Obama Thought of His Daughters in Somalia Rescue

President expresses sympathy with father of hostage rescued by Navy SEALs.
1:35 | 01/26/12

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Transcript for Obama Thought of His Daughters in Somalia Rescue
I cannot imagine. What he went through. Malia and Sasha. Its offer. Him to be able to stay strong. And then for our -- -- you want to do what they do. Thanks but this country did you send a message to them as you did before the bin Laden raid godspeed. You know on this one. They. Were moving so fast. That's I actually had to give the order in the directions and then they were out and was not a situation where I could actually talk to. The folks who were. Directing the operation and it was still ongoing while we -- in the middle of the state of the union speech we saw you say to the secretary of defense good job and Everett -- He does a good job generally but we were very specifically. Referring to the operation. In Somalia because at that time we knew that she had already been recovered. Along with the Danish hostage. And they weren't yet backed two. -- the American base but we -- at that point it was safe. That everybody. Successfully achieve mission that -- yet I haven't spoken word. She still had some. Some illnesses I think she'll be fine. The main thing I want -- -- make sure the kids -- kitchens.

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{"id":15451193,"title":"Obama Thought of His Daughters in Somalia Rescue","duration":"1:35","description":"President expresses sympathy with father of hostage rescued by Navy SEALs.","url":"/Politics/video/obama-thought-daughters-somalia-rescue-15451193","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}