Payroll Tax Cuts: GOP Leaders Want a One-Year Bill

Speaker Boehner, Rep. Cantor: Businesses want the certainty of a one-year bill.
1:14 | 12/22/11

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Transcript for Payroll Tax Cuts: GOP Leaders Want a One-Year Bill
Yesterday I spoke with -- Obama. I urged him -- call on senator -- to work -- us to finish. This bill. That will provide for one year of tax relief. For American workers. I told the breeze present at the others -- one big reason why we need to do for -- Mass jobs. Near built like the president requested air like the house produced it's simply better for jobs and better for our economy. A one year bill provides. On average about a thousand dollar for Americans -- workers. As opposed to the senate bill which would provide. A measly 166. Dollars. As importantly a one year bill would provide certainty for American employers. They Begin to plan for next year. Two month extension only perpetuates. The uncertainty of it too many employers or British house. In dealing with the economy in what's -- Washington. -- some ice from a small business. I can tell you that the language in the senate bill a -- hurt small businesses. The satellite goes for two months but -- -- send their taxes in. Right to check guys to write -- terrorist but has done on a quarterly basis. And so they're gonna have -- months of this another month of this. Trying to trying to figure out what your obligation is going to be debacle. -- actually. That the paperwork requirements in the program and performance. Contained in the senate bill will make it virtually impossible. For those who provide several services. To do the job of that. That employers -- them to do. The practice we can do better. American -- to last him a question where the jobs. It's time for -- sit down and -- of negotiation. Solve this problem so American workers would go to their taxes grew -- -- -- morning. As -- -- said it is it is our position that we want to make sure we provide some certainty of the working people in this country that the taxes are not -- go -- for an entire year. Fortunately that view although it is shared it is not being implemented or proposed to be implemented by the senate proposal. And you know we're here and we want to solve the problem. And it and frankly given where the parties -- -- does not a big difference between our positions. It all comes down to the pay -- the impact of budgetary impact. The extension of his -- As costs -- -- president -- yesterday doing this Christmas shopping. -- brought his dog with him. You know we're here he could bring his dog up here we are pet friendly. And you know again it will not take along time we can probably resolve the differences within an hour. That's why we're here to say let's. Let's do this is the speaker said let's avoid any more uncertainty. Let's try and avoid another one of these difficult moments within sixty days. So we can get on about the business of putting in place factors for a better economy job creation.

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{"id":15213500,"title":"Payroll Tax Cuts: GOP Leaders Want a One-Year Bill","duration":"1:14","description":"Speaker Boehner, Rep. Cantor: Businesses want the certainty of a one-year bill.","url":"/Politics/video/payroll-tax-cuts-gop-leaders-year-bill-15213500","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}