Rudy Giuliani: 'Be Mitt Romney, Not Ronald Reagan'

Former NYC mayor discusses what GOP presidential nominee must do to win 2012 election.
3:00 | 08/29/12

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Transcript for Rudy Giuliani: 'Be Mitt Romney, Not Ronald Reagan'
S patent and -- Well as mayor Giuliani. The speech nobody. It almost no one could give that kind of speech may -- Bill Clinton is the only other American politician of our generation could give a speech is great -- that. And I think even Bill Clinton was a notch below. Ronald Ronald Reagan. It was just such a fabulously. Real. Ability to touch people I think what Mitt Romney has to do is be Mitt Romney not Ronald Reagan. Mitt Romney is -- enormously successful businessman. Men who created a great business not just to business. Men who did a great job with the Olympics at a time which was -- to be canceled he was able to save it. A man who was a very effective governor of Massachusetts. Got real accomplishments. That President Obama never had when he ran for president. He should talk about that -- he should talk about his plan for straightening out the economy. I think we're going to select Mitt Romney not because he's you know. Warmer fuzzier than Barack Obama but he's more confident than Barack Obama a lot more competent to Barack -- and that's -- -- should go with you should go with his strength. So I don't know if this counts as warm -- I have auditory memory in 2002 covering you when you -- the Boston the campaign for Mitt Romney went to a penalty shot. In the shop offers offers you guys -- Mitt Romney says on those things and he passed its belly and you words -- the penalty and dive right it -- -- a politics that. -- Probably -- that piece of it that people were there. But how important that added what I what I really concerned about with a country with unemployment at eight point 18 point to have -- 3% for the last. Seems like forever longer than ever before since the depression the -- of a more permanent unemployment that we've had since the depression. With the president that's been a dreadful failure in guiding our economy what I'm interest and as the president who could revive our economy. Get us back to a growth economy but Romney can do that. What -- he could always -- that's another matter but he could do that. So if people -- the constraints of witnesses I I -- can always but I never could have created Bain Capital. -- -- -- -- -- About all right business its first appearance. I'm very excited about tonight. The -- Last seen on that stage right. -- -- match against you -- what is next in the. Well I think this is -- that should not be underestimated I mean he's very very Smart man. He has great knowledge of the budget great knowledge of the economy. He's very genuine. Nice guy very regular nice guy. I think he's gonna do very well both in the speech tonight and then -- the debate. Since that thing he has of himself. Nobody should -- be forced -- were rolled her uncomfortable with definitely look strange in politics when somebody tries to be. You know something and not somebody who's not. Comfortable being an attack -- -- -- -- look -- -- recently spent a good attacked. Just stay -- -- Gosh I don't know I've -- -- its allotment of politics I hate to indict anybody with that. But I've seen it often -- that you've -- -- where somebody. It's told oak she got to try to be more charming -- you gotta be more human. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So what is national security fit into this debate obviously I thought I'd like John McCain's speech as a with the enormously important it the first time we've. We've heard it really referenced that explicitly actually think. Even given the fact that I Chris Christie and mrs. Romney gave very good -- last night. That was the most importance between virtual ones that because he's he's talking about something. That is kind of being passed over because the economy that -- -- He's talking about president Obama's weakness. In dealing with some of the major threats that things -- a substantial weakness. -- politically with regard to Iran. We better -- government that is marching inexorably to becoming a nuclear power we have a president that wants to negotiate with them that wanna negotiate with him. His sanctions. I don't really think they're all that effective and he's given twenty exemptions to the sanctions including China. It doesn't look like it's stopping Iran from moving toward becoming a nuclear power and a -- afraid of -- that Iran Iran does not fear Barack Obama a -- Completely figures to Barack Obama is predictable he's gonna make noise -- gonna wanna negotiate with them but he'll never take any significant military action. So I think John McCain has to be listened to when he tells us that our national security is in jeopardy. Under the lack of leadership that this president has has display. -- -- -- -- May -- respect or fear. That's exactly what President Reagan did that a President Carter wasn't able to do. Support from Sierra have to look the president partisan -- and they figured -- -- nothing to do much. Better Ronald Reagan came into office they really thought that this guy's gonna bomb -- I think they have to be afraid of the president of the United States. Barack Obama is -- capable of producing that kind of fear that the Secretary General of the UN. Went -- -- -- to a conference in Iran I'm sure art this administration attempted to stop basically the Secretary General just ignored the present. President is not respected in the world that's what point that I think that that Chris Christie was making less -- Much more important for a president to be respected. But to be popped the cut he got a long history with Mitt Romney of course facing off against the 2008 -- -- as a candidate. I assume he's gotten better because he -- is that where he did last time you see this guy -- action housing it has become a much better candidate everyone does that mean. A losing campaign you learn a lot for mysticism much better organized campaign I think his explanations and his policies -- much sharper now. I think -- whole approach to what he wants do with the tax code simplify it. Would be would -- electrify our economy I think what he wants to do with health care. To give people options to buy their own health insurance will be enormously important. I think he's done a very good job of explaining what what he wants to accomplish. Did he give an important speech kimono and that's gonna go a long way I think to make the American people. More comfortable with the -- of the job he has to do the way I look at it with with this undecided vote still. Moving out there and President Obama below 50%. The undecideds are undecided because -- not have. With the job that -- -- do if you're happy with his job of voting for your -- decided your question. They could be persuaded to vote for Mitt Romney whose team Paul Ryan do a good job with this. If they don't. Who knows -- -- -- stay home or they may vote for Barack Obama's -- I think these -- today. Stated Mitt Romney has a better chance of winning the Barack Obama if he can do the job of convincing them that -- a viable. With a -- -- or running his campaign and I'm not I go with -- strength. His strength is companies. Someone today -- when it elated that to me what Barack Obama and the young man it department very cool. And as you know something -- I didn't brain surgery and would -- -- very competent doctor. A lot of money and -- that at least it -- Right. Not statement apparently has it is not at the net. -- Well they've really done is try to make -- -- to a bad guy that's it they've tried to make it meant to me that I I believe the theory of their campaign is they can't win on direct. He Barack Obama cannot run the kind of campaign Ronald Reagan ranch in 1990 in 1980 for the -- -- -- where he said are you better off now that you were four years ago. Barack Obama asked that question he can with what six -- -- -- 16040 pivotal left out of so what he's got to do is got to make he's got to make -- unacceptable. Yes to make Romney into Dukakis or -- water. And Reagan -- mean -- the isn't Romney is a very competent and very good man but they have done some damage of this no question about it. It's it's going to be the job of -- campaign to rehabilitate rehabilitate -- Present the real picture of Mitt Romney like Bain Capital they've spent millions. Try to convince people that -- did something wrong by making the fortunately have. Gosh I mean that's one of the reasons I wanted to be president. If he can do for America waited -- Bain Capital would be -- a lot better shape than we are with his ailing economy that we premiered. The what you mentioned Chris Christie last night you use that you thought was a very important speech how likely you think it is that we're gonna see him on the national stage in years the company sixteen point one I think it's very likely but we don't know right -- -- All of this. Depends on this Mitt Romney win. Is -- an office for eight years. I hope this doesn't happen but that Barack Obama win re election it is 26 team wide open again. Who knows that we'll we'll know the answer that better -- that after this election. But this is going to be a man of consequence community he is that he's been enormously effective governor that you just gonna become more effective. As the changes in New Jersey really take hold we start to see even more improvements. But he also he's also competing with a terrific -- I am very very proud to be a Republican when I -- all those great young. Or younger -- we have like Mike governor Kasich like Governor Walker like governor McDonald's. Like Governor Snyder. But we've got some really really effective governance and he's got a lot of competition. On the other side I don't think they have much on the bench -- the -- it would be asking Charlie Crist. With the Republican has been asked to speak at their convention I mean we dropped about the Republican Party -- what it is replaced ago. So they picked up Charlie Crist big -- -- -- What's. What's the next up for you. -- -- The talk. I don't. Oh I don't always have no idea I have I have no idea and I'm very happy having no idea. I am very very committed to making sure. This from my point of view this election works out the right way in America. Moves in the right direction I don't think we can stand our economy cannot stand four more years of Barack Obama and like John McCain. I'm much more concerned about national security the American people or. Because I think Barack Obama has made us significantly weaker country than we were when he took over and -- president -- -- do that in this country. No president should ever make -- weaker than when he took over all right America's mayor Rudy Giuliani.

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{"id":17110477,"title":"Rudy Giuliani: 'Be Mitt Romney, Not Ronald Reagan'","duration":"3:00","description":"Former NYC mayor discusses what GOP presidential nominee must do to win 2012 election.","url":"/Politics/video/republican-national-convention-2012-rudy-giuliani-mitt-romney-17110477","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}