Mitt Romney Is the Apparent Winner in Ohio

The former Mass. Governor inches closer to the GOP nomination.
1:28 | 03/07/12

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Transcript for Mitt Romney Is the Apparent Winner in Ohio
This -- an NBC news election. Super Tuesday showed -- Good evening I'm Terry Moran big political news on this big political -- Super Tuesday in the Republican Party ten states up for grabs -- more than 400 delegates at stake in ABC news. Can now report that Mitt Romney is the apparent winner of the all important Ohio primary -- the prize of the night he's here with a 100% of the precincts reporting. He's just got that razor thin -- margin over Rick Santorum calling in the apparent winner. Since there are still some outstanding votes out there where -- formally projected but it gives Mitt Romney five states. That he won on Super Tuesday. Massachusetts. Virginia Vermont and Idaho and Rick Santorum wins three Tennessee Oklahoma North Dakota Newt Gingrich -- his home state of -- to this fight is going to go on there's no question about it. But Mitt Romney the apparent winner. In Ohio tonight. About just a hair's -- a percentage point in about a million votes cast. ABC news and we'll have full coverage of this on Good Morning America of course with George Stephanopoulos. Is always on. And on world news Diane Sorrell have a -- -- this Republican race goes on Super Tuesday supposed to bring clarity. Split decision right across the country the Republicans will continue their conversation I'm Terry Moore.

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{"id":15865465,"title":"Mitt Romney Is the Apparent Winner in Ohio","duration":"1:28","description":"The former Mass. Governor inches closer to the GOP nomination.","url":"/Politics/video/mitt-romney-apparent-winner-ohio-15865465","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}