Nicole Wallace: Up to Candidates to Show Empathy, Humor

ABC News political analyst breaks down areas a candidate needs to focus on going into a debate.
3:00 | 10/03/12

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Transcript for Nicole Wallace: Up to Candidates to Show Empathy, Humor
-- while sitting next us now Nicole is a ABC news political consultant or political analyst I don't know exactly gonna get there. Had six net effect has worked on many big. Campaigns as a Republican strategist. In years past you laughed when asked that question Jon -- about whether political. -- Whether they're being accurate and that's. What's the real answer. It changed and it is to matter we -- live and die by way back checked -- war and both sides to point one way way out or accuracy. -- that are currently being ill. This campaign seems to be the first one long time and maybe it's because it. And you kindness no excuse. Single story really matters in Hebron. An -- From -- -- their -- sources. I think this is the first election cycle. I -- when it doesn't -- to -- -- it. So little about getting your candidate prepared and I talked a little bit about this -- course work closely with Sarah Palin getting her prepared for her debate. Getting -- Paul -- prepared very different but I'll bet Delaware's alerting someone like John McCain prepared and you know some -- -- -- day. -- and the when you're talking and act out about them on his mind. Walks in these debates that the weight of the world they have to do eleven things you know. Nine and a half and care possible all it wants to have say -- Governor Chris Christie predicted. Name -- doing just to shake up their rates by -- -- -- -- You know get getting them prepared. Rarely falls in the three categories -- the -- stands. And it's amazing how you know the State's rights and -- minutes to accomplish them either campaign. A futures that you really do have to spend time -- there. Massive -- -- prepared to -- these guys around records from staggering. Ridiculous thing about it there's the strategy. -- how to go after her. -- Senator Obama and and then there's the and the style and grace points humor. -- -- -- Moments and frankly. McCain. More. I think apple thing you crack me jokingly itself -- expense. Than some -- Ron -- I'm not sure what kind of -- that kept him. The maddening thing in terms of -- people for something like this must be that as much practice you do they think -- gets remembered. Most often is the unpredictable. Moment. Right and what's funny to -- is that that doesn't suit. Either -- cash it right well I mean these are two very formal guys who are who are -- I think comfortable in the bubbles and Wednesday think this politically speaking. And so I think this debate Obama will come from the moment from our out of their control and that the -- and watching for tonight will there be found. Some moment where you know that something set that was and it everything back so -- money that is -- -- cards that they practice and it wasn't anything that -- -- -- and that's sort of -- moment that audience's hunger for it can happen greatest impact on. -- perceived to have one box. Well we've been hearing a lot about this from candidates -- everybody from Nixon to -- and they over prepared and so they weren't as Agile. As they wanted to be on stage. It seems to me that we're candidates get in trouble -- accuracy your take on this is when they are listening to the question but they're not hearing the question and -- they answer it. Just like the Kitty Dukakis question in a very this was the policy -- as opposed to what I'm really asking you is. -- -- -- -- looking for the of the the issue where we're looking and so in -- in Romney's case this -- do you prepare them overwhelmed most cases but you prepare your candidates and say. Here's what you need to do so when they're asking you this remember you wanna be portraying that I'm the ability -- Asia and the thing is that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and there. We the voters are taking -- novice politician. Not as people govern and legislate -- -- human. Beings have the capacity. Men and in this where. Sometimes the better. Politician is defeated by. That really in -- -- space to watch for. Take us behind the scenes after all the prepping the people who. Are doing tonight what you have done for candidates and asked are they watching and freaking out. That baby -- I can make it about I think it's like UH UH UH UH UH and then and then you know and it's it's it's sort of -- -- -- have to wait and see what. Looks like they're waiting to see what -- bar that they've done everything they can do they may indeed be prepared in his that they plan. They they've created. Rooms and hotel -- all over this country. That look exactly like this Angel significant statement game that -- backing up our credit they've done everything in their power and and now is. Is that you thank you extract -- -- There on the field needs to sit back up for the past. New appreciation for what you do. -- is like that I love the part about. I hope when this baby comes out what is -- -- cake that read don't I don't. And drink too much line right not even minor -- and Nicholas thank you.

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{"id":17390359,"title":"Nicole Wallace: Up to Candidates to Show Empathy, Humor","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News political analyst breaks down areas a candidate needs to focus on going into a debate.","url":"/Politics/video/nicole-wallace-candidates-show-empathy-humor-17390359","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}