Michael Dukakis: Mitt Romney Was A Disastrous Economic Leader

The former Democratic presidential candidate attacks Mitt Romney's record in Massachusetts.
3:00 | 09/04/12

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Transcript for Michael Dukakis: Mitt Romney Was A Disastrous Economic Leader
Why we're here on the convention floor with somebody that knows a thing or two about conventions Michael the caucus -- -- can't believe -- -- -- warriors. You've got out one of the biggest convention bounces. -- No it was a great event to -- -- a great primary campaign but. -- It is well there were some factors are a lot of factors at play well what about this time around it -- to what does what -- President Obama have to do to recapture that energy at four years ago I think you feel it here. Mean I'm very impressed with what I'm feeling -- -- this convention I'm very impressed with the -- the presence -- campaign last couple weeks and he's obviously energized -- So I feel pretty good about it but anytime the economy -- soft. -- -- Governor and I -- let go through these tough times it's gonna be tough for -- I think he's got to he's got an opponent. Who had a disastrous economic record of Massachusetts of this story is not -- told about -- and messages of support towards. Economic record of any govern the country and this is the guy that says he's gonna turn the economy. All right so when asked about it and he is this is the incumbent president running against a governor of Massachusetts. -- kind of -- when he was governor. My state was 47 out of fifty in job creation and this guy who by the way. He ran for governor -- executives and the use of business -- All about the economy and he really was disastrous economic leader by contrast and the government -- we're now in the top ten were really moving. But what what what governor Romney will say is that when he was governor. The unemployment rate was four point 7%. Favor and against the president who's looking -- an unemployment rate of over 8%. Only Michigan. Ohio and Louisiana after Katrina had a worst economic record you know why we had a somewhat low unemployment rate young people leaving the state. By the thousands are going house or that there weren't any jobs like it was a disaster performance and the idea that -- Provide real economic leadership in this country for those those who -- -- -- -- is preposterous. That's some tough words not that you did you'd know what all did you want Dillon -- still hanging. I tried to get news and stop the economic -- on the economic side of things which at that. Would be very helpful when he was a bust no follow through no nothing at by the way. When he left office the State's infrastructure financing -- rusting bridges tunnels roads -- -- you know it's really a story that we have to tell. In these last two months the American people have to -- I've got to say this is some of the harshest assessments that I've heard. -- I've heard of of Romney's record from anybody included from the rose against the people of Massachusetts I mean. There's a reason Barack Obama's -- he points ahead of Romney in Massachusetts police on an action. We all know. How -- affected -- was without any Republican candidate would be running to when he points behind. Remember that it would -- voted for Reagan twice we elected a flock of Republican governors including running. We elected Scott Brown Massachusetts is not at nine democratic state was all about Romney's performance you talk to people -- -- In fact we often have a song. The -- -- happiness and privacy was out of state but for this -- tell us that he's gonna provide real economic leadership. For the country in the face of his performances government -- -- So do you think the president and -- Obama campaign -- it was -- -- not focusing more announces its record here all the stuff about Bain Capital and Romney's record the private sector where he was very successful you'll you'll hear plenty about his record -- Massachusetts between -- of them they're gonna go after him. Poland -- -- question about real world. Governor -- -- the -- 44 years later. Here we are right -- on the stage. Thank you really resonated.

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{"id":17155222,"title":"Michael Dukakis: Mitt Romney Was A Disastrous Economic Leader","duration":"3:00","description":"The former Democratic presidential candidate attacks Mitt Romney's record in Massachusetts.","url":"/Politics/video/michael-dukakis-mitt-romney-disastrous-economic-leader-17155222","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}