Mitt Romney: Attack in Libya 'Breaks the Hearts'

GOP candidate talks about the U.S. diplomats who were killed in Libya.
3:00 | 09/12/12

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Transcript for Mitt Romney: Attack in Libya 'Breaks the Hearts'
Americans woke up this morning with. With tragic news and -- Felt heavy hearts. As they considered that individuals who have served in our diplomatic corps -- brutally murdered across the world. This attack on American individuals and embassies. Is outrageous. It's disgusting. It it breaks the hearts of all of us who think of these people who have served during their lives because of freedom. And justice and honor. We. We mourn their loss. And joined together in prayer. That the spirit of the almighty might comfort the families. Of those who have been so brutally slain. For diplomats. Lost their life including the US ambassador. And of course with these words I extend my condolences to the grieving loved ones. Who. Have left behind -- as a result of these who have lost their lives in the service of our nation. And I know that the people across America are grateful for their service. And we mourned. Their sacrifice. America will not tolerate attacks. Against our citizens and against our embassies. Will defend also our constitutional rights. Speech and assembly. And religion. We have confidence in our cause. In America. We respect our constitution. We stand for the principles our constitution. Protects. We encourage of the nations to understand and respect the principles of our constitution. Because we recognize that these principles of the ultimate source of freedom for individuals around the world. Possibly the administration was wrong to stand by a statement sympathizes with those who had breached our embassy in Egypt instead of condemning. Their actions. It's never too early for United States government. Condemned attacks on Americans. And to defend our values. The White House distance itself last night from the statement saying it wasn't cleared by Washington. That reflects the mixed signals they're sending -- the world. The attacks in Libya and Egypt underscore that the world remains a dangerous place. And that American leadership is still sorely needed. In the face of this violence. America cannot shrink from the responsibility. To lead. American leadership is necessary to ensure that events in the region -- spin out of control. We cannot hesitate to use our influence in the region to support those who share our values. And our interests. Over the last several years we stood witness to an Arab Spring that presents an opportunity for a more peaceful and prosperous region. But also poses the potential for -- -- the voices forces of extremism and violence are allowed to control the course of events. We must strive to ensure that the Arab Spring does not become an -- --

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{"id":17218040,"title":"Mitt Romney: Attack in Libya 'Breaks the Hearts'","duration":"3:00","description":"GOP candidate talks about the U.S. diplomats who were killed in Libya.","url":"/Politics/video/mitt-romney-attack-libya-breaks-hearts-17218040","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}