollar the hearts and went to start rolling apologizes. Let's do this. Sweat. There is that open interviews and rehearsals. I've missed during rehearsals and there is right of way of thinking just being in his patents in Italy on Romania and kind of prize like look at guys. Yeah. How much we need to which I did you look into the other right I split up 75% of his right. And nuts when he or it thicker. And the or not you. Oh yeah. It. Didn't get you want it to you are there other. Topics climate control. Of my thing and I just moved to LA. And I'm stuck in traffic I'm looking at these industrial towers just pouring pollution into the atmosphere and it's just like. Chipotle walk outside of my rifle to Bush's there's consequences for that. I was I'm in trouble for polluting the earth but all these guys here that are polluted current round plot eloquently and over Christmas and a 190 degrees. That's not OK we're December's about one of the particularly ones around. Writing it. Well I would ask about the balance between diplomacy and military intervention because he's at his decisions in. He represented there the rest of the world's opposition to see how he. Felt like themes throughout the course of his presidency how his views on. Now we did a lot about the president that we know before. How he thinks dot should Wear their pain. Hi visit his rap Penn average daily pick I thought he was. All about the hotline ambling yeah he let it get hurt like the the producers for the YouTube and Google they're like utilities and lots and Mike guys trust. And we didn't reply to it like Kendrick allowed K and he's he's in tune with his doves. I was. Shocked that he hadn't seen hours he's a busy guy and he is that if he and the press briefing last year's deadly disease hours so I have to follow up on. Maybe it was all when you. For the first one which is part four with his favorite that's right. I really I mean. If he would've said part one like at an episode one that would shock to me a little bit in the pottery scene like eighteen minutes really. Is a bit much and I think he knows that he behind the scenes but. Yet he's an honest the Everest which had more time with thirteen minutes you hear me like you just warm up and are there. I was really surprise and he did say you know that is something that the State's control. I think it's. Amazing that now the prize was. Now people. You in hair day if that is happening. On top of things to me and i.'s balance and I yeah. Or are so it's. It doesn't equal. It does the president. Regis is for perfect right place right at eighteen even talents they just brought us into insulin. Down nicely cord or incidents trainer at very nervous Carolina can end really with. While law lets them. And let the dogs just sit there it like sleeper. Healthy or not yeah everything there a street addresses. And picture. Yeah let's against the Atlanta I and it's not the other that the key admit about hearing rumors often overlooking the rest of them public them by. It funding from a biker and the vote like that this argument I think I don't really touching and remember the story behind that and national I mean speaking out bikes by. Your why did you hear and see you know I think to test the high note and of the presence it's important we can't we can't risk under President Clinton and I thought about the bike when you turn it let the terms right by birth. I can handle that like I'm telling him at 88 did yet you're two weeks yes it is pretty impressive. Yeah and it's calling you. Air vehicle it's. I didn't motorists during president the eyes and guess. I gotta be Epson station I. Pat White House and at that and on. On keeping the company gave me for water that's coming in the blame. Anything else your year that you take. To your viewers niece. Lose like he walked in the room did you hear it like this lose reflect well I am. I'm done I'm done optimize and indeed that to me that was like released a statement saying we'll you know for me that's. Midnight. Guys hanging in and take away just kind of the is. Overall at this is just so Klein and novel and that really shines Israel and the way today sneeze its parent wants to act but in ads. My biggest takeaways released national. Preconceived notion Steve preconceived notions before coming into the house and how this. Just think about it much and I get even more and so I just really check as the moment came in thinking that was the best way I. One of the media to feel weird and imposing on their territory because you guys go to school for this your debts like 100000 dollars from the start and then and here we come to let. Activity and atlas got to the president's I mean it was just like I'm really honored that you too can start as kids in our bedroom. Vlogging to a room with nobody and it essentially to everybody. We could end up with opportunities like this the White House I mean just YouTube Google the White House it's all of that collaborate in these guys. Really nailed him at his home run now. You work and where answers so it. Hear me and you see it has yet we'll play competitively competitive and other jobs if you're in now no need to me. Your film and television on the that workers and department heads of civilian so that's active and is on the side rate. And everything you haven't. Two. We did especially at like what I've learned five plastics and no we're not getting paid. It was. I mean when I start it it was just getting to that point where I was writing it of people or maybe making sound that he an awful. Now. Yeah. And now on the first on the night of the lighthouse that's in my that it actually was like looking need this thing is enough and I was like a year and a half ago. So literally Obama mama car I bought all kinds of luxury intimate and we have to you to believe and I that is likely it's not happening on dune an. There are. And once I got invited for the it's honest campaign the first time the president that's and my dad was like. OK so this YouTube thing that might actually pay you need to start and that's under expenses baskets. It's great I love it every day is Saturday us. Brother you got where he. It is nice yeah. Yeah. I really like. Alex certain country that's why Stewart is obvious pretty cool yet my my sister she's in peace corps I was over the department's and that's how we serve the country so that's why really appreciated this because it felt like. You know I mean he's literally he's on his pictures on the wall where he's eight steps up in the in the management change that's why this is that he's done. Well thank you guys so much for joining had a and and your areas where it. Broadcast live and it's go back and watch them again in this set. And thank you for joining Hester I'm Serena Marcel.

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{"id":36323823,"title":"Meet the Youtube Stars That Interviewed President Obama","duration":"12:28","description":"ABC News' Serena Marshall chats with Swoozie, Ingrid Nilsen, and Destin Sandlin.","url":"/Politics/video/meet-youtube-stars-interviewed-president-obama-36323823","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}