Second Presidential Debate: Libya Exchange 'Key Moment'

Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz dismisses moderator Candy Crawley's correcting of Romney.
3:00 | 10/16/12

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Transcript for Second Presidential Debate: Libya Exchange 'Key Moment'
Let's get alternative view here from a rare represented case in case it's his. Republican from Utah. That this sense we're getting early on some instant analysis congressman is that Obama had a pretty good night needed to do it did what he needed to do. What's your view. -- I thought Mitt Romney was great I think he did a great job of finding out that. Candidate Obama four years ago promised to -- -- and every drinking fountain and he hasn't delivered on that. Thank Mitt Romney also. Demonstrated what he would do in the future of the country to get -- turned around I think the country knows it's off track he wants to get back on track. And as long as people feel comfortable with Mitt Romney and Paul -- they will be the next president vice president of the nation. Congressman -- -- -- latest act actually your root beer allegation -- Pants on fire and through your response. -- Tell -- like the president failed answer -- if it failed to answer the question about immigration he did. As governor Romney pointed out -- that he was gonna cut the deficit in half he didn't do that he didn't deliver on the jobs I mean -- it's hard pressed. For the presidents -- to a very specific thing that he said he was gonna deliver on and did. And I think people know and their -- that the economy jobs this nation is not performing at that level that they should at the same -- Mitt Romney was showing a command of the facts and that position that says yes if you want this country to get back on track Mitt -- the right person to do that constant. I think I'm big in all fairness Revere would be -- yummy but maybe not as -- for our teeth but anyway moving on. To the next topic which -- -- obviously. You have been very involved in -- the investigation on this. Resent us I don't answer the president gave tonight he said the buck stops with him. I like that he says that everybody's that everybody likes that he says I was. I was glad that Secretary Clinton said that. But here's the problem for the president to suggest that his rose -- and the Rose Garden comments. We're pointing to a terrorist act in -- -- I don't think you're accurate in fact the administration has spent the next seven days trying to convince the world. That this is -- what -- a result of a video on a rye and I think that governor Romney was point it was was right to point that out. The president used the word terror but he wasn't talking about terrorism he wasn't talking about. Then they godsey and a terrorist attack to the contrary they they spend a lot of time trying to convince people. That this was a video on Iraq the president -- an opportunity on Univision on the view on other opportunities. To -- it for what it was and he failed to do so. -- I asked this Dick Durbin a second ago we heard. We -- running talk about being an effective manager reaching across party lines were heard president Obama's -- yeah his vision for a second term but. You're you're in the thick of -- things in Washington why should we think that either of these guys. King can fix the that the political logjam can can fix the mess in Washington. Well the president claims that he has a plan but the reality is he's presented a budget for years and irrelevant not a single Republican not a single Democrat and the house or senate ever voted in favor. Of the president's plan so how bad is your budget -- which is essentially your plan if Nancy Pelosi won't even vote -- for goodness sakes so. Have -- political check on that that's the reality is the president doesn't have a plan he had for years to do it the first two years. The Democrats have the house the senate and the presidency they hardly have excuses to blame George W -- they had all the levers of control and they failed to deliver. Congressman has -- some. Some early. Dissatisfaction. Voiced among some conservatives some Republicans about the moderator. Do you share that dissatisfaction -- currently. Look I I think there were some parts of that as in critical look back I think she was wrong. One was the timing one was allowing a governor Romney to respond. In certain areas where I think he did have the right and the time to respond. And for her to. Voice. Her opinion that the president was right at his comments on in the Rose Garden. It was absolutely out of place and factually inaccurate even if even if governor Romney is right about it about the timing issue you know indeed deserving more time. What what do you think about the optics of him they're working the -- in that way disease does it come off. Poorly perhaps. -- I like I thought Vice President Biden was way over the top that really I think it period -- lot of people will be in the bottom of numerous jokes from Jimmy Kimmel to jail -- you know I mean right across that political they -- -- spectrum on television's Saturday Night Live. But now you can want somebody who's not just going to be run over so I I didn't think it was that big issue. Congressman -- we really appreciate your time thank you very much giant thank you.

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{"id":17496236,"title":"Second Presidential Debate: Libya Exchange 'Key Moment'","duration":"3:00","description":"Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz dismisses moderator Candy Crawley's correcting of Romney.","url":"/Politics/video/presidential-debate-libya-exchange-key-moment-17496236","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}