Obama Congratulates NBA Champions Dallas Mavericks

President jokes next year it will be the Chicago Bulls at the White House.
6:28 | 01/09/12

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Transcript for Obama Congratulates NBA Champions Dallas Mavericks
-- -- may call themselves the bad news bears because. From the very beginning. Nobody gave much of a chance. People says. Jason Kidd was too old and -- I will save it. There's the first time -- been more liberal champions who -- my contemporaries. They said JJ Barea was too small that -- Lewinsky was to Sloan. They did say that now. If they did a great -- -- -- DeShawn Stevenson was too crazy. -- -- the jet. You know. Was was terrific -- it. They weren't sure whether that tattoo was such a good idea. But these players got it done because. They know how good teams -- Not just. -- jump in higher or running faster. But by finding the open man working together. Staying mentally tough being supportive of each other playing Smart. And that's -- the mavericks are some league's best teams including Miami Heat who got little attention last year. This was especially sweet for -- and Jason -- around. First time that the mavericks in the -- -- in the finals. And lost five years ago. In fact mavericks played. Before the mavericks plated single game last season. When Jason got his debt to -- when you do something as crazy as I did you've got to back it up. And he did by the way is four point seven points to help when the deciding games. -- -- -- averaged thirteen years ago. As they skinny kid from Germany with what he describes as a goofy -- -- -- Last year he became the second European player ever to -- be named. Finals MVP. And it wasn't easy benefit finger so badly in game two -- he -- to -- left handed. In game four he played through -- 101 degree fever. But every time he came through when it counted and I think it's fair to say that we have. Very rarely seen. A better. Playoff wrong then Dirk went -- -- last year it was. So clearly Dirk is a tough guy. Although the most painful thing. May have been his rendition of we are the champions. -- Did you did you think you worked on that. -- -- None of -- players would have gotten so far without the rest of the folks on this stage obviously Jason Kidd now. As the second most of system for most -- steals in NBA history. It wouldn't -- worked without an outstanding coach. And coach Rick Carlisle. Has now. -- a player as. -- won a title as a player. -- Larry -- in the eighties. -- Title as a coach him and he just informed me that he would also won. What went through and through. Over -- home. But. The Albany -- -- many of you did not know. Rick Carlisle had also won. One of -- It's a minor league team. So -- players and coaches will always sure -- bond that comes with being the best. And it's a bomb they share with -- community where they do everything from -- -- scholarships to helping military families get back on their feet. Today in fact they met with some wounded warriors -- at the White House I want to thank them that they Neitzel. The all. This team really does have. -- heart that's the sides taxes. This was remarkable run a great victory great vindication for all the -- Mark Cuban -- -- -- building this team and for. Long time players like -- on Wednesday and long suffering fans like all of you. And so I just want give heartfelt congratulations to all of -- I told them that you know it's too bad next -- it -- the Chicago Bulls here. But. -- -- that I shouldn't be so confident. Congratulations but it get off.

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{"id":15322391,"title":"Obama Congratulates NBA Champions Dallas Mavericks","duration":"6:28","description":"President jokes next year it will be the Chicago Bulls at the White House.","url":"/Politics/video/obama-congratulates-nba-champions-dallas-mavericks-15322391","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}