Obama Flirts with First Lady

President tells the troops to follow his example, and marry up.
0:57 | 12/14/11

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Transcript for Obama Flirts with First Lady
He has kept his promise. -- responsibly. Bring you home from Iraq. So please join me in welcoming someone who's your strongest advocate. Someone who shows his support for a military not only in words but in -- my husband our president and your commander in chief. Barack Obama. -- -- All the way. And and I'm sure you realize why don't like following Michelle Obama. He's pretty good. And it is -- reliable little biased but let me just. Michelle you -- a remarkable First Lady. -- -- A great advocate -- -- -- -- And you can't. -- -- -- -- -- -- that's your goal to marry up. Punch above your --

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{"id":15154569,"title":"Obama Flirts with First Lady","duration":"0:57","description":"President tells the troops to follow his example, and marry up.","url":"/Politics/video/obama-flirts-lady-fort-bragg-15154569","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}