President Obama Readies for GOP Convention Duel

Yahoo's Olivier Knox on how the White House will battle Republican convention claims.
3:00 | 08/27/12

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Transcript for President Obama Readies for GOP Convention Duel
I'll say even about wood packaging -- the thing about your last question Medicare. It's enough to put in one hand they are happy they actually are. Trying to. In such as usual and an advantage Democrat -- on trust to handle Medicare and instantly. Essentially on the on the on Ryan plan but there inroads in -- way that they haven't taken -- -- Democrat. A -- you know was really interesting because I am. Such a number -- I I I -- I went into the cross tabs of our poll and here's was interesting. For all the talk about they're worried about losing seniors. It was actually younger voters who were more skeptical of Republicans and Medicare so when you ask -- 65 and older. -- slightly. Gave the advantage -- -- and Medicare he asked people thirty to 39. Huge advantage for -- -- so for all the talk about the younger generation they're willing to sacrifice they know what the future's gonna look like. I think -- I think what they're saying is hey you've just -- viewers we -- getting ours so it's not going to be I think it's easy as they expect. -- -- gonna turn now to. Yahoo! News tally my news time. Alleviate -- clients -- let our White House correspondent who's normally covering Barack Obama. There's not an Obama administration usually found here -- it's right there a couple of surrogate but NATO and over that spot yet. In talking -- the folks at the White House. And as they see our news media attention being. Sort of split focus and and a sandstorm and received -- outs from the white house on the presidents -- very active with this storm preparation. -- -- political advantage for them sort of play a role this week because he is the president. Was certainly talking to -- There's that the white as you hear that if the campaign in the convention is an audition for Mitt Romney for the biggest role political role on the world -- -- also a chance for. President Obama to show that he has -- already is -- -- down. And that's like today where in the president held a briefing first with emergency responders that FEMA director and the National Hurricane Center director. And then with Gulf Coast governors he gets to remind everyone that Mitt Romney wants to be president but he is the president this is the power of incumbency work. Now quality he has though his own politics at stake here -- we have some of the similar. Optics problems. The president is supposed to go on a bus tour or whenever the equivalent hub of a college tours Iowa Colorado and down and to Virginia. Is there any word about whether he's thinking about canceling those with the show go on regardless of what goes on in the gulf. What was it using today is that neither the president -- the vice president any public events and and it seemed like it might be you know hedging their -- a little bit to make sure that he wasn't seen out campaigning. Out out making -- from the partisan fight while the storm turn for the coast. I haven't detected any any hint yet that he might. Postpone or we're temporarily set aside that the trips he's doing two. To Ireland and and to Virginia. But of course that that's obviously always a possibility we already have Vice President Biden canceling or postponing his plans. -- -- to come right to Tampa right to what did Democrats were referred to as the belly of the beast. And that obviously hasn't happened so of course he has that same problem is another problem which is that if if that -- turns out to be a real mess and if in any way the federal response is faulted you know he. He remembers Katrina remembers what happens that so it's it's it's the power of incumbency but it could be no idea. And alleviate you're talking -- just laying out the campaign schedule it's not all that comment -- floor. -- other party's nominee in this case incumbent president -- campaign and be out there on the trail during the week. The opponent's convention sometimes. History is. We look for examples -- -- sit back a little bit and give the other guy a chance -- the week that's not the case of you. I will you know how publicized are insisting on how we respect the other guy we like the other guys we want the other got to do well golly. This is a great behind the scenes moment because from the Obama campaign folks we heard well we don't think Mitt Romney's gonna sit still we have our convention. So we're gonna we're gonna go out there and and and get on the -- and campaign. And then from the Romney can't get well if they've targeted campaign and we're going to be the same thing -- hit back. Ten times as hard I think is what RNC determine that right -- said. And now about campaign to say see we told they were good and I mean it's it's really it's it's kind of a chicken and egg problem but it it. They they definitely are bucking conventions or speak here and they are they're going to be honest companies it's not that common usually. Receive at least a little bit to -- -- Now he's -- is a very talented that's very accounts that man -- that and that case. What do you expect. From the Obama campaign that -- indeed they get themselves on the trail. What's the message is it just to rebut everything that gets sent here or are they just going ahead. And -- sticking with their script. Whether there are two sides this one is the rebuttal -- -- -- you you know he said this today -- in fact this is true that that sort of standard. But that's falling mostly right now to to a lot of surrogates. Here in Tampa and elsewhere. What is more likely as the president goes on the stump is that he's gonna be out courting young voters and courting women both absolutely critical components of the coalition -- White House in the first place. He's going to be in places like Iowa where the campaign says -- islands are especially receptive to that kind of small very personal politics. And so it's going to be a little bit about that for the president himself it's going to be very much courting his voters and I don't think -- -- do a lot of rebutting them what's happening here.

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{"id":17091376,"title":"President Obama Readies for GOP Convention Duel","duration":"3:00","description":"Yahoo's Olivier Knox on how the White House will battle Republican convention claims.","url":"/Politics/video/republican-national-convention-2012-president-obama-readies-gop-17091376","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}