Payroll Tax Cuts: Boehner: I Need the President Help Out

Speaker Boehner says differences between Senate and House bill will be resolved.
1:17 | 12/20/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Payroll Tax Cuts: Boehner: I Need the President Help Out
The president and leaders. Of both houses of congress have called. -- yearlong extension of the payroll tax cut. The house has passed a bill that would do just that. It would extend. And reform unemployment insurance to protect social security. And create jobs. And we're proud of the bill that we passed. On the house passed with bipartisan support. Now we also understand the senate passed a different bill. We oppose that bill because of the two month extension. Will create more uncertainty for job creators in our country. When millions of Americans are out of work. The payroll processing companies say that the senate bill was unworkable. And so complex. That many Americans may not even -- the tax. So today it we have voted to go to a formal conference to resolve the differences between the two bills. This is a system that our founders gave us it's as old as our nation and as clear as the constitution. Our house GOP negotiators are here and ready to work whether counterparts in the senate. To resolve the differences as quickly as possible. Our negotiators -- Kevin Brady. David camp may numbers. And Nan -- Tom priced. -- armory of Fred Upton. -- -- -- Now it's up to the president. To show real leadership. He said that he won't leave -- for the holidays until this bill was done. Next up is clear. -- present Obama needs to call on senate Democrats. To go back into session. -- -- go to conference and to sit down and resolve this bill as quickly as possible. I sent a letter to the president today. Ask -- -- to do just minutes. We've done our work for the American people and now it's up to the president and Democrats in the senate to do their jobs well.

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{"id":15199254,"title":"Payroll Tax Cuts: Boehner: I Need the President Help Out","duration":"1:17","description":"Speaker Boehner says differences between Senate and House bill will be resolved.","url":"/Politics/video/payroll-tax-cuts-boehner-house-opposes-senate-bill-15199254","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}