Obama: Economy Is 'My Singular Focus'

"Are there times where you say, I wish this was happening faster? Absolutely."
2:49 | 10/19/11

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Transcript for Obama: Economy Is 'My Singular Focus'
Faces to names of the story. -- overnight. And when -- a little line somewhere where -- there's no. Or. Six months and given -- -- and do you need I mean I know it's it's it's. It's tough the job well but. Murmured as your earlier today said. I think it. And help stayed on jobs. That. I don't like. Obviously Afghanistan. Lot. But. My singular focus every single -- -- -- make this. That's what -- you run for office and there's no doubt that the reports from -- years where -- That -- there's an -- people. But every action we take stated. Recovery. Wall Street. And so I guess. The course of him three years. Times -- it says. That's. Are there times -- I think myself. That there. Always. Somehow -- About. That I previously posted -- for the White House project. If -- right. Although. One -- that there's an old. -- -- me love me -- I. It's really exciting. They've they've bases. Focused. Because the Christian thing. -- against.

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{"id":14769793,"title":"Obama: Economy Is 'My Singular Focus'","duration":"2:49","description":"\"Are there times where you say, I wish this was happening faster? Absolutely.\"","url":"/Politics/video/obama-economy-singular-focus-14769793","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}