Gov. Bob McDonnell: Romney's 'Warmth' Will Come Through

Virginia's GOP governor discusses what Mitt Romney must do at the second presidential debate.
3:00 | 10/16/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gov. Bob McDonnell: Romney's 'Warmth' Will Come Through
Governor Bob McDonnell the Republican governor Virginia governor thanks for joining us we appreciate it. As my pleasure -- on here from New York thanks. So. As we all know Mitt Romney does have its penchant for occasionally creating cringe worthy moments when he's interacting win. Civilians live regular voters. Can you be confident that that's not gonna happen tonight. What say when you're human being you have a tendency to do that and any candidate on the campaign trail -- that those moments including. The president but. I think this is a great chance to engage show voters directly last week it probably did very well but that was more -- -- another -- the moderator. But I think he'll show the skills that he's developed he's been on the campaign trail for -- and happy is done countless town hall debates I think he. Cares about people and I think that that that -- as well as his directness about the problems facing America will come through tonight. Government McDonnell you are of course the governor a big battleground states and we hear a lot -- about suburban women especially those who live in Northern Virginia those who live in Richmond. What does Mitt Romney need to do tonight. To reach those women and to connect with those from. I think that. The good as recently as the most recent poll that's come out has Mitt Romney up by a couple points now in Virginia. And in the battleground states. Show that he's actually drawn even with the president. Head to head on women I think 4545. So I think what he's been doing is the right message despite the ability the desire of the Obama administration to try to -- this contrived. A war on women which is is been a theme of their campaign. What what I think men and women really care about is is job creation. And debt reduction and spending control and more security at home and and abroad and more access to the American dream for their kids and their drink -- And the bottom line is Mitt Romney has laid out a plan they gets us there the president's had for years he's tried. His policies have not worked 43 million people don't have jobs sixteen trillion in debt. Doubled gas prices less -- dollars and 35 years that's not a good formula and doesn't suggest the second term and so I think he's connecting on. On ideas and that's what's gonna carry today. Governor. Early word from the Romney campaign is that they want to emphasize bipartisanship. His ability to work which -- Democrats. His record in in Massachusetts. You you can watch what's happening in Washington think that's really credible promise and can you think of say one issue where the two parties could could in fact come together in Iran the administration to get something done. You know it's a really good question I think people are so. Tired of the conflict. And the inability of congress to get anything done you look -- that approval rating and congress. Single digits or 14% I think was the most recent one -- -- this this this is a crisis of this great institution as ranked. That low and on nine deficit and budgets we get pushed to the brink every time. Mitt Romney actually has a record of getting that done he had a heavy democratic legislature in. Massachusetts. He found ways to balance the budget without raising taxes or reduce the unemployment rate from -- to thirtieth in the country so here's a -- that is actually done it. And this is the thing I fault the president on is while he may have try to think that toxic atmosphere that's been created. Class warfare to some degree -- in this campaign. Is not the kind of work that's been done he ran on hope -- change and yet today we have Berlin more conflict and division. And so the president hasn't lived up to that bipartisan promise and so I think Mitt Romney's got a record of getting it done in Massachusetts he's got the credibility to make that case tonight. Government now thank you very much we appreciate your time. I gotta be on with you thanks.

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{"id":17493918,"title":"Gov. Bob McDonnell: Romney's 'Warmth' Will Come Through","duration":"3:00","description":"Virginia's GOP governor discusses what Mitt Romney must do at the second presidential debate.","url":"/Politics/video/presidential-debate-2012-gov-bob-mcdonnell-romneys-warmth-17493918","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}