President George W. Bush: The first 100 days

A look at Bush's first 100 days as president.
2:41 | 04/21/17

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Transcript for President George W. Bush: The first 100 days
Tonight mr. Bush's manager. He's the first president to have a graduate degree in business their pictures of them on the bulletin board at Harvard Business School where he earned his degree. Here's ABC's Terry Moran on the MBA president. The picture is still emerging when he makes a decision. He's decisive. He pledged to be a compassionate conservative but the ailing I've seen is that he's been compassionate to conservatives. I think that people underestimate him make a serious missed. George W Bush's first 100 days in office have been marked by personal charm. Conservative ideology organizational discipline and lock. You run your businesses you set priorities. Mr. Bush approaches the job with an executive's mind set and management experts say the influence of his business background is clear. We see it in terms of meetings on time we see it in terms of up. Don't don't don't talk to me and thirty pages tell it to me in three pages. I'm gonna delegate authority. But there may be a downside to the president's corporate style of leadership polls show many Americans believe Mr. Bush is too close to big business. Too distant from their concerns. Know. Where did that seem more evident than in a series of environmental decisions the administration has made it which sparked storms of controversy. This is the most alarming rollback. In in borrow metal efforts. Last month with aides including senior advisor Karl Rove telling him he faced a political problem the president changed his tune taking a series of very public. Pro environment decisions he encouraged just take a look at other environmental. Policies that he could talk about the reversal was typical of the bush operation adopting tough conservative positions and then backtracking when necessary as the people's body. On the signature issue of the tax cut for instance the president tried to go directly to the public to pressure congress that backfire. If you look at where he went he was not able to pick up a single vote in any of those states I think you could've done a much better that'd been willing to sit and talk and negotiate. With members from perspectives it's. In the end after losing a key vote in the senate the president compromised saying he would accept less than his one point six trillion dollar tax cut. Polls show Mr. Bush enjoys far more support now that he earned on election night. But most of the major tests on the budget on energy policy on issues that cannot be predicted or planned for. Are yet to come. Terry Moran ABC news the White House.

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{"id":46940029,"title":"President George W. Bush: The first 100 days","duration":"2:41","description":"A look at Bush's first 100 days as president.","url":"/Politics/video/president-george-bush-100-days-46940029","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}