Who Is GOP's 'Mystery Speaker?'

Chris Suellentrop discusses what Yahoo News users are discussing while watching the GOP convention.
3:00 | 08/28/12

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Transcript for Who Is GOP's 'Mystery Speaker?'
Go to our Yahoo! News -- in our workspace over in the Tampa Convention Center Chris -- would drop its bond -- -- Yahoo! news five blog. With our contributors there Chris thank you so much for joining us sir what is the conversation happening. Just below us on that screen on the page in -- live blog tonight what's popping -- they're watching that goings on on the floor. -- there's three themes that are going on right now one is. Who's going to be the mystery speaker -- is the second is that they love me a love. And the third as I hate to break it -- you. They want -- they sell them wanna watch more speeches and less David and Amy that we directed them to the wrong the -- -- her for the minority of the people out there who. Who aren't in aren't excited by -- beautiful faces. They're very very small. Let's talk I don't know why I was so much love for mile. It you know. There's not a lot of specific commentary about why -- -- was still. Attractive to them but she just is -- one speaker tonight and everybody. You know not a lot of support her not a lot of people impressed by Scott Walker Bob McDonnell or any other speakers but -- love over and over again in the comments. We're just people saying that they they just just loved her speech he loved her energy they loved her charisma. You know and people have said -- a potential star in the making. Certainly the comments and our live blog suggests that might be the case. -- it and she gets a little bit of an uphill fight it's she's in the -- if you tell which of course is very good. For Republicans she's challenging Jim -- and his. Who's been there for many years and -- as an institution and -- -- -- she's just a win of the seat support she can become a star in the in the making. I am curious so if you're seeing anything more about this sort of brewing fight. It within the party we heard a lot about Ron Paul supporters getting frustrated about -- rules -- -- Is anything like that still bubbling out there. You know there are a lot of Ron Paul supporters in the comments. They're not a lot of talk about. About the the rules process but there are some Ron Paul supporters who want him to be the mystery speaker. I doubt that'll be behind -- doubt that'll be the case. But you know -- are -- getting. Talk of you know is Mitt Romney the -- speaker is George W. Bush than mr. speaker is Laura Bush -- -- speaker. -- -- -- It's just think -- -- -- obvious that mr. speaker is actually on the agenda -- -- job thank you so much for joining us we're -- check -- if you get. Throughout the week it's great to hear what's going on and a -- but we appreciate it.

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{"id":17100392,"title":"Who Is GOP's 'Mystery Speaker?'","duration":"3:00","description":"Chris Suellentrop discusses what Yahoo News users are discussing while watching the GOP convention.","url":"/Politics/video/republican-national-convention-2012-gops-mystery-speaker-17100392","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}