John Sununu on Second Presidential Debate 2012: A Good Night for Romney

Former New Hampshire Governor predicts how the town hall debate will go for Romney.
3:00 | 10/16/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for John Sununu on Second Presidential Debate 2012: A Good Night for Romney
Former Republican governor of New Hampshire John Sununu can you hear -- governor. I -- how -- you today we're doing great and we appreciate your time let me let me put this -- you. Bluntly. -- -- Mitt Romney has had a few moments with regular voters that were. I think it's -- described as cringe worthy for example when he described himself as. Unemployed as well to an unemployed voter. Are you sure he's up to the -- tonight -- interacting. -- regular voters undecided voters in front of tens of millions of people -- the president looking on. Well he certainly -- gonna make as big a fool of himself as the president did last time I think Mitt Romney is rated talk to voters he's been doing it. Constantly and the results of of a motion an outpouring. Continue to grow and -- tells me that he's really touching them. So I think this is a good format for -- but it's. I think it's a format that unfortunately. Doesn't allow for as much interaction from candidate to candidate so. I think it tends to drive the whole thing to a draw but it's going to be -- good night from Mitt Romney. Expectation governor from what the president is going to bring this time do you do you expect him to have a similar performance to -- or two weeks ago. Well I I have to assume that. That after the disaster we had two weeks ago where where you know his own supporters felt awful about it. But worse than that you had the world watching and I think he actually embarrassed American to the rest of the world. So I hope he's done his homework so that at least in terms of the rest of the world watching it is not as embarrassing your performances last time. What you expected to come out much more aggressively against us. The governor and this time I mean if you -- your we -- worried that they -- -- with each other but do you expect that the president's been tried in. Well I hope it doesn't look like Joseph Biden who who reminded me of an army training film. Warning about the hazards of too much caffeine. But I think. I think the president's gonna try and be a little more aggressive but it is not an easy format for that to happen. -- -- from the headlines now Hillary Clinton has come out and she says she takes responsibility. -- -- this situation in and got the obviously there's still an investigation pending but did you Hillary Clinton's comments that does that latest matter to rest for you. I'm not at all I think she's just being a good soldier and I frankly think it's embarrassing for the president. Opted to have to have the secretary of state take the fall forum. I think she's she's doing what she thinks is there to support the president. But there's -- guys the issue is now become an issue of character. And I think as we see the dissembling and dishonesty coming out of the campaign. And and and the fact that the State Department emphasized. That they knew it was a terrorist attack almost immediately -- they were watching part of it live on on on some of the TV feedback. And and they were firm on the fact that they never thought it was anything but that. I think for the president to go two weeks later to the UN and say six times -- refer it to me to the video is just. An absolute dishonest act on -- on the part of the president. An issue he did not want to discuss with the press this morning and issue almost certain to come out tonight governor John Sununu. Thank you for your time pulling no punches in that interview there and alerting us that awaits something I was unaware that there are army training videos but the dangers of having too much -- ten minutes. Look up but -- -- later thank you once again governor.

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{"id":17490377,"title":"John Sununu on Second Presidential Debate 2012: A Good Night for Romney","duration":"3:00","description":"Former New Hampshire Governor predicts how the town hall debate will go for Romney.","url":"/Politics/video/presidential-debate-2012-john-sununu-predicts-good-night-17490377","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}