Analyst: Women Voters Shift Towards Mitt Romney

ABC News' Matthew Dowd discusses the state of Election 2012 before the second presidential debate.
3:00 | 10/16/12

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Transcript for Analyst: Women Voters Shift Towards Mitt Romney
We've got mad that here -- seemingly. Out of the I'll post lower income. -- the that you wrote a very bull column today and ABC news that -- trying to channel. And the female part of -- -- Talking about what women want in a presidential candidate. What do women want presidential candidate how we see that. Play out tonight. Collect all the easy you should try to short cut -- -- various windows and obviously more complex than a lot of times we try to lay down five or 600 words -- in. 72 soundbites are you -- have been in my question. No I answered a question for everybody out there that thinks that I'm some expert on women or whatever. -- I think what what I think happened last time. And since that. That women voters all voters -- when voters. Specifically. Want somebody that's got a lot of energy wants some it's time especially anxious time a time of concern where people don't exactly -- -- ago. And even if they may disagree with them on the issues they want somebody that's like bold decisive and -- carrier room and I think what you saw last time. Is Mitt Romney came that way and with that -- -- you're basically control the conversation due to a large degree and felt like he wanted to be there. Barack Obama did didn't come with a lot of energy as we talked about before didn't come sort of -- with a sense of certain units -- the clarity. And I think as you saw -- poll numbers move the primary group from voters that move the -- Was women. That -- -- them the reason why President Obama losses for five point lead now is probably even a one point behind is women voters primarily shifted to the two. -- -- -- month to see that sensitive than inside and you know that that had. Tell me this horrible every continent every time we've -- -- you've had a revelation. -- a premonition about what's going to happen in the polls afterwards now. This has been incredibly volatile over two weeks. He continued to beat this Faldo couldn't walk away a week from now or five days are now saying boy this race -- another five points one we're well. I don't hospital took five points Amy but I do think we're in right now election held today he looked at the not polls and took everything for what it was. Mitt Romney would win the popular vote of the country and Barack Obama would win the Electoral College so those two things would beverage for only the third time in history of our country. Second time obviously since 2000 happen -- President Bush. Is and that's where we are today and so I don't think it'll move for five points. But that fact it could move -- one where that you could sort of how it Mitt Romney comes really well the president doesn't show up. He can and Mitt Romney could take the popular vote lead and Electoral College lead in the aftermath of tonight. Or can go back and so it's it -- -- -- exactly the same which we be faced now with the next debate have to deal with this. But I wouldn't be surprised -- where we are today doesn't move one way slightly to -- points which ships that removes the other way to fight through it before it gets -- could easily happen is likely to. -- happen there there. Yelling and barriers meant that you need to. Leave this set -- and go to the other said on the other side of this large room. For the broadcast network coverage of the debate thank you for coming by great to be dropping that knowledge on us by -- -- -- we appreciate that and is that any --

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{"id":17493946,"title":"Analyst: Women Voters Shift Towards Mitt Romney","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News' Matthew Dowd discusses the state of Election 2012 before the second presidential debate.","url":"/Politics/video/presidential-debate-2012-analyst-women-voters-shift-mitt-17493946","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}