Politically Foul with John Berman

Santorum's football fumble and other stumbles from the campaign trail.
3:00 | 02/23/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Politically Foul with John Berman
Politics it's not a game exactly but there are rules that when you break them -- -- running and politically foul. First -- Rick Santorum of Akron Ohio just down the road from where -- Cleveland Browns play. -- -- our country any steeler fans. Flagged five yards off sonics. You know politics is a team sport folks you have putting average -- -- as the grounds not the Steelers next Mitt Romney goes all -- -- -- -- as George just as it was say when they're applauding stop right. Flag ten yards. Of the George Romney was forced to quote is Venus signed build episode. -- lost. Usually come up with -- good common during the meeting that the -- -- buried under gaps and bad. Jonathan good candidate that I don't -- good -- walk up. So first off it was -- not George Cooper said -- executive Romney was being literal why he stayed for the entire debate might not walk off. And finally if he wanted to quote George Costanza lying on the subprime mortgage market myself and -- but that it was socially acceptable. No that's a campaign slogan. Of course the real -- -- the end that Jason Alexander tweeted. Real governor Romney enjoys my old character I enjoy the character that he used to be to defeat embrace that again he'd be a great candidate. We -- from Chris Christie on Republicans suggested -- Political reported that some are probably asking skill. To think about wanting -- race is true and yes. I five yards not illegal -- the -- -- Smiley and happy that people are asking him to enter the race -- happy for a guy supporting Mitt Romney. Finally you've seen pictures of President Obama singing at the white house with BB -- but let's break down the video. Buddy Guy asks the president to -- President claims he's not interested printed agrees to seeing. President makes like he's going to give the Mike back what keeps it finally he -- whose legend TV gig sing a line. But still some life back again. Flags five yards not false start false modesty. For a guy who -- like we didn't want assuming he seemed awfully reluctant to stop it you hear this again under Pete Wentz. That's all from politically now ABC news that Yahoo! News I'm John burning. We'll be all week on Twitter at John Dennis -- and on FaceBook.

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{"id":15781887,"title":"Politically Foul with John Berman","duration":"3:00","description":"Santorum's football fumble and other stumbles from the campaign trail.","url":"/Politics/video/politically-foul-john-berman-15781887","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}