Michigan Primary Night: Newt Gingrich Re-emerges

GOP candidate talks energy independence and America's technology future.
5:16 | 02/28/12

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Transcript for Michigan Primary Night: Newt Gingrich Re-emerges
We learned a lot of last -- -- will present and changed -- -- national debate and energy. But there's a lag effect as it nasal. -- for the politicians and the media. Catch -- -- The fact is. We extraordinary increased -- Because it is -- privately that. And -- it was a private land well it's not. Now there's we probably. At least 25. Times. When he there's. Only 500%. More oil -- people. -- obvious acts. There. You create a huge number of jobs. -- three point -- Overstated its. Yeah. Want to -- because it is 161000. Jobs. He can't fail. He has -- it happens. These schools are trained to do the job probably about heroes and that's he's. Second term. When you do energy to create. So they -- Seven consecutive tax cuts. They have it -- Our rainy day fund Kristi. But knows you. Now. These -- real change. Pictures yeah this. Technology. -- yes shale. Where it was message we. Our differences well -- 2000. You expect seven -- natural gas consumption was. It would have to -- in liquid natural gas at least. You don't need more and actions we have -- you should -- and liquefied natural yes. Yes. 125. -- And now believe. Five exports. To shield against -- Those of us important gas. And pay for what happened -- the exporting gas and getting people. These. And shale gas -- -- coach ever ask us from here he or chewed through Dallas Texas. It is a huge series of different formations. Some of them are supposed to go so president -- Tennessee he's. -- -- vote yes but what. All of us. Question. I think it is. Which. All this is -- whispers. It's an enormous but left. Because it there is no -- It implies that -- and technology. Park admission. Virtually limitless. The -- independent producers and energy weighted. -- you think. -- -- Well first goal lead and -- independent. It is. No other press. Would ever in -- facility. Okay. Part -- -- Iranians have been devoted ukrainians and practice clothes it was based programs. Which is a bottleneck through which one out of every five barrels -- world. Short term answer that US. All. Of that is to produce much oil space but we don't care what. The. -- Because I think we have to do. Develop it will approach. -- about movies. -- -- -- When we discovered. There's -- Are. Last. The person. That. Any reasonable person knows. Elements of the Pakistan government half. That he was there. It is inconceivable. That he could have -- that's seven meters. Anybody in the intelligence. -- Who was building that was. -- in the action. Was not to track down people were. The past anyway. -- Folks that arrested for the people -- -- Now. The behavior now. We need -- here. Any with the marvels of brotherhood is the largest faction whose glasses. And maybe more radical group as the second section. They -- only nineteen Americans. This is not something he. And an obsessive music. Because -- reserve -- -- all of it for me. Police -- The Olympic movement in alzheimer's. -- think. That's not -- if but I the most disturbing thing. That we -- There's been -- recent accident. And what's lovely Afghans killing Americans. President apologize. Yes. Now we very clear. I think the commander in chief. Of those great eagle -- The people whose murder Nazis there. Okay. The secretary of defense will present. Citizen of the -- We discovered. That prisoners -- was laws rules. Wary defacing the program. In -- sent messages. And we stopped -- confiscated the correct that they had this case. -- It's not. We didn't -- Itself Caldwell. It will supposedly really passionate about it correct. Which candidate. -- -- is okay. -- Yeah. The US army. -- bottles and it is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The Christian right. -- -- -- -- -- Now we passively accepted -- really bad -- Nigeria Nigeria churches over. -- -- -- pictures ever. Does anybody. And Malaysian -- ever. Does. Exonerated. It is illegal. The practice Christian -- Jewish religion. Does anybody plan. -- -- ran -- me just ask me. They probably Christian minister Yukio prophecy says it is. -- -- -- -- No one in his administration. There it's there or any our values. They're very prepared to apologize. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Who was. He was. I'll bet you we had a test -- campus. And I said. What do you think. Might. Iraq. Bobby -- That is very substantial -- -- We'll -- that he probably believed -- radical us. You aren't the Obama administration and FBI agent could write. It is politically and for a so we can't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Kills her humor has -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Was engaged in a different world today. Of them American. Yeah. We will -- -- went by. Who later killed. When -- this. And yet neither the army report. Which Washington's. -- Four. -- Because -- including -- Now. A president who can't tell you the truth about people trying to kill you. President who can't develop a strategy. To protect the people -- We need. -- taking over her strategy towards Islam. Movies. -- these problems need to recognize we're not done militarily. Change Afghanistan. We're not -- military exchange -- And we are eight has serious problems and how to approach is that it's. 46 we're transparent Cold War and drug administration can't use -- -- kinds. How do you respond resilient. It was a bad week has now. Didn't feel that. This act of nineteen childish. -- actual growth which makes you restrictions. Now goodness. Because almost every American -- Us. We can bit overly political majority. Drill states to develop our resources and created as -- here. Let them do that. We will bring royals literally. People. Incidently -- You know offshore. We would generate. Sixty. Three trillion dollars. He sent to one side. And balance the budget which I did from. Performance years and you don't speak out your life. Budget and a Florida royalties. That we literally -- it in your life. Actually that which means. We were involved will be free facilities and free of the chains are holders simultaneously. The stage. That -- 500 million dollars here at home -- -- CE. We'll also pace and quality jobs and be moving -- four -- one we should the article -- healthy country. In which -- work. That process I believe. We gave you actually somewhere between two dollars. Businesses. -- The elites on television. And in newspapers or -- this is it possible this is helping -- days. Well I would remind you -- Ronald Reagan campaign. Cutting taxes reducing. Regulations encouraging. And encouraging Hoffman orders -- called -- -- house. You know happy -- sixteen million jobs Clinton's press. I believe. That we hadn't passed. -- prove it showcases group. We have the capacity if you presently -- and -- -- actually you know federal resources should be. We're not you know us. We're not talking about news that. We the American people almost 69%. OS. OS -- twice the size tax. That means you could literally hear it. Half of terrorists. They can pick glaciers. Polar bear areas where they -- 125000. Square holes. That we don't need you an area the size of Texas. That's how big city councilors. Now. I tried -- people who. Has. We'll have seemed to have adhesion. What are the lessons of this. When I was speaker of the house -- it was me. When Obama was sworn in yes it was. Pretty radical solution. I -- it actually pretty overall number. I think and -- -- the peace efforts as you believe we generate more than enough. -- -- actually. To create Steelers dvd -- dollars. Sense. Creates that level. But the president is moving house -- So yeah -- follow. Primary is -- see many state -- It's clear that. Go around and raise more money -- Wall Street. And get -- people people who. Taxpayers or access your minds active form. It. I can't national. Well I can't imagine people we have over -- 170000. People. Now we're into our campaign that he fires. And -- less -- -- Clearly you yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So tonight. On your FaceBook. I watched the good news equals. Two -- exist. Assess that. National alone -- And do the people's business for free. -- -- people ask -- how. News or there's a thirty minutes each way it's fun. There's the Obama cancer that is my answer to the Obama cancer. We've now and it is yes you actually -- -- debate. Fortunately he Obama's. Or hours. Later with the -- this fall. Okay. Into. All of you. We have -- -- 250 gas. As. It is. Yet. Huge -- Muster four days it's you know really. -- -- Where's. People here we let -- -- support. And it can be raised in this whole. All you know -- You know all the different -- Georgia or other -- here where they are sooner it. -- last all different. But -- Operations. We let's see if you want. Yes -- -- there's. And that philosophy news. Or anything -- ten gallons yes it's funny. Or you know hundred pounds which is. Or -- thousand pounds. We're asking people -- express -- You know one well. -- It starts the process yes people. And I almost -- -- As rapidly as possible -- Every single person house part me. They hit you in so doing and it was organized barriers. We didn't have it and this -- But in that reduces costs. And his. -- So I -- think this is the most important election. I hope we want you sure you vote I hope you'll find your friends and neighbors they do. And hopefully he -- -- and I try. To reach. And was four yeah -- you really appreciate. It thank you. Okay.

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{"id":15813282,"title":"Michigan Primary Night: Newt Gingrich Re-emerges","duration":"5:16","description":"GOP candidate talks energy independence and America's technology future. ","url":"/Politics/video/michigan-primary-night-newt-gingrich-cnn-debate-highlights-energy-independence-america-technology-future-politics-15813282","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}