RNC Communications Director Details 'Jam-Packed Schedule'

James Davis says he's "cautiously optimistic" hurricane won?t further disrupt convention.
3:00 | 08/27/12

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Transcript for RNC Communications Director Details 'Jam-Packed Schedule'
Folks here. At that Republican Convention also hoping that we don't have a re prize. -- certainly if something like Hurricane Katrina but also remembered is the anniversary of -- -- -- which also delayed the Republican Convention in Minneapolis it was also threatening. To hit New Orleans right as the time that the Republican Convention at 2008 gaveled open so. Something of day Groundhog Day here. We are fortunate to be joined by something knows all about that our good friend teams -- Davis is the Republican National Committee communications director Europe man in demand to tell us exactly what's happening and jeeves. How concerned are you right now that tomorrow's session in addition today's will have to be -- out -- Cautiously optimistic about. The plans for tomorrow we're looking. Obviously at an abundance of caution as Amy said earlier. We -- in consultation with them -- Ryan campaign the Republican National Committee. The governor Scott's office and albeit. Emergency management. -- first responders week we've decided that we wanted to go ahead and postpone today's so we're gonna convene. Chairman -- -- is going to call for an immediate recess and then we're gonna come back tomorrow and we've taken all those great speakers that we had for Monday and we pulled -- over to Tuesday Wednesday Thursday so we got a jam packed schedule Tuesday Wednesday Thursday. And we're really excited about kicking off this connection obviously we're gonna continue to monitor. The weather and we hope that there's no impact to any community here and safety is obviously that the primary concern here. So aren't -- real contingency plans should we see. Landfall. Coming in the next two days obviously there's going to be a lot of talk about the impact -- -- on the residents there. What do you guys do in that case can you really have -- show the line at the same time a hurricane is sitting. The United States. Well right now are it's where -- continue to planned for Tuesday Wednesday Thursday. You never know whether is so unpredictable and so we're not that we you know -- which is planning to -- Wednesday Thursday. We're we're excited that we have so many delegations we're gonna continue to moderate. Obviously anything that happens it would intersect today impact the you know we can adapt our schedule we can move forward -- But Tuesday Wednesday Thursday is definitely the time -- they were looking at to have this convention and get our nominee. Mitt Romney and and our vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan. And move them 4222. The general election candidate that's the purpose of the convention. The -- give it obviously. Want to purposes -- fundraising and organizing -- energizing the -- absolutely. No question -- -- Tampa without happening. Other than the -- was there anything that that's critical function of this convention -- -- the wolf all the they president. So the roll call and -- -- -- the acceptance or two parts to that that contract there. So we have -- -- on that we have the acceptance speeches but we also have a number of other business orders and those -- party rules and you know platform and all of the things it. Govern the way our party works for the next four years up leading to the next convention those things are put in place at this convention. Actually many of those hearings were held here in Tampa last week. And and they'll be voted on this week confirmed. And we're confident that we have evolved -- -- some place to get all the business done -- this convention and watch our nominee it to a successful fall campaign. Don't ask you about this for sprint spokesman Hamid consider this is the floor here and -- states have a nice big. Signposts basically it looks like for every state that laid out. Go about choosing who gets to sit where I mean I -- that that Michigan of course is very close to questions first admission is as close does this mean that. This is the state in the roll call that's gonna put Mitt Romney over the top. In his arms to -- to do that. What they'll do roll call an alphabetical order so that doesn't work but as you mentioned those market expected a delegation markets -- -- -- something new for that. For the first time ever obviously we have -- the hash tag GOP's when he twelve on -- which you know. As if we pan across the crowd and the cameras -- -- like this and like most events where you dislike the state here. The delegates are the show. The delegates early show -- and Ohio and GOP points -- -- -- he'll get -- -- -- -- -- on line and end the part of the conversation -- people and to be part of -- conversations. So how does it. Not that I -- disparage the people of American Samoa but I don't think it's a battleground state so much how they get prime territory. Over say you know -- of that -- is a little bit back. Well I don't at all really depends on -- the size of the delegation to lay out of the floor there are a lot of considerations you have to put in place. And I think the you know when you look at the -- largely via. Why some of those some of those states are where they are the Seattle limited amount of the space on the floor so Americans must not sending Lex street gets a ticket -- they don't have street accident -- I did notice what you're on the floor I -- landline telephones and all of those allegations. Areas that just that -- Need or maybe -- latest -- at the convention itself with us on organizing to look what's the idea what why do you actually eat those land -- phones for the -- well -- -- -- that the. That it all -- all the infrastructure. Has to happen on the floor of the business that is there on the floor. If you'll notice through the often -- aisles there's about a six cents raised and there all the -- -- run on in the race to prevent any safety hazards or whatnot. There's a lot of business as a happened so you want to make sure that you can get in touch with the people on the floor should -- need to -- -- to get in touch with them. Cellphone signals I mean look we all know about cellphone signals and and we all have the best and the best intentions but -- There yet and not as reliable as as a hard -- we still use cellphones and and we we really -- up displacement some additional Y five. But where we still have to to make sure that we have some other. Felt safe opportunities there to connect. That keeps speaking of connecting where we're doing something special during this entire week where having people sign in on an iPad it's OKV you'd like to do it too little signature a a catch phrase you David here it is -- It is literally a -- have played here as you'll see -- and asked all the guests that join us here. Upsets you it's it's -- that's of -- pressure now but your hopes on days he can doodle whatever you can draw great. So I've been here for about eleven months and working very hard as you can imagine on and so for this. I am looking forward to tomorrow and our. -- -- -- Yes and -- Romney Ryan right here at -- take. He's not message -- Wendy's sales. You can take you. However you like him let -- Our car's gonna be good either way you read it the convention it turns on him with -- little -- sleep eat and take the kids at Disney. Yes and we've taken them there -- sounds irony let's note went on another chip here in Tampa. James Davis is making -- -- with everything.

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{"id":17089086,"title":"RNC Communications Director Details 'Jam-Packed Schedule'","duration":"3:00","description":"James Davis says he's \"cautiously optimistic\" hurricane won?t further disrupt convention.","url":"/Politics/video/republican-national-convention-2012-rnc-communications-director-details-jam-packed-schedule-17089086","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}