Mitt Romney Tops Search Results of All Candidates

Phoebe Connelly from Yahoo! News on search engine trends and voters' concerns.
4:55 | 03/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mitt Romney Tops Search Results of All Candidates
We're joined now by my colleague guy Japanese senior editor Phoebe Connolly. Phoebe does this amazing thing every sort of big election is that where she and -- -- -- -- -- -- they look at all the trends that are going on for in Yahoo!'s search Twitter analysis and give us a sense of what is happening online. -- -- earlier tonight. That the search was sort of indicative that there was still quite a bit of interest. -- Mitt Romney the people were looking. Out for him is that more so than any other -- I get taxed twice as many people searching for Romney and they are for it's all -- -- search in his roughly. Torre and we -- about the search is what people are searching. Actually the student tapping on bricks and form actually. We are all very fine with -- mean that are still looking for based -- production. Bricks and form bio written out. -- for general issues searches that despite news the basic facts and where is Mitt Romney they're searching for very specific. Route wife or -- his wealth of details. And this is national search for three we able to look at what people are searching any specific state we aren't -- just got updated news. To meet growing loan is just a bit of write in invalid you know -- -- unit I think yes -- -- we do you think if not a state is the demographic we see. -- split among gender and just about it -- women for example 43% of women searching for an overwhelming. Favorite among searchers were looking for. To their particular state -- know. What have -- been talking a little high. Well. -- -- -- I'm actually. -- And Romney and Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich came in fourth place. We're -- and -- right and we now that it's a two person race that wrecked the accents that -- and equipment. A look at Twitter and what -- do what what can Twitter tell us. -- -- -- -- -- -- On the election what are people talking and the thing afraid that we are seeing most Twitter right now is Santorum vs Gingrich. On track that people are talking the battle between two. States. Itself and it that would be that was -- -- -- -- you're just making you were just noting that we at a regional these regional victories are mounting for a guy from the northeast in the northeast and it's hard to imagine that it drummer Gingrich -- been saying that Mitt Romney camp. We -- southern states in November reliably Republican -- -- so it's it's a tough argument for them to make politically. -- so reliably part of the Republican base like what we do the electoral map we immediately make the color -- Yes exactly so. It's a tough case in terms of chipping away Romney's electability which we've talked about as as a sort of a -- can't -- -- write -- good. They're gonna make it about his ability to energize the party capture that core conservative and well we learned that also looking at the exit policy evangelical vote in places like Tennessee Oklahoma in the seventies. And up to 73%. In a place like. Oklahoma its share of the electorate that's right that senator percent of it of people in that state who were voting. Consider themselves evangelical is that you can look at that mean do you get a sense of of the the -- or the kinds of things that people are searching for by state. Different as different as the states themselves. We'll know more about that later in the evening flight to lay on Twitter but -- will have one thing that is actually -- gone viral it's really turning that we were discussing earlier that to vaccinate girls me. About voting for our team -- spikes around. Being passed around -- didn't -- Ellis Island little girls excited that their dad voted for Ron Paul. Apparently that's how you go viral right at cat. A cat that -- that doing something right or your kid charming children discussing action did anyone bite anyone's finger. -- I would go just. -- -- chart giving you should think about. I think our three yeah. And -- without really important. TV that's really interesting that you very much appreciate -- -- information I am curious to see. How the search changes. The it'll be very interesting to see if these people as news results and affect what they're looking for and it's always -- agency. What they're looking for touched -- On -- you know one of the states Georgia. Gingrich -- at the bottom but that's not surprising people in Georgia no party no English and it's so it meant -- necessarily track to how -- -- --

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{"id":15863701,"title":"Mitt Romney Tops Search Results of All Candidates","duration":"4:55","description":"Phoebe Connelly from Yahoo! News on search engine trends and voters' concerns.","url":"/Politics/video/mitt-romney-tops-search-results-candidates-15863701","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}