President Obama, Governor Christie Lift Spirits in New Jersey

President joins the New Jersey governor in chatting with area residents on the Jersey Shore.
19:41 | 05/28/13

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Transcript for President Obama, Governor Christie Lift Spirits in New Jersey
-- this special report from ABC news. Hello everyone I'm Tanya Rivero in New York this is an ABC news digital special report to President Obama is taking the stage at the Asbury Park convention center in New Jersey -- -- a live picture. Have him there with beach season officially underway on the Jersey Shore is in town to -- the rebuilt. Boardwalk let's listen in. Let it the ball. Say thank you the Governor Christie for that introduction of the great work you've done here. -- -- -- -- entirely. We've got three. And congress brought New Jersey. -- rush well. Last week my Bible and asked me -- they've said that the president. You want to spend next today in Washington or. Would rather spend. -- -- -- -- I've got to make some tough decision. President but that's what 10. -- -- -- Governor Crist -- I just spent some time. I'm on the Point -- board walked. I got a chance to save the world. Tallest sand capsule being built. We play touchdown beaver I don't think Chris they're got to give the -- the first round. -- -- -- -- -- A -- goal. Drogba. Governor -- these kids taught me the right technique. For in the hammer to -- those problems in the -- the way -- spoke to. And of course I've met with folks were still rebuilding -- -- Now we all understand there's still a lot of work to be done. Our homes to rebuild their business to reopen their landmarks and beaches and boardwalk. Bad. But thanks to a hard work of an awful lot of -- -- shops and restaurants. And -- that are opening their doors. And I saw what thousands of Americans all over Memorial Day weekend you are stronger than the storm after all you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'll tell my staff on the right over I -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On the there -- so. I -- you. After I leave office. -- once but -- pretty well. Now on the shore. -- -- -- -- Other than the first went. Raised about why this might have been. -- -- -- -- -- Where people have to work hard and do what it takes to provide for -- prevalence. Want to come here everything is all right. What you spent a lifetime here -- weekend for a summer the Schuerholz. A special place in your heart. A special place is America's. Biology America's memory. You know what -- -- -- seven months ago. Hurt and -- had just hammered communities all across. These calls and lives were lost. Homes -- businesses were destroyed and and and folks were hurt. And I remember something Chris said -- then he says we cannot permit that's -- replaced the resilience that I know all -- New Jersey and today. And again. You're gonna let you kept going. To be -- that was special care. Not just in the summer but all -- around. From the moment the hurricane hit first responders worked around the clock to save lives and property. And neighbors opened their homes and their hearts to one another and you came together as citizens to rebuild. And we're not done yet I want to make sure everybody understands that because. For somebody who hadn't seen their home -- yet. Awards is still trying to get their business up and running again after all those losses. We don't want them to. To think that -- -- we've checked the box we've moved on that's part of the reason I came back. More could ever be all right again. -- on this weekend. Road from be brought to bear. From -- -- to seaside heights. Both morning and. -- were sold out. The stone -- -- -- -- Audiences more I've sprained. God will try to -- those big stuffed animals to impress a special girl. So like -- said that -- the Turkish shores back and give -- the work's not over though. -- months ago I promise you that your country would have your back I told you we would not quit until the job was done and I meant. A prima -- could be here today but I want to thank him and his team or their ongoing work. Below zero before sandy -- flat ball they're still here today. They're working with the governor's -- -- with the task force -- set up to support families or communities are still need help. Since the storm that we provided billions of dollars. To families and state and local governments across the region and more is on the went. And even -- my team is helping communities recover from the last hurricane season. There -- -- prepare for. The next hurricane season which starts this Saturday because if there's one thing we've learned last year -- that when -- storm hits we've got to be ready. Education preparation that's what makes a difference that's what saves lives. And anyone who wants to make sure the ready for a hurricane or any other disaster -- want them to visit something oh a website called ready god -- Make a plane its number two world. We've also got a a member of the rebuilding efforts like these aren't measured in weeks or months but -- measured in years. That's why just. Just this past Thursday we announced billions of -- paper new York new Jersey transit agencies. That's -- the Army Corps of Engineers working to restore beaches and strengthen the short natural defense. That's why I joined governor Chris -- -- representatives finally get a relief package through congress we're gonna keep doing what it takes. To rebuild all the way and make it better than what before. Make -- stronger. That was before. So -- -- you've got to use -- -- But when you looked -- on the beach. This beautiful beach here even in the right it -- god. Over the horizon. -- you won't be alone. Your fellow citizens will be there Gloria just like will be there for folks in breezy point. And Staten Island. Obvious we're going to be there for the folks in Monroe Oklahoma after the devastation -- last week. We don't want to come back. Here was not just send a message New Jersey but sent a message to folks in Oklahoma when we make a commitment that we've got your back we. Finish until the work of -- Because that's who we are we help each other Americans through the bad times and we sure make the most of the good times. Let's have some good. Good times on the new Jersey Shore this summer. In the summer after that it all -- -- America bring your program. And spend -- little money on the Jersey Shore you'll find some of the -- may have O'Connor. Bet each of the honor and guilty. After a tough problem -- let's face it that's special -- -- And now the storm everything still all right thank you. And we just -- President Obama speaking out Ricard in New Jersey talking about the posted standing recovery he saw this morning Nancy toward the Jersey Shore with New Jersey governor Chris Christie back side. As beach season gets ready to kick off the president wants everyone to know -- speeches are back in business. And ready as he said for the good time but let's bring in now ABC's -- Gonzales who live here in New Jersey. Hi there Garcia and hit President Obama back out again came -- the short of the people there think that he delivered. What I think it really depends on who you ask for the people who live in the communities -- that is seen a lot of recovery that yes they do you think that he's delivered on that promise. But you have to remember the work isn't done and there are some people who are still frustrated. And waiting for their homes and businesses to be rebuilt as well as some of -- -- that have not been rebuilt they're waiting to see their communities come back right end up. Martin Memorial Day weekend it's always a big one on the -- we know the weather -- a little spotty but. How take over businesses. Yet it certainly was a problem it looked pretty much to like this in -- and then Saturday and Sunday and -- that -- drive away some of the business that wasn't beautiful day here yesterday gusts up. -- of the people back to the shore but -- really just hoping to make up for the losses from this Memorial Day weekend as we get further into the summer absolutely we have seen some pictures of -- rebuilt boardwalk. -- about what percentage of a very big area have gotten -- kind of treatment. -- Governor Christie says about 80% of the shoreline will look the same this summer as it did. Before the storm but he stresses there is still a lot of work left to -- now they have worked very quickly indeed now. You get New Jersey Governor Christie is USEC has been everywhere this weekend -- as he described the recovery is he pleased. We know initially he was a bit frustrated especially with some house Republicans who were blocking financial aid to the shore but he's really trying to push this positive tone of saying that the Jersey Shore is back that -- open for business and welcoming people -- come back and visit the shore. And Martin what do you see -- America can you describe the crowds you've seen. I've just been very excited for this and that the president was coming -- All morning in the rain in line to be here. -- just a lot of excitement that that the summer is kicking off in this way with such a positive message. From the president and from the governor. He's mark Gonzales flat on the Jersey Shore thanks to you know. That -- now bring an ABC news political director Rick Klein live in Washington hi there Rick you know the president's side by side with Republican Chris Christie. Is this a bipartisan. Romance made in political -- It's an issue or is it felt like it was about seven months ago all over again not just the fact that they appeared together but that the president. Sound like he's backing campaign the cadence of his voice even -- sounded like a campaign rally. But this partnership is Chris Christie Barack Obama alliance is self fascinating you remember -- Chris Christie. Was the keynote speaker at Mitt Romney's convention last summer and then barely mentioned Mitt Romney's name passport a few months he -- hurricanes sandy hit you have President Obama on the ground just a few days before Election Day. Chris Christie by his side almost hugging him and talking about how great the president's leadership has been a lot of Republicans don't forget that -- but for Chris Christie. He -- popularity has skyrocketed in the in the wake of super storms sandy he is up for reelection this year against a Democrat is trailing by thirty maybe forty points in polls. So he is cruising in a relatively blue state. This partnership would President Obama benefits him from present Obama's respective. Clearly the perception that Jersey is back on its feet and he delivered on the promises that he made seven months ago when the storm hit. All of that comes full circle at an event like this and you have these two remarkable and very prominent national politicians -- -- join each other's company today. Absolutely so as you just said that this partnership has certainly worked for Christie on the state level. But looking ahead he is considered to be a front runner in 2016. For the Republican nomination could this come back in -- him then. No question but here's an important thing to remember 2013 comes first. He's got to be reelected this year and if he does it overwhelmingly. In this state is flu is New Jersey that is of -- had a seems headed to a presidential cycle -- he's got plenty of time in the ensuing couple years to put distance between himself and President Obama. However there will be some national Republicans already they're upset about the fact that he this is the scene is so close to the president in the closing days of the campaign that -- had to essentially suspend his campaign -- folks felt like they were gaining momentum at that time to have Chris Christie -- prominent Republican governor talking about how great the president was people won't forget that they won't forget. Pictures like those today the two of them yuck it up on the boardwalk you know that -- -- backed Shia and Republican primary debates account. In a couple of years if Chris Christie runs but for now he will take the law as much as it gets and -- Obama still fairly popular in New Jersey given high marks for his handling of sandy and the two of them are savvy enough to realize that there are times -- you can bask in each -- flow. Absolutely and Rick let's talk a little bit about the rebuilding -- they're still a lot of work to do but the -- does look good is Christie also using this to shape his political brand. He's -- New Jersey's -- right now interest thing that there are. Advertisers now running across the nation touting the return of the Jersey Shore funded in part by federal dollars that feature Chris Christie and his family he's using his own celebrity here. As part of it and I just at a quick look at the public events that he had starting his fright -- past Friday Memorial Day weekend. I don't think the guy took more than an hour between ribbon cuttings that some port of -- -- -- somewhere he said he's going to be anywhere in New Jersey that is coming back he is a powerful and effective advocate for New Jersey he knows that good politics locally is good politics for him. Statewide at the end of this year when he's up for reelection and potentially good politics for him nationally he will never as he has said many times he will not apologize for being -- being. Presence as a governor in the in for his state. Advocating for anything that they need and if that means -- times he has to say how great President Obama is. He sees more than more than happy to do it. Absolutely and now President Obama did make a promise to rebuild the area but it -- difficult. To get that money out of Washington what are the odds that there is more sandy relief coming has -- on. I think though -- it probably slim positively additional money beyond what's already been earmarked but there is still -- chunk of money because of the way Washington works. Not all this money was immediate relief to homeowners a lot of it was long term rebuilding project. It will take a long time -- some of the money to get out the door there -- a report about the Red Cross still having. Plenty of money that it it was supposed to be earmarked for sandy still in its coffers the bureaucracy takes a long time to get through and in fact -- in the administration -- say the Smart way to spend the money. -- -- just a write checks everyone is to make sure that people are reinvesting in positive ways but it was a big debate in congress over sandy funding around the into the year I -- of a number of members of the delegation from the New York. New Jersey Connecticut area they felt like there was an anti East Coast anti northeast bias going on -- you had people from states like Oklahoma ironically hit just last week by a by a tornado. Who said look we're not gonna just. But giving a blank checkbook for all this money we want to make sure that we take a look at -- where the dollars being spent we want to make sure they're being spent on the right things there was more scrutiny to that emergency fund building it bill that I'd ever seen. Happened in Washington usually something happens and they start. They start write checks right away so I think there's additional scrutiny because of the timing of sandy around the election people completed it with a with a political problem political needs -- -- time. And I think the additional scrutiny that these a lot of Tea Party members of congress among others wanted to impose on it I can't imagine an additional aid bill benefiting sandy victims in particular but announced. Rick do you think post Hurricane Katrina these natural disasters have shaped presidency is more and more -- can't remember. Them being so high profile as they are today. Welcome president HW George H. W. Bush had his presidency shaped by a response to Hurricane Hugo. In Florida so there's -- there's a tradition of this but I do think you're right that debt since Katrina. People are on a different footing and responding to national natural disasters like this you -- -- sure they don't become national emergencies into -- sure that -- mobilizing every resource. And we are viewing it now as a time where people show their presidential strikes or they don't rights because of the failures in Katrina dealt to that the federal government was described with so many of the problems at the time. That's why I think when something like this happens now you immediately see a president and administration kicking into high hear there was no wasting time in the wake of of the Oklahoma disaster. Last week just like there was no wasting time in the wake of sandy last fall. Yesterday on top of that now Rick it wasn't all business on the board like today and we understand that Chris Christie was on point with his throw that the president -- that there can you break it to. For -- there. That's right -- it does look like the president is -- -- was the answer was able to get a direct hit them to win the big stuffed animal feed their golden fought a lot of politician and again it just it is so striking to see this very prominent Republican politician. And -- very prominent democratic president. Out there together yakking it up I said there are lots of folks who were working for rival 2016 candidates and recording. Every moment to this but it can't wait to throw it back at. Present hot hot there wreck I'm sure gonna see more that -- -- -- -- thing you. Exactly exactly they're quite the odd couple -- doing so that they recline in Washington thank you thank you. And for more on the president's visit to New Jersey today go to I'm -- -- in new York and this has been an ABC news digital special reports. This has been a special report from ABC news --

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